If Russell Wilson leaves Seattle, where would he go?

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
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The fact that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was asked whether Sunday’s game will be his last one in Seattle — and the fact that he answered it with anything other than “what the hell are you talking about?” — underscores the very real possibility that Wilson won’t be back in 2022. And that it’s not because the Seahawks won’t want him.

Wilson made it clear that he wanted out after a 12-5 season in 2020. Even though he managed to compartmentalize his discontent and to embrace a situation over which he ultimately had no control, anyone who paid attention to the situation in February and March of 2021 knows that February and March of 2022 could result in a conscious uncoupling of quarterback and franchise.

So where will he go? It’s far too early for Wilson to have a wish list scribbled in ink. Too many dominoes must fall before potential destinations become clear.

Frankly, if certain changes are made in Seattle (and the changes may need to be significant, including a new head coach), he possibly will choose to stay. Elsewhere, the manner in which the inevitable annual game of coaching musicals chairs unfolds will go a long way toward determining the attractiveness, or not, of a given destination.

Which teams will change coaches? Which coaches will land where? Which teams with new coaches will move on from their current quarterbacks? Which teams that keep their current coaches will lose their current quarterbacks, whether they want to or not?

There are far too many things that need to happen before the clouds will properly part for Wilson. Even then, and as Peter King and I discussed on Friday’s PFT Live, will there be an obvious destination that gives Wilson a chance to reach his objectives?

‘I want to win three more Super Bowls, that has been in my head,” Wilson told reporters on Thursday. “For me, how do we get there, how does that happen, and how do we do all of that? It’s a big goal if you don’t believe that you can do it, but at the same time we have had the opportunity, in me in particular, I think about it every day.”

So where can he get there? In Seattle with sufficient changes? The Broncos seem to be the closest thing to the 2019 Buccaneers, which added Tom Brady and then went over the top. But the Broncos are stuck in a division with the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes and the Chargers and Justin Herbert. It’s hardly a straight shot to the top.

But there really isn’t a straight shot to the top. Whether it’s three or two or even one, there’s no place that screams out, “We’re just a Russell Wilson away from a championship!”

Especially with Aaron Rodgers also potentially looking for a new home.

90 responses to “If Russell Wilson leaves Seattle, where would he go?

  1. 1. Miami
    2. Philadelphia
    3. Washington
    4. Cleveland Browns

    He would make all of these instant contenders. IMHO

  2. Why would he go to the Broncos? Have you watched their offense, its nothing like what the Buccaneers had before Brady came there. I could see him going to the Browns or the Dolphins.

  3. Why not Minnesota? Once Rodgers leaves, the NFC North would be a straight shot for FIVE Super Bowls with the Wilson to Jefferson combo

  4. First off he is not going anywhere. His no trade clause makes it nearly impossible to trade him because the team won’t be able to get maximum value. Second he has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to leave which is continuously preached by his qb coach who has a daily radio show in Seattle. I think that it may be Pete moving on. The nfl has changed Pete is loyal to his people and that’s the problem. Norton has to go first off. Defense has had same problem last couple years doesn’t get going until about week 6 that doesn’t work. Pete needs to let oc do his job.

  5. Everybody knows Russell Wilson wants to play for the Hamburg Sea Devils of the European Football league in Hamburg,Germany. He’s made this very clear over the past year.

  6. Who has watched him play the last year and a half and still thinks “we’re a Russell Wilson away from the championship”? He has not been good since a MVP level start to 2020. He has two of the best WRs in the NFL. He’s just not the same guy. For many, though, he’s still an improvement but no so much that the difference that this older version of Russell Wilson is worth three first round picks or whatever the astronomical cost will end up being.

  7. Dark horse team: Steelers. Big Ben is packing it in after this season and his successor is not on the roster. They have stability, history, and a generally winning culture on their side.

  8. wozzy316 says:
    December 31, 2021 at 10:43 am
    Rodgers aint goin anywhere,,where else better then GB to win? Give it up.


    Green Bay has Alexander and Adams going for $20 M or more each. Hard to keep the team together, with high priced free agents. Rodgers, if he stays, would also want a new contract.

  9. His stock has dropped significantly. He can’t move like he used to, his throws lag the zip they once had (even before the finger injury), and he’s bad in the locker room. Not a good combination.

