A.J. Dillon’s 4-yard touchdown gives Packers 27-3 lead

NFL: DEC 12 Bears at Packers
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The Packers have just about wrapped things up on Sunday Night Football.

After Minnesota started the second half with another three-and-out, Green Bay used a patient, methodical seven-play, 37-yard drive to increase the lead to 27-3.

The drive got started in Vikings’ territory after returner David Moore brought a punt to Green Bay’s 48-yard line and then got 15 more yards from a Minnesota unnecessary roughness penalty.

Rogers completed a couple of cases on the possession, but A.J. Dillon did the rest. The young running back had runs of 3, 8, 3, 7, and 4 yards on the possession — ending with a 4-yard touchdown.

Dillon now has 11 carries for 44 yards with the touchdown. Aaron Jones has 69 yards on the ground on six carries.

With a win, the Packers will clinch the NFC’s No. 1 seed.

9 responses to “A.J. Dillon’s 4-yard touchdown gives Packers 27-3 lead

  1. Zimmer looks like he’s wondering what it might be like to be an assistant coach at a small college in the South somewhere.

  2. GB will be able to give some of their most important guys two weeks off. Pretty sweet.

  3. Poor coaching, passive game plan.
    No looking to the future.
    Mond could easily have done the screen, run, check down crap the coaches did.
    Viking fan since 1972, and they’ve never looked worse, coaching, blocking tackling, and playing.
    Jefferson and Conklin are the only players.
    I’ll say how I really feel soon!

  4. Really trying to find the logic in announcers promoting AR for MVP. There are 10-12 teams that have scored more points, and have larger point differentials. AR falls short in most statistical categories by 15-20%. GB has won exactly one more game than two teams who have solid MVP candidates that are statistical leaders at their positions. GB backed into at least one win where neither team wanted to win the game.

  5. Half of this Viking team shouldn’t be in the NFL next year. What a pathetic excuse for a team.

  6. Vikings defenders should pay AJ bus fare for the way he was carrying them down the field.

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