Lamar Jackson not practicing on Thursday

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson may have hit a snag in his return from an ankle injury.

According to multiple reporters, Jackson was not present for the portion of Baltimore’s practice open to media. Jackson was a limited participant in Wednesday’s session, though video of the practice showed Jackson visibly limping while moving from one drill  to the next.

Jackson has not played since injuring his ankle during the first half of Baltimore’s loss to Cleveland in Week 14. Tyler Huntley, who came off the COVID-19 list on Thursday and returned to practice, started the club’s Week 15 loss to Green Bay. Josh Johnson started last week’s loss to Cincinnati.

Huntley would be in line to start Sunday’s game against the Rams if Jackson is unable to play.

Baltimore’s full injury report will be released later on Thursday.

The Ravens have lost four games in a row to fall to 8-7 and the AFC’s No. 8 seed.

18 responses to “Lamar Jackson not practicing on Thursday

  1. Lame is coming up Lame. Isn’t that precious? Ironic he was hurt when he was impersonating a QB instead of running like he usually does.

  2. We’ve been through this in the past with Todd Heap and probably more! He’s
    most likely got a “High Ankle Sprain”, they just don’t want to say so! Let him sit with the multitude of others and start worrying about next year!

  3. Imagine mocking someone’s injury. Pathetic.
    Anyway Ravens issues are defence. Allowing poor Steelers offence score 17 points last quarter, Bengals getting at least 5 yards a play, Packers scored 31, is mainly why they lost 4 in row.

  4. The hatred for Lamar is amazing – all he wants to do is play football and win – he doesn’t say anything that isn’t positive – great team player – the Ravens problems are team related – way too many injuries to be competitive and it caught up with them in December – its that simple

  5. I for one hope Lamar is ok. Never wish any injury on any player. But the Ravens offense has been so much better without him in the past 3 games. Hard to keep making all the ridiculous excuses for Lamar… same o line, same receivers, but the offense has been 10x better in terms of points scored, yardage, QBR, and turnovers without him than with him. Why do you want him back?

  6. I’m a high ankle sprain specialist having done it two times to one leg and once to the other. Ya you dont heal from these in a week. I had a casts on for three months one time. The other bad news is these are recurring injuries if so because they never heal 100%.
    He wasnt doing much anyways. His run pass gig was getting old and teams figured out, dont worry about the passing just concentrate on his running and that seemed to work good.

  7. Watching Lamar this season is like watching the Wildcat offense. It’s come to an end. Was interesting and cool for a bit, but it’s a gimmick. To play QB in th3 NFL you have to be able to throw accurately and reliably. It also really helps to actually be able to read defenses and know what a hot route is. Lamar does none of those things and he’s been exposed.

  8. No matter how the game changes, the NFL is still a sit-in-the-pocket and throw accurately downfield league.

  9. Ponto60 says:
    December 30, 2021 at 7:49 pm
    Trade Lamar and go with Huntley. Get some picks and save a ton of $.

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    No one will trade for him now and if they do, they’re morons. It would be Jamal Adams all over again.

  10. LJ will be back next year, as will the cast currently on reserve. He will be motivated and rolling in ’22 along with all the big dawgs sitting on IR. Huntley will make the most of his next two games as an audition for his free agency. Some team desperate to replicate LJ’s success will bite and Huntley will do well in the league. Why? Because the league is evolving and dual threat QBs are what teams covet now.

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