  10. It’s all conjecture, but I could see Wilson being a good match with the Steelers. Mike Tomlin is an excellent head coach who always turns his team around in a hurry. It’s true that Wilson hasn’t been the player he was, but it’s also true that the Seahawks haven’t been nearly as good on both sides of the ball, too. And in particular, his offensive lines have been mostly bad.
    If Wilson wants to go somewhere where the fans will love him as much as the Seahawks fans used to, he couldn’t pick a better spot than Pittsburgh.
    But — if he goes there, he has to play well. Steelers fans always have high expectations.

  11. Indy will have $59 million in cap space. Let’s see: O-line? Check. RB? Check. WR? Pittman. Need a second option, for sure. Defense? Check. Special teams? Check. Coaching? Check. Young roster? Check. GM? Check. Draft success? Check. Culture? Check. Just saying…

  12. The difference is the Bucs didn’t have to trade anything for Brady and Brady only took $25million. That let the Bucs put the icing on the cake. If you have to trade 2-3 first round pics and pay $40million it doesn’t work.

  13. Russ Wilson has some deficiencies that aren’t going to magically disappear with a change of scenery. Russ has the lowest pass attempts per game of any QB over the middle of the field. Either his vision is severely impaired due to his height or he’s deathly afraid of being intercepted. Whatever the reason, 99% of his pass attempts are outside the hash marks making him a very predictable and easily defensed QB. This is a problem that will not be an easy fix considering Wilson’s age and stature. So fans who think he’s the answer for your franchise might want to stop salivating and take a closer look at the goods you are looking to acquire.

  14. Saints seem like a reasonable match, though I really think Winston can be a solid QB for them.

  15. jslow25 says:
    December 31, 2021 at 10:47 am
    First off he is not going anywhere. His no trade clause makes it nearly impossible to trade him because the team won’t be able to get maximum value. Second he has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to leave which is continuously preached by his qb coach who has a daily radio show in Seattle. I think that it may be Pete moving on. The nfl has changed Pete is loyal to his people and that’s the problem. Norton has to go first off. Defense has had same problem last couple years doesn’t get going until about week 6 that doesn’t work. Pete needs to let oc do his job.


    How very 2012 of you…😆

  16. Saints Would be the most interesting…
    Panthers would be with a better HC…
    Texans are in a very winnable division…
    Steelers are intriguing….
    Broncos with a better HC..

  17. Eagles get: Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, 2022 5th rd pick
    Seahawks get: Jalen Hurts, Andre Dillard, Miles Sanders, 2022 1st rd pick, 2023 1st rd pick, 2022 3rd rd pick

  18. I think he’ll be back.Nobody is doing a Herschel Walker trade for a quarterback past his prime or building a championship team around that contract. Next season the cap damage won’t be so bad and we’ll know more about how much he’s fallen off, but then he’s going to be another year older.

    Have fun, Seattle!

  19. The way Philly’s defense has been, and the emergence of Davontae Smith and the dominant O-Line and run game, Philly should really be the only place he’d want to go. Miami has no O-line, so the same story he’s got in Seattle. Denver? They have WR but he’s got WR in Seattle, too. Pittsburgh? Maybe… but I have a feeling that the Rooneys would want a homegrown long term answer vs a 3-4 year kinda guy.

  20. The Steelers would be crazy to pay top price for a quarterback with the state of their roster. Russ is still a good quarterback but his play is declining, we seen that before in Pittsburgh. Cleveland or Denver would give him the best chance to win Super Bowls.

  21. Everyone is mentioning the Raiders and Browns. However, why go there if the Saints are interested? They have the better coaching staff by far.

  22. Has anyone wishing for him actually watched him play? He is terrible and looks ten years older than he is. Denver could certainly use him but they’d be fools to part with anything other than one first rounder.

  23. How sad that his goal is to win Super Bowls instead of to build a super bowl winner in Seattle. I’ll never understand some people.

  24. I can tell you where he won’t go. He won’t go to the Giants and he won’t go to the Jets. Regardless of the branding opportunities post football, he won’t go to a place that cannot win immediately.

    I doubt he will go anywhere frankly. But I do believe he’ll be closely involved in some offseason decisions regarding personnel.

    If…and it’s a HUGE if…he goes somewhere it might be the Bears in a trade that includes Justin Fields. That gives the Seahawks a potential new franchise QB on a rookie contract. Anything less…even a boatload of picks…won’t be enough for Seattle.

  25. I do not begrudge anyone to make as much money as the rules allow. BUT if he ( and all the other BS’ers) really want to win championships he will not ask for max or near max $$$. Whatever team he goes to will already be hamstrung by what they have to give up to get him. If they also have to pay him big $$$ there is very little chance of on field success. Especially when you consider his performance the last year and a half. He has as many rings as Dilfer/Flacco/Hostetler etc. Or Rodgers for that matter. He also is the author of the worst play in Super Bowl history. He may not have called it but he threw it. The notion that any team is a QB away from a championship is flawed. Brady brings so much more to the table than throwing the ball. Wilson has yet to exhibit that he does.

