Buccaneers will release Antonio Brown

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets
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If he screws up one time, he’s gone. OK, if he screws up two times, he’s gone.

For the Buccaners, two strikes were enough to move on from receiver Antonio Brown. During Sunday’s eventual win over the Jets, Brown angrily removed his jersey, shoulder pads, gloves, and undershirt before running off the field.

After the game, coach Bruce Arians — who contradicted his October 2020 vow after Brown was suspended three games for using a fake vaccination card — announced that Brown is no longer a member of the team.

If, as it appeared on Sunday, Brown needs some sort of help at this time in his life, here’s hoping the Buccaneers assist him. The entire organization benefited from his presence. Whether it’s Arians or Tom Brady or others, somerhing needs to be done to determine whether Brown needs assistance.

109 responses to “Buccaneers will release Antonio Brown

  1. Everyone in the other article comments saying Bruce Arians wouldn’t do anything – (in my best Southpark impression:) A-pologizeeeee

  2. That was embarrassing. So glad he is gone. Hope he realizes that truly was his last chance…. I think.

  3. Been watching football many many years..never saw anything like that without at least being ejected 1st

  4. The first “screw up” wasn’t a screw up.That’s an overreach by the league and the government. But go ahead and blame him anyway.

  5. True words Mike but the buc ( no pun intended) doesn’t stop with Tampa Bay. He’s been coddled an enabled ever since he left the Steelers.

  6. You can only help someone, when they realize they need help. Brown should never be hired by another team, he clearly has no concept of what it means to be a teammate.

  7. Gee, and there were no warning signs. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Keep fooling me, and you have to question the integrity and intelligence of the fool being fooled.

  8. AB has to be willing to seek help and honestly based on his behavior I doubt he will regardless of any help provided by the Bucs, NFL or NFLPA

  9. In 5 years he and Terrell Owens will be tackling each other over the right to sleep in a cardboard box in a back alley on a cold winter night

  10. Baffling. Just ending your career like that. He was very close to over $1 million in incentives too. Something is very wrong with his brain.

  11. The Tampa Bay penal system should step in to offer assistance. they will be helping him shortly, whether they want to or not.

  12. Meteoric rise….flaming meteoric crash- for the whole world to see…shocking. At least he got a Super Bowl out of it.

  13. He clearly needs help. If he was upset about missing incentives then he shouldn’t have used a fake vaccination card and got suspended.

  14. Now bruce will bluster hes really spineless he didnt cut brown brown quit the team.

  15. In addition to figuratively spitting in Brady’s face that was literally a million dollar tantrum (in lost incentives). In the immortal words of the great philosopher Hank Hill “That boy just ain’t right”

  16. How many more chances do some of these entitled DIVAS need before enough is enough. If this idiot EVER steps foot on a football field again it will only be to help the groundskeepers clean up the trash. But oh wait… Brown IS part of the trash. You tried to help this lunatic, Tom, but some people just can’t stay out of their own way. Cut him, and let him go do pushups in the driveway with T.O. Any team who ever even THINKS about signing this moron is as crazy as Brown. Bye bye, you clown. You’ll be behind bars by the end of 2022….

  17. Who said Bruce wouldn’t do anything about it? Oh yeah, some of the educated posters on here…

  18. Well it took longer than expected, but it finally happened. True crazy usually doesn’t just fix itself.

  19. Had to be a dispute over not throwing him the ball enough thereby preventing him from reaching some bonus threshold.

  20. To help his friend AB, Brady should retire, effective today, in order to give Antonio the support he obviously needs. There are things more important than football, right?

  21. The feds were there to pick him up. Some type of fake Vax card ring he was running.

  22. I love that Arians is trying to portray some type of disciplinary authority that they “released” Brown when we all saw that Brown actually walked away and quit on the team. Don’t try to act like you disciplined him. You let him do whatever he wanted until he went crazy and quit on the team.

  23. Wonder if they didn’t decide that during the game already, and that’s what sparked his reaction.

  24. Dude has had more second chances than anyone in league history, gets a chance to play for the defending champions with the best QB in NFL history, gets a pass on faking his Vax card (which should have been an immediate termination) and still he manages to screw things up. This has to be the end of his NFL career.

  25. Please stop with “mental health/needs help” narrative.

    Brown is a grown man. He needs to help himself.

  26. AB is clearly ill and needs help. Is he going to get it? It’s more and more crazy every time.

  27. Poor guy! He thought he was on fire like his hero Ricky Bobby and was just trying to putout the flames!!

  28. If Brown does need help, there is no guarantee he wants the Bucs to help him. Honestly, this saddens me. As a Steeler’s fan, this man not only could have broken Hines Ward’s number but also make it to the Hall. To see him become this villain is sad, but he brought this on himself. If he does need help, I hope people in his circle can force him to get it.

