Odell Beckham on his four TDs with Rams: Over the last couple of years, I’ve felt deprived

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In six games with the Browns this season, Odell Beckham Jr. made 17 catches for 232 yards. The receiver has only three more catches and only 16 more yards in six games with the Rams since signing as a free agent.

But Beckham has four touchdowns with the Rams after scoring none with Cleveland this season. In 29 games with the Browns, Beckham never clicked with Baker Mayfield and scored only seven receiving touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.

It’s been great,” Beckham said, via Lindsey Thiry of ESPN. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve felt deprived. I’ve definitely missed the end zone for sure, and it just hasn’t been as easy and seamless as it could and should be. I’m someone who I feel like I should score once or twice every single game. I feel like I can get 100 yards every single game.”

Beckham let his father and LeBron James talk his way out of Cleveland. It was obvious that he wasn’t happy, and his relationship with Mayfield was too far gone for the Browns to keep Beckham.

Beckham averaged only 3.9 receptions and 54.7 yards per game with the Browns. He is averaging fewer receptions (3.3) and fewer yards (41.3) per game with the Rams but is much happier.

“I’m just happy that I’m at a place that I’m having fun within myself,” Beckham said. “Just having fun playing football again.”

Beckham is not the No. 1 receiver in Los Angeles but insists he has enjoyed watching Cooper Kupp‘s pursuit of history. Kupp leads the NFL with 132 catches for 1,734 yards and 14 touchdowns.

“Man, I find it funny, all the talks that ever been said about me being a ‘me guy.’ People are going to say whatever but just have no idea,” Beckham said. “And when I chose to come here, I’m knowing that Coops on pace to break a record. I didn’t come here thinking, ‘Oh, I got to get my targets.’ That’s just not being me. Yeah, I want the ball. I’m a competitor. But like I said, I came late to the party.

“It’s just funny, all the backlash that I get about the type of person that I am and this and that, and I think you just see me in an atmosphere where success is around and like I said, these people are on pace for history. I want to watch them break [it]. I told him I want him to get 2K yards, so I can come and break your record. That’s how it happens. Records are meant to be broken and like I said, I think we’re just witnessing very, very special.”

The Rams, who have clinched a playoff berth, can win the division Sunday with a victory combined with a Cardinals’ loss to the Cowboys. Beckham has never played on a team that won a division title and has appeared in only one postseason game.

34 responses to “Odell Beckham on his four TDs with Rams: Over the last couple of years, I’ve felt deprived

  1. He could have watched Kupp break the record in a Browns’ uniform. He just wanted to get out of the situation in Cleveland and wanted to be able to pick up with a better team. That’s it and that’s all.

  2. Browns fan. I’m an OBJ fan THIS weekend. That means he’ll drop the game winner, just to hose us one more time.

  3. He wanted to go to a contender rather than help build one. Some guys want to put in the work and others don’t. It’s only human.

  4. He’s averaging just over 40 yards a game (averaged 59 during his Cleveland career) and 3 of his 4 TD’s with LA have totaled a grand total of 9 yards…..had 7 TD’s in 22 games with Cleveland. Also, he has not had a 2-digit TD season since 2016 (a year in which he played 16 games and had 10 TD’s). Let’s not act like he’s found “new life”…..and let’s not act like he’s been more than “media relevant” since 2016.

  5. He had 133 targets with Cleveland in 2019. Only 43 targets in 2020 but he only played 6 1/2 games. This year, he had 34 targets in 6 games with Cleveland, and has 36 targets in 6 games with Rams.

  6. I. Me.Mine. And me too. Did I say me? I mean…..I. Because of me. Just me. Only me…..and mine.

  7. OBJ saying all the right things here. Sounds like the move has been good for him. And Cleveland has bigger fish to fry anyway. Did before, still do.

  8. Well if you stop trying,and acting to be the”ALPHA DOG” you might get more respect from EVERYONE”FANS TEAMMATES PIERS”.
    Only 1 ALPHA DOG SHOULD BE ON THE FIELD ,thats the QB.

  9. “People don’t know who I am. It’s funny, all the backlash that I get… now who wants to go on a boat in a couple of weeks?”

  10. Beckham I find to be an exercise in what’s more likely these days. Is it more likely that he was not happy and didn’t fit in and had to leave NYG, and that he was not happy, did not fit in again and had to leave Cleveland. Only to go to the Rams and except for a couple different balls his way over 6 games the data again looks very underwhelming and he is FAR, FAR from the production of WR1, or WR2. So is he yet again a misunderstood, and poorly utilized talent, again? Or, is it more likely we saw a comet at the beginning of his career but after that a VERY average player with a lot of flash and media exposure and that’s the truth of it? I think at this point he is literally, Much Ado About Nothing. IMO

  11. I guess things are different when you don’t have a two time Super Bowl winning and future hall of fame QB like Eli Manning throwing passes to you!

  12. Classic fools gold. Norman got in his head and he’s never been the same. A good DB will lock him up easily. He’s a tease in contract years.

  13. Bottom line: You were’re productive in Cleveland and now you’re even less productive in L.A., you’re just trying to ride coat tails to get a SB ring to add to your already over-inflated resume.

  14. OBJ: “I wanna score a touchdown.
    Nick Chubb: “I wanna win.”

    Says it all.


    Everybody says they want to win in the NFL and they do. Here’s the thing though, everybody isn’t going to win and guess what, Chubb is one of them that isn’t winning despite his very hard fought effort, mainly due to the main throwing the ball. Brown’s are 4th in the AFC North and that’s what actually says it all.

  15. Players have too much control on which teams they want to go. I would have kept him in the dawg pound

  16. If Cleveland would’ve drafted Josh Allen,with that run game and receiving cast they would be a 12 win team every year and competing with KC for next 12 for AFC championships.. but thankfully Buffalo was Smarter then everyone else!!! Future is Bright in Buffalo with Allen!!!

  17. There is no O B or J, in TEAM……or in Cleveland… back to the drawing board for a Qb…..

  18. You’ve felt deprived and I’ve felt like I hear way too much about an alright diva wideout

  19. For some people,having it made for life still isn’t enough. From a football stand point,OBJ has always brought on his own “problems”. Don’t feel sorry for this guy.

  20. Hey OBJ, sometimes it’s better to remain silent….. but with you I’d say that it’s ALWAYS better!!!

  21. The dude never should have traded himself(more or less)off the Giants. The fans loved him and were shocked that the Giants somehow managed to draft a WR All-Pro. But he had the wrong people whispering in his ear, telling him the Earth revolved around him. If he would just have said that he wanted/liked to play for the NYG ONCE, he would still be here catching TD’s. But he got his $$$$ and, even then, couldn’t bring himself to say he wanted to be here. Now he’s blown a bunch of his prime years that he can never get back. A story that gets repeated by “star” athletes all the time.

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