Logan Ryan says he meant no disrespect after saying Titans have “non-existent” fan base

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
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Giants safety Logan Ryan is attempting to walk back comments he made on Wednesday about the fans in Tennessee, where he played for three seasons.

Ryan said that he is fine with Giants fans booing the team because he knows from his time with the Titans that an angry fan base is better than an apathetic fan base.

“I understand [the Giants] have a great fan base, a ton of tradition here. It’s a privilege to play [in New York],” Ryan said, via the Nashville Tennessean. “I played in a franchise in Tennessee where the fan base was non-existent. You couldn’t even get fans to the games. You had to put tickets half-off to get fans to the games.”

Those comments were understandably not well received in Tennessee, so today Ryan attempted to smooth things over.

“Meant NO disrespect to Titans fans. We won a lot of games and saved a lot of animals together. You guys have always been great to me,” Ryan wrote on Twitter, noting that his Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation was launched in Tennessee. “Nothing but love for y’all. Good luck in the playoffs. I’ll be at home watching,” Ryan wrote.

9 responses to “Logan Ryan says he meant no disrespect after saying Titans have “non-existent” fan base

  1. Yeah, no disrespect. I’m sure that “non-existent fan base” comment was meant as a complement.

  2. I was at the Bills-Titans 2019 game, the game was at least 50% Bills fans. ( Lots of tickets for sale )The players commented at the time that it was like a Bills home game.As a group, The people of Nashville are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They seem to be more into college football and NASCAR then the NFL

  3. UTree did a great video on the start of the Titans and why Logan Ryan might be right.

  4. Interesting thing to say. if he had been talking about the Chargers, then this would make sense.

  5. Same thing in Charlotte…always tons of visiting teams fans in the stands…when the Panthers suck, they either don’t show up or they sell their tickets. Part of the issue is there are no multi generational fans for the Panthers or Titans…most of the older fans grew up rooting for other teams.

  6. Many cities in the south, like Nashville and my hometown of Charlotte are growing quickly due to people moving in from other parts of the country. And those who follow the NFL typically remain fans of their original teams. So it takes a long time for relatively new (to the area) teams like the Titans and Panthers to build solid fan bases. And of course success on the field is crucial to attracting bandwagon jumpers.

  7. It’s not a crime for a city to not be into their NFL team. Jacksonville isn’t either. Not a big deal.

  8. Very valid points. I grew up and live in Charlotte. I also lived in Chicago 10 years. I will always be a Viking and Laker fan first. I root for the Panthers and the Hornets but I rooted for those other 2 for over 30 years. The multi generational point is 100% on point. The transplants part is true as well. Then you add that none of those teams have won multiple Super Bowls.

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