Antonio Brown strips down on Bucs sideline, sprints to locker room on his own


Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown likes to blame others for creating drama, but he remains damn good at it by himself.

Brown was spotted sprinting to the locker room without a jersey or shoulder pads on as the Bucs were driving in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Jets. The Bucs were not penalized despite the fact that Brown was on the field gesturing to the crowd in the end zone while the Bucs had the ball.

Per the CBS broadcast, Brown was upset on the sideline and removed his gear despite pleas from teammates to remain with the team. He threw his shirt and gloves to fans before deciding to make an exit.

There’s been no word from the Bucs about what’s going on. They were able to drive for a touchdown after Brown’s antics and now trail the Jets 24-17 with 29 seconds to play in the third quarter.

120 responses to “Antonio Brown strips down on Bucs sideline, sprints to locker room on his own

  1. Bruce won’t do anything and AB knows it. AB has a license to do whatever he wants and Bruce is gutless to do anything about it.

  2. At least now they can likely fire him with cause and not pay the bulk of his remaining contract.

  3. Thanks, Vontaze. Since that hit, Brown’s been cray cray interspersed with more cray, cray!

  4. If a WR can’t make it on the defending SB champs with the best QB in league history, they can’t make it anywhere. Looks like the end of the line for AB.

  5. Sorry Bruce, Tom Terrific makes the calls and says Antonio is exactly what Tampa needs.

  6. Who is surprised by this?

    Early in his career in Pittsburgh, AB was a selfless player with an incredible work ethic and team-first mentality. He loved to block as much as he loved to catch TD passes. Then, one too many wicked headshots (especially in some heated rivalry games with Cincy), and now the guy is a waking head case. He’s living proof that CTE is real.

  7. Cut him ASAP. AB has been given far too many chances. He’s needs psychological help. Enough already.

  8. Once AB knows he has leverage on a team, watch out. Tampa is about to see the real AB.

  9. Something is wrong with this dude. He was given a chance that the average person that would never get. Then he went crazy. And get this, he was given another chance with the raiders/patriots. Then Tom Brady, yes the Tom Brady gives him another shot. Unbelievable privileged human being. Please just go away now

  10. As a general Football Fan, it is my belief that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will exercise their right to not play this man, and could possibly result in his unexcused absence.

  11. Brady wants him on the team because he thinks AB gives them the best chance for another SB. Even if he is that good, I have zero respect for a player who would look past the drama he creates just to have him on the team.

  12. Mental illness needs to be taken seriously, rather than exploited if it occurs in a talented individual. Teams need to move forward on how this is handled.

  13. When you allow a wayward, petulant child to do what he wants without being disciplined by the parents (in this case, the coach), this is what you can expect. No surprises here.

  14. This has to end his career doesn’t it? What is wrong with this dude, he has to know this is his last chance.

  15. This guy…sheesh. He’s played along side 2 HOF QB’s…was the undisputed best WR in football for a time…won a SB last season…yet despite it all decides to create drama at every turn. The guy clearly has problems. If he wants to walk (or run in this case) away, hold the door open for him and go.

  16. Brown and OBJ should start their own team, they’ll be the only players so they can be the star players

  17. Coach Brady will have a serious sit-down discussion with him on the plane ride home

  18. Bruce Arians was quoted as saying Brown now has two more screwups before he’s gone.

  19. dbjason6088 says:
    January 2, 2022 at 3:49 pm
    Antonio Brown is the Kanye West of football


    Kanye could be a majority owner of a NFL team. And you don’t get that kinda loot being a emotional basket case.

    $6 BILLION estimated net worth.

    AB still depends on someone signing his check. And when that ends, so does the tired act known as Antonio Brown.

  20. Mental health is nothing to ignore. He shouldn’t be playing football. I don’t think he has a very bright future life, unless he gets help.

  21. Nah. Couldn’t predict this. Can’t wait to hear what excuses Arians comes up with this week.

  22. I see people talking about CTE – but CTE is the result of sub traumatic brain injuries. I wouldn’t be shocked if his attitude
    change was the result of an actual traumatic brain injury. He’s just completely lost it.

