Davante Adams says Aaron Rodgers’ situation could affect his own free agency decision

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Packers wide receiver Davante Adams is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in March, and he says his decision on whether to re-sign with Green Bay will be affected by whether Aaron Rodgers returns.

Rodgers hasn’t made any decisions about whether he’ll be retiring, remaining in Green Bay or going elsewhere in 2022, and Adams said whatever Rodgers decides will affect him as well.

“Naturally. Why wouldn’t it? I’m playing with the best quarterback to play the game,” Adams said. “There’s a lot that goes into it, so it won’t be the end-all, be-all, but it’ll definitely be something I’m monitoring and paying attention to, to see where his head is at.”

Adams has made clear that playing with a quarterback he trusts and respects is important to him, and the other quarterback he has said he’d like to play with is Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who was Adams’ teammate in college at Fresno State. A player of Adams’ caliber is going to get a big-money contract regardless of where he play, but in addition to money, Adams wants to be playing with a quarterback who can help him continue to play at a high level.

35 responses to “Davante Adams says Aaron Rodgers’ situation could affect his own free agency decision

  1. Looking at it logically and objectively, I can interpret Adams’ statement several different ways.

    Which means the arguments to follow could be spectacular… with logic and objectivity being what they are in some circles.

  2. Welcome to Las Vegas , Carr and Adams could be a gift Raider Nation has been waiting for for years.

  3. I love watching Davante Adams play, but his next contract will contain considerable downside risk. $20 million+ for a wr pushing 30. Would pass…sadly.

  4. Hello Captain Obvious. Everyone saw what happened to Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones, and Randall Cobb when they left and played with lesser QBs. Or any QB not named Aaron Rodgers for that matter. Devante should entertain no offers till 12’s future is worked out. Then follow him.

  5. Imagine being a middle of the road franchise and signing Rodgers and Adam simultaneously….

  6. He will follow the $$$$$. I think the Eagles would pony up the money because they do random things like this.

  7. Neither player is going anywhere,why would they as they will get paid well and are a part of the best team in the NFL continually going to the playoffs and possibly Super Bowl for another four years.looking forward to seeing both perform their magic for a long time in Green Bay.

  8. That’s a huge red flag. This guy obviously has no confidence. Anyone can put up HOF numbers playing with one of the all time greatest QB’s. Geez, I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole.

  9. jr4real says:
    December 30, 2021 at 7:10 am
    Aaron Rogers or Derek Carr???? Little bit of a gap there.
    Jordan Love or Derek Carr. A whole lot of gap there.

  10. Rodgers and Adams are Martin and Lewis — the sum is more then the individual parts. Chemistry and talent is everything.

  11. Carr and Adams have remained close for a decade after college. I imagine they’d love to be teammates again. Playing up that aspect will definitely help Adams in his contract negotiations wherever Lying Aaron ends-up playing. I just can’t see any team ponying-up 35-40% of their cap to keep those two together…

  12. You can get the farm that Carr will make room in his contract to get the other 5 million A year to Adams to come to Vegas.

    Brady did the same thing. Take less so your team can flourish.

  13. We know that you said it a hundred times. thats why you didnt sign an extension. Your problem, there is no money in the cooking jar your buddy has it all. Plus Gary and Bakt are also up along with a few other good players. Adams is either staying and Rodgers leaves or vice versa, they cant afford both.
    Team plays cheap ball except the Rodgers contract that eats 50% of the cap.

  14. If I’m Packers management I’m wondering how we can provide a competitive team when somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of our salary cap goes to two players, both on the back 9. Green Bay is going to have some hard decisions to make as they overpaid Jones. They have 2 or three important pieces on defense they need to sign (Alexander, Smith, Clark). I’m fairly certain the NFL won’t allow the Packers to play with a 10 man roster.

  15. High class problems. There is a price to be paid for being better than everyone else. Fortunately as time has proven 13 times over, the Green Bay Packers are more than willing to pay that price.

  16. Zero chance the Packers let’s Adams walk…. He’s the top candidate in the NFL to get the Franchise tag. Pay him $20M tag and let him go the following year. Come on, let’s be smarter than the average troll. The Packers have big contracts they can shed at the end of the year to free up space.

  17. billh1947 says:
    December 30, 2021 at 8:17 am
    Neither player is going anywhere,why would they as they will get paid well and are a part of the best team in the NFL continually going to the playoffs and possibly Super Bowl for another four years

    Adams was in high school the last time Rodgers played in a super bowl.

  18. Not saying it’s not possible, but Green Bay will have a tough time keeping both and staying under the cap. They’re already 40 million over the cap next year with 44 guys signed and that doesn’t include the money Adams would be getting. Franchising Adams isn’t really an option either because that takes away the ability to creatively structure the contract in a way that fits under the cap

  19. Go to one of the football salary cap sites and then realize why Adams will be playing somewhere else. The Packers, as of today, are $37 million OVER the cap for 2022. Even if they work out a new deal for Rodgers I can’t see how GB can keep Adams. His market value is $26 million per season. It’s likely Rodgers AND Adams will be gone next year.
    It’s possible both AR and DA will find a team that will take them both. It just won’t be in a rebuilding GB.

  20. Derek Carr doesn’t even know where he’s going to be playing next year. The Raiders new headcoach and GM are more than likely going to want to start with their own choice behind center. What makes you think they are going to stay with the same QB who has won nothing since he’s been there?

  21. The Browns can afford both and it’s quite obviously the only thing they need. Go to CLE and bring us that Superbowl trophy!

  22. Bahkt got a huge contract and hasn’t played! He will need to restructure! Z Smith hasn’t played all season and we’re 12-3 See ya! Amos will be axed unless he takes a cut as well as King! Crosby is also gone! There are lots of ways to accomplish this! Be patient the cream will rise to the top!

  23. Any team that breaks the bank for a WR is poorly managed and will make it even more difficult to win. A team with a great QB doesn’t need great WR’s, and you could have a team with 3 great WR’s, but they won’t win unless they have a QB. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact based on what’s been happening in the NFL for years.

  24. Davante is correct…. if the Packers come up with the money to pay Rogers they will need to cut Davante to free up some cash

  25. But if Rodgers eats up the salary cap, not as much money left for you Davante.
    Everybody wants to play with all the best players, but also want best player money for themselves – can’t work out that way.

  26. Nice drop against Cleveland, Davante. This guy is an average receiver playing with a great QB. Rodgers makes Allan Lazard look good so that says it all right there.

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