Russell Wilson: I hope this isn’t last game in Seattle, but know it won’t be my last NFL game

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
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Linebacker Bobby Wagner isn’t the only longtime Seahawks player considering the possibility that Sunday’s game against the Lions will be his final home game as a member of the team.

Quarterback Russell Wilson‘s future with the organization was a talking point last offseason after his agent revealed that he’d waive his no-trade clause to go to a few other teams and a losing season in 2021 hasn’t done anything to make an extended run in Seattle seem more likely.

During his Thursday press conference, Wilson was asked about Wagner’s comments and said he has “joy and gratitude” for everything about his time with the Seahawks and “how many amazing moments we’ve had” during his time in Seattle. He also touched on the chance that he won’t be playing his home games for the team in the future.

“I know for me personally, I hope it’s not my last game. But at the same time, I know it won’t be my last game in the NFL. I’m just focused on today and getting better today. That’s my goal. I love this city and I love this moment. I love these guys and we gotta make sure we get better today. That’s all that matters,” Wilson said.

There was nothing definitive about Wilson’s comments and he said he still thinks he can win Super Bowls with the Seahawks, but there was definitely more than a faint whiff of things drawing to a close as Wilson discussed keeping his eyes on the present rather than what will happen in the future.

40 responses to “Russell Wilson: I hope this isn’t last game in Seattle, but know it won’t be my last NFL game

  1. I’d bet the team that trades for him gives up 2 1’s, another player, and possibly a 2 or 3. That team will be disappointed that they took a Seahawk approach to improving their team.

  2. Either Russ or Pete will be out in Seattle this off-season. Bet on Pete being fired. The new head coach (Daboll?) will have his work cut out for him convincing Wilson that throwing medium to deep passes over the middle of the field must be part of a winning scheme. Wilson has the lowest attempts per game of passes over 10 yards between the hash marks in case you are interested in such information.

  3. I didn’t realize Seattle was a mecca of Opera and the dramatic arts being a Lions fan not a Seahawks fan. But listening to Wilson more this year it’s all it is ever with him it seems drama and performance and he’s center spotlight. As his skills wane I do wonder how quickly his act will get old. From a far I don’t think I could handle it if he was head of my team and I know he has an excellent resume. But the man I see now doesn’t look at all like the one I see in SB highlights he seems a completely different animal. IMO

  4. Why would Rodgers leave the Packers for Seattle? While both teams have good WRs, the Packers have the better RB, better O-line and a better defense.

    Quite frankly, if Rodgers doesn’t retire, I can’t see him playing for any other team unless it’s all about the money.

  5. Wilson established a great (one-year) dynasty in Seattle. And then his ego tossed an interception instead of handing off to Beast-Mode. Wilson would not change a thing. It’s all about him.

  6. As a Seahawk hater, I hope they keep the Pete and Russ combo going for years to come.
    Things won’t get better in Seattle with that formula.

  7. I remember when Russ told us after losing a ring to the Patriots that “I’ll be back many more times” to the Big Show. Looking more and more like that isn’t going to be the case.

  8. russ is going to get traded to a team that isnt ready to fully compete and they have to give up multiple picks for him. the recipe of a middling career to end his time

  9. He will be starting for the browns! And mayfield will be starting for the Seahawks and throw 3 interceptions in his first game!!

  10. Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, and our bird logo to Seattle for Russell Wilson and their bird logo. Done deal.

  11. There is a long list of teams that need a QB, Washington, Panthers, Browns, Steelers, Lions and Texans. Who is willing to fork over a couple #1’s and some players is the question. I see the Panthers as a possible destination if he goes at all.

  12. The Vikings are salivating for any degree of competence at the QB position. They don’t have any good players to trade though, just a bunch of losers.

  13. Russ will likely move on to continue his career elsewhere. He was one of greatest players ever to wear the Seahwawk helmet. On the same elite level as Cortez Kennedy & Kenny Easley. Russ has been a great player & a class act his whole career. Ignore all the scrawny haters who have always had an odd fascination with him.

  14. He is married to singer Ciara, who is not into grunge, so the family‘s next career stop might be a city that is also known for it‘s music industry.

  15. Not saying it’s all Russell’s fault, but him and the Seahawks organization really hurt his trade value with the poor season they had this year. This eagle fan definitely hopes we dont trade for him.

  16. I doubt either Russ or Rodgers will be dealt within the NFC.
    They could make their GM’s look bad.
    Rodgers to Pittsburgh Russ to Denver or LV.

  17. logicalone says:
    December 30, 2021 at 6:00 pm
    There is a long list of teams that need a QB, Washington, Panthers, Browns, Steelers, Lions and Texans. Who is willing to fork over a couple #1’s and some players is the question. I see the Panthers as a possible destination if he goes at all.
    Why would a team who will most likely be drafting in the top 10 fork over several #1 picks for Wilson? The Panthers do not have a team that is just one QB short.

  18. Last February, Russell threw a marker in the sand, and a year later he’s pretending he doesn’t know how it all came to this.
    All of us can believe that Russell wants to continue being one of the highest paid QBs. If – as he said two months ago – he wants to own an NFL team someday and play football until he’s 45, then him dropping that marker in the media last year was just the first part of his big plan.
    Unfortunately, he’s choked over the last 20 games.
    15 months ago his posse was pushing his name as the League MVP; now Seattle will be lucky if they can get 2 Ones in exchange for a guy who can’t or won’t do his check downs and holds the ball too long.

  19. I could see Russ w the panthers, hadn’t thought about it before but the have a decent D and a great RB.

    Rather see that then him and mahomes going at it twice a year. How either Rogers OR him would want to come to a mess like Denver is really short sighted. The D is old and the front office is completely gone. Go to a division that has Brady on his swan song seasons? Love it!

  20. I think Russ is a great player. One of the most fun QBs to watch in the last ten years.

    The reality is, that team in its prime should have won 3 Super Bowls. They were that talented, especially on defense.

    I don’t know if the Patriots “broke” them, but the case could be made as they’ve done that to a number of would be dynasties. There are so many “one and done” SB champs and maybe it just proves how hard it is to get back to that game and win it.

  21. The problem with Russ is it’s all about him and his “legacy”. That does not inspire people.

    I look forward to seeing him getting frustrated on another team as if his salary and how many draft picks he cost aren’t a major part of the problem.

  22. Russ has been a great regular season QB, not so much in the playoffs. Part of the problem is all their best defensive players except Bobby Wagner left. they haven’t had a good draft record in the last 10 years. Their offensive line is a mess and always has been. Their receivers are made better by Russell, their running backs are average. If you honestly assess their team the are what their record says they are. As for Russell he will be in the Brees, Rodgers and Dilfer category 1 time winners obviously by last person named not that hard to be a supper bowl winning QB, if you have a great defense

  23. Russ has been a great regular season QB, not so much in the playoffs.

    He has virtually the same Playoff passer rating (95.3) as Joe Montana (95.6)

    He has a higher Playoff passer rating than Brady (90.4)

    8 Playoff trips, he’s only been 1-and-done twice.

    Not sure what more you’d want from a QB.

  24. Wilson has continued to say that he wants to play his entire career in Seattle. This stuff about Wilson’s impending departure is all just media generated nonsense.

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