  26. Not saying Wilson would necessarily want to come–they’re more than just a QB away from winning anything–but I could see the Dolphins make a run at him. Owner Steve Ross loves bright shiny objects, and whether right or wrong, they don’t think Tua is The Guy.

  27. dlee says:
    December 31, 2021 at 10:46 am
    Why not Minnesota? Once Rodgers leaves, the NFC North would be a straight shot for FIVE Super Bowls with the Wilson to Jefferson combo
    I guess you overlooked Kirk Cousins guaranteed contract which runs through next season.

  28. People think Wilson is going to put a good team over the top? Has anyone watched him play this year? You can have him.

  29. Broncos, WFT, Panthers, Raiders, Dolphins, Steelers and possibly the Browns are all possible options for Wilson. I would also assume my Eagles because Howie Roseman is obsessed with Wilson, wanted to draft him and has said he took Jalen Hurts in the 2nd rd (1-2 rounders earlier than expected) because he felt Hurts was going to be the next Wilson. Even with the team looking at a possibly playoff trip, I still do not think the team is sold on Hurts being the future. Those teams also would be in the picture for Rodgers. I wouldn’t rule out the 49ers either for Rodgers as it was the team he wanted to be drafted by and would be a huge favorite if they got Rodgers. Jimmy G likely wont be around and 49ers could possibly trade Trey Lance to the Packers, who I do not believe are sold on Jordan Love.

  30. The NFC east except for Dallas..
    San Francisco
    Maybe Denver
    Green Bay if Rodgers leaves
    Pittsburgh if Ben retires
    New Orleans

  31. It’s going to be fun seeing Russ not win any more Super Bowls., that’s going to be one of the more enjoyable things the next few years

  32. The Broncos have more in common with the 1990s Bucs than the pre-Brady Bucs of a couple years ago. Sure, let’s add a QB with a big price tag and lose some draft picks to accelerate their decline…

  33. Cleveland is the obvious choice. They have a good O-line, a great running game, and a stout defense. It’s hard to imagine the Browns giving Baker Mayfield a huge contract extension and trying to win with him moving forward, and it’s equally unlikely they would take a QB high in the first round and wait for him to get ready. They are at the point where it would make sense for them to give up assets and money to get a guy like Wilson. He would absolutely make them a contender day one.

  34. I think teams will be disappointed if they get him at this age. He’s no where near the same player he was and at best is middling- go with a younger more dynamic qb

  35. Both Wilson, who had 40 passing TDs last year/has a 99.4 QB rating this year, and Carroll who coached the Seahawks to a 12 and 4 record one year ago are still high quality; giving up on either of them is foolish. They are not the problem.

    The Seahawks problems are an offensive scheme that is not working, and a lack of pressure from their defensive line.

  36. I love all these options. Why doesn’t he accept that if he had not throw that interception he would have two Super Bowls already. He really isn’t that good.

    Regardless of where he goes, he will be the second best QB in the division. Denver – third best, Cleveland – second best to Cincy and maybe third best to Baltimore, and might I add a division that hits which he isn’t use to, he could go to the South but honestly none of those teams have any talent or history of winning –

    Honestly the only place he has a chance of being with a good team is Tennessee assuming he accepts that its a running team and he is just a role player

    Lets be honest – he is over rated, and way over paid

  37. The Packers are in salary cap hell next year but a Wilson for Rodgers swap might make sense. The numbers are too high for Green Bay to do that I’m afraid.
    Packers $37 million over the cap.

  38. Russ, if I were you , I’d retire from football and go into Television. Networks would line up to give you a blank check to fill out …

  39. dlee says:
    December 31, 2021 at 10:46 am

    Why not Minnesota? Once Rodgers leaves, the NFC North would be a straight shot for FIVE Super Bowls with the Wilson to Jefferson combo


    Because Minnesota has to pay Kirk Cousins $45M next year whether he plays for them or not, they’re already over the cap next year, and they might be on the verge of firing both their head coach and GM. Even if the Vikings could afford another huge contract, that’s worse than what he wants to leave behind in Seattle.

  40. Send Wilson home to Wisconsin. Send Aaron Rodgers home back to California, unless Brady wants to go home still. Then we’ll settle for Brady.

