Justin Jefferson hasn’t talked to Mike Zimmer since his postgame comments

NFL: DEC 26 Rams at Vikings
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Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson has not talked to coach Mike Zimmer since he sounded off after Sunday’s 30-23 loss to the Rams. But Jefferson saw the clip of Zimmer characterizing Jefferson’s comments as “frustration.”

Jefferson agreed, but he didn’t back down from his assertion that the Vikings lacked energy.

“Nah,” Jefferson said when asked if he and Zimmer had talked, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I had seen his little interview, though, but, yeah, I agree with him, just being frustrated. I definitely don’t feel like we had enough energy that we should’ve had, especially going against a team like that. We got to run off that energy, that high motor, that tempo. I felt like we were lacking that. We didn’t really talk about that too much. (Zimmer) knows me as a person, knows who I am, and know I won’t say anything to hurt the team or hurt anybody.”

A lack of energy in any game is a problem, but lacking energy in a Week 16 game during a playoff race is inexcusable. The Vikings now are eighth in the NFC’s postseason playoff picture, a game behind the Eagles and 49ers.

Jefferson also questioned the play calling in the red zone Sunday.

The Vikings scored only two touchdowns on five red zone trips against the Rams, with Jefferson getting one target inside the 20. He caught a 5-yard pass.

Jefferson’s 20 targets in the red zone this season are tied for fifth among NFL receivers but 14 behind NFL leader Cooper Kupp. Jefferson has 11 catches for 101 yards and seven touchdowns in the red zone this season.

20 responses to “Justin Jefferson hasn’t talked to Mike Zimmer since his postgame comments

  1. I had seen his little interview, though,
    2nd year player speaking of his coach. This guy is going to be a real handful.

  2. An elite QB could step right in and lead the Vikings deep into the playoffs, so you don’t have to tear apart the entire thing to root out the problem. The problem is 100% with one man. No, not Cousins. The problem is the owner. They’ve had the same GM for years and he’s failed to sign an elite QB and it’s a QB league. The owner must be satisfied with the money he’s making, so he hasn’t made a change at GM. Put Zimmer in Tampa Bay and he’s a super bowl winner. Put Arians in Minnesota and he’s on the hot seat. These aren’t opinions. They’re an explanation of what’s going on.

  3. Zimmer is a DC and nothing more. Kubiak is wasting the talents he has at his disposal by being so predictable with his play calling.

  4. Zimmer is going to be gone in 10 days… there is no need to talk to him. But, the fact that Zimmer hasn’t met with the most important player on the team after those comments is another reason why Zim should be fired.

  5. I’m sure referring to the coach’s Monday presser as “his little interview” will not be viewed as passive-aggressive behavior. Said no one ever…. What’s the over on him posting (and then deleting) a bunch of garbage on his IG within the next two weeks?

  6. JJ > Zim

    Get ZimZam the FlimFlam outta there! He’s outmoded and expired for today’s NFL. Take RickRock on your way out too.

    Vikes head coach will be most coveted opening in years. Zero problems hiring whoever they want.

  7. This is what his dude fell in the draft. Great receiver, but another receiver waiting to spout off about not getting the ball. I’m not even saying he’s wrong, but handle it in house young man.

  8. I believe Zimmer has this team fighting and clawing for that last playoff spot and should be back to coach at least another season. He has a pulse on the league and the Vikings should trade Jefferson away to get rid of that locker cancer. –Packer fans worldwide

  9. Shows the dysfunction in that locker room. Zimmer should have sat down with him right after he heard it. Diggs 2.0…..

  10. Coach killer. Diva. Locker room cancer.

    But that’s ok because he pads his stats on a losing team.

  11. We all know the Zilfs are out of state owners who are not directly involved with the team. Until they are persuaded to get a coach and GM who know what they are doing, nothing is going to change. When they get rid of Zimmer and slick Rick, then the fans will know they are serious and show up and support the team.

  12. “Put Zimmer in Tampa Bay and he’s a super bowl winner. Put Arians in Minnesota and he’s on the hot seat. These aren’t opinions.”


    They certainly aren’t facts. The only way Zimmer makes a Super Bowl is if he buys a ticket.

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