  23. it is fun to watch the train wreck. What insane thing will he do next?
    But honestly, the league, the team, someone needs to intervene and get this guy some help.
    steelers, feet, helmet, movers, chef, fake vac card, now this…. help this man

  24. Since he doesn’t seem to want to be part of the team, they should tell him to find his own flight back to Tampa Bay.

  25. If this clown is still on the team after this, I guarantee it’s because he has names of more teammates who have fake vaccination cards.

  26. I don’t think anyone should be making fun of this guy or his situation. I think clear he has real issues and it’s probably related to cte. The guy was a total team guy the first half of his career and took some serious shots to the head and has been off his rocker since. I think it’s sad.

  27. Dude has to be done at this point. Even Tommy Boy can’t save him from this, right?

  28. Bruce Arians is shocked, yes shocked, that this could happen. He and the Bucs get exactly what they deserve with AB.

  29. Reminds u of when randy moss pulled almost the same kind of stunt. Hopefully Bruce does the right thing.

  30. To everyone saying “Arians won’t do anything” and enabling comments, he just held a presser saying AB’s gone.

  31. The NFL is so fake. An NBA player did the same thing on Saturday. Coincidence? Wake up, people.

  32. AB is such a clown, narcissistic and overrated. Me-first non team guy, only reason he was ever considered any good was due to meaningless fantasy football stats. Good riddance.

  33. I don’t understand all the hate. He got jabbed. I thought that’s all that matters in today’s world.

  34. AB merely rushing into the locker room to sign his new 4 year 100 million dollar contract.

    No cause for concern.

  35. Shocking he was let go after the game. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand he has mental issues. Highly likely prison is in this dude’s future.

  36. Tabais says:
    January 2, 2022 at 3:17 pm
    Bucs gambled on crazy and lost.

    They won a Super Bowl with him. There’s that. Everyone involved knew it would end poorly though.

  37. We like to explore coaching trees as they relate to the NFL. Let’s look at player trees and put a little focus on Mike Tomlin’s prodigy and how many wayward players fall under his watch.

  38. 1. He needs professional help. Immediately.
    2. He needs to be cut. Immeduately.
    2. Could anyone imagine trusting him in a big game at this point? or a small one?

  39. This isn’t going to end well. I hope he gets the help he obviously needs.

  40. The Vontaze Burfict hit feels like a crime scene where everyone is blaming the wrong guy.

  41. no wonder he didn’t pay his chef…the guy looked like he could use a meal or two run-in g off that field

  42. Yeah, so the current mental health discussion. Mental health conditions have probably existed since the beginning of time. Like everything else, opinions and the media go from one extreme to another. I would imagine Antonio’s Brown’s contact provided health insurance. He had the ability that many do not have to seek treatment. Please stop making him out to be a victim. Hopefully 2022 will take a turn towards a more opinion balanced society

  43. adamb182 says:
    January 2, 2022 at 4:16 pm
    I don’t think anyone should be making fun of this guy or his situation. I think clear he has real issues and it’s probably related to cte. The guy was a total team guy the first half of his career and took some serious shots to the head and has been off his rocker since. I think it’s sad.
    Not as sad as the stories of the guys who never had a chance to get help. If AB’s not willing to get help, that’s on him now. He’s been a menace to society, when he’s had to live in the real world. Hopefully he deals with his issues or gets locked up.

  44. Pretty Rare when your Hoping the Bucs lose, then after a single event, wanting to give anything for the Bucs to win lol

  45. I shouldn’t be surprised…but… the NFL embraces Mental Health issues,and pays a lot of lip service to the care it requires, but when it comes down to it, as usual, talent trumps all. Is there anyone who didn’t think Brown had significant mental issues the last couple years? I guess when the psychiatrist is paid by the team….

  46. This is a problem for the NFL. CTE.

    Yes, the Bucs need receivers and this is a blow to their Super Bowl aspirations. But Bucs fans should be amazed and thankful they got a Super Bowl season from him.

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