  41. Before he moves to New York to make his wife happy, he should chat with Carmello Anthony to see how that worked out l.

  42. To which ever team will pay the very most for an aging quarterback that can’t read defenses.

  43. I could be wrong, but I have a strong hunch Wilson doesn’t really want to come to Cleveland and hand the ball off thirty times a game.

  44. ‘I want to win three more Super Bowls, that has been in my head,” Wilson told reporters on Thursday. “For me, how do we get there, how does that happen, and how do we do all of that?

    This guy might be short but his ego is beyond estimation. What a dreamer. He wanted to get paid, he did and now he’s stuck. Enjoy being the fourth best team in your division until your contract is up.

  45. usmutts3 says:
    December 31, 2021 at 10:54 am
    Just imagine what Sean Payton could do with Russell Wilson in New Orleans.


    Seeing how he managed only a single SB with Drew Brees then I would not imagine much

  46. Who ever trades for him has to have a lot picks and a lot of cap space (the Saints would have to get rid of enough players to make room for Russ they would have little talent left) to take on his $35 million plus contract and good luck negotiating with him next year when he wants $50 million a year; ever since Russ has demanded he is the highest paid player for his new contract Seattle hasn’t had the money to pay an O-line.

    The major issue this year, they would need to be a good QB as part of the haul (Carr, Fields, not Baker he is simply not good enough to start in the NFL) because the Draft doesn’t has any QB’s that are worthy enough to be picked in the first three rounds.

  47. If ANY franchise-type QB wants to win multiple SB’s they need to see how Brady has handled it. Contracts that allow the team to spend well in other needed areas. Not cheap team friendly deals, but rather deals that leave enough on the plate to surround him with talent. A “perfect” deal would be one that requires the team to involve him in personnel decisions. Imagine the waves that would create across the league.

  48. Wilson should just retire. Walk away while everyone thinks he’s a star QB instead of sticking around and then leaving as a has-been. If he does return, look for him starting for the Houston Texans.

  49. For periods long enough for everyone to notice, Wilson has looked chunky and disinterested, every bit his 30-plus years. As an Eagles fan, I pass on Wilson. No thanks. And I’m not even sold on Hurts.

  50. Anybody that would give up first round picks for an over the hill quarterback needs to have their head examined.

  51. He likes the feel of the bright lights and the Giants would be a good fit but they are in no position to win; the Jets don’t need him. How about Vegas?

  52. At this point, Rodgers leaving Green Bay is far-fetched fantasy for Vikings fans. As for Wilson, how about Pittsburgh?

  53. Mahommes will not win 3 more super bowls. Neither will Brady. But hey, dream away Russ

  54. It’s pretty easy to see the Browns and Saints improving quite a bit with him under center compared to what they have now.

  55. For those that think the Saints would be a great destination, the Saints are around 60 million over the projected cap next year. They would need to cut around 90 million in cap money to even think of trading for him. Not sure how they got 60 million over the cap, it’s a comical number really, but it makes trading for a high priced QB rather difficult

  56. The difference between Wilson’s situation in Seattle and Rodgers in Green Bay is Wilson has a high maintenance head coach, Rodgers way less so. The Packers appear to have been responding to Rodgers’ issues this season, and if his post game interview after the Browns game was any indication, he’s feeling pretty good about Green Bay right now. I believe the only issue for Rodgers now is whether he’s retire rather than continue; but he has previously stated he’d like to play into his 40’s.

  57. The teams that have the cap room to trade for him AND make other moves to improve (that make sense):

    1. Miami
    2. WFT
    3. Broncos
    4. Steelers
    5. Texans

    Texans are interesting, only because they have a high level pervert sitting on the bench that Seattle may be interested in getting in return.

  58. While I doubt it is really going to happen, If Russell is allowed to seek a trade, I would hope he ends up staying in the NFC. The rivalry with his new team would be entertaining.

    If not in NFC, I would want him to go to the Jets as they have the draft capital & cap space to make it happen. The NY market obviously would be a lure for Russell, as he already said he’ll allow himself to be traded to the NY Giants.

  59. I guess Ciara would like to go to NY, LA, Miami or Vegas, with Nashville having an outside shot. Russ would probably choose New Orleans and Sean Payton to have one more shot at a Super Bowl.
    Steelers or Packers probably wouldn‘t risk doing a deal for him and I don‘t see other championship-ready teams that can afford deals for him.

  60. Why would Seattle trad him y to o an NFC team? To do that would make no sense whatsoever. If he gets traded it’s gonna be an AFC team.

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