  29. You non-stop called for his release over the vaccination issue and now, over an in-game issue, you are concerned about his mental health?

  30. He needs help? That’s been attempted many times. Some people are just bad people and deserve nothing.

  31. Uncle Brucie and Tommy got what they paid for. Wonder how Mickey Mouse Sports Network will whitewash this incident for The Man in the Arena.

  32. Pats pick him up… win the Super Bowl!!!!
    Just kidding…. Guys CANCER!!!
    & has some SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES!!!!
    Anyone know what set him off ( THIS TIME)??!!

  33. Man this is sure gonna be some interesting acceptance speech when he gits in the hall of fame on the first time ballot …. oh wait ??? … maybe ???

  34. After all his antics, some team will still throw a bunch of money at him in the off-season. Guaranteed.

  35. I don’t agree with your assertion that Brady, Arians or anyone else in Tampa owes him anything…from what I know, the Bucs set him up to draw a salary for the opportunity to play with Brady and win a Superbowl….yes he was an asset that benefited the team but the case can obviously be made that they can, and will, win with or without Brown….Brown would likely not have accomplished what he did over the past 18 months without Brady pushing for him and the organization taking a chance on him.

    One more thing, we don’t know how much that Brady, Arians have worked with him behind the scenes….I am not talking about making him a better player…I mean a better person….I don’t know that anyone outside the field of mental healthcare can help him but I can’t agree that it is incumbent upon anyone on the Bucs to contribute anything else to him….if they choose to do so, that’s fine…but no more is owed to him by anyone, from what I see.

  36. zeus9800 says:
    January 2, 2022 at 4:24 pm

    The first “screw up” wasn’t a screw up.That’s an overreach by the league and the government. But go ahead and blame him anyway.


    When a guy on probation for a criminal offense commits another criminal offense, it’s kind of a problem. Are you this apologetic for all habitual offenders, or just your kind of criminal?

  37. As a bipolar person… I think Antonio Brown has bipolar disorder. He’s obviously not getting the help he needs. It’s. Big step. I know.

  38. This is hysterical to me. Arians voice taking the well he’s a changed person this year from last opinion hasn’t done echoing in its glorious hypocrisy/comedy and now this does it. Wow, you mean NOW you’re surprised by the conduct of the player? This is mock outrage at its finest. Bucs last year seemed to have the rub of the green and things just went right in almost every respect. This year feels very, very far from that to me. If they have an early exit from the playoffs I will not be surprised they look like they have a bad game in them to me, not a next level of play waiting to show itself.

  39. To all the Buc fans. AB has to go, what a nut job. Hey BA are you sure he has no more chances

  40. This guy never seemed to have any issues before Vontaze Burfict concussed him…. Coincidence?

  41. Definitely not their responsibility to help him. He apparently needs to hit rock bottom.

  42. upnorthvikesfan says:
    January 2, 2022 at 4:36 pm
    Why does everyone assume he needs help? Ever consider he’s just a jerk?


    Being a jerk is one thing, lots of guys in pro sports are jerks. Having a meltdown like this, on national TV no less, is something else.

    Not saying he’s not also a jerk, because he certainly seems like one, but the dude has other issues that probably do require him to seek help.

  43. It will be years from now, but it will be interesting to see how the Hall of Fame nominating/selection committee views Brown’s career. Purely on the field, he’s in. But …

  44. egomaniac247 says:
    January 2, 2022 at 4:22 pm
    Everyone in the other article comments saying Bruce Arians wouldn’t do anything – (in my best Southpark impression:) A-pologizeeeee

    ok, TAKING YOUR UNIFORM OFF AND LEAVING EARLY CAN’T BE IGNORED BY ANYONE. So, no, he wouldn’t have done anything if AB didn’t force his hand on national television.

  45. The league will be pissed because he gave away equipment for free. Fineable offense there.

  46. I didn’t see the game. It wasn’t on in my area, but… why wasn’t Tampa Bay penalized? It was their player in the end zone while his team was on offense. At the very least it should have been 12 men on the field. Another example of a pro Brady call, or lack of one.

  47. It can be difficult to differentiate between the legitimately mentally ill and a plain old jerk

  48. Saying the buccaneers benefited from his presence is ridiculous to gave him a roster spot they could have spent on someone who would have been much more productive and not mentally deranged. He doesn’t need counseling he needs incarceration fucarceration 5 years maybe cool them off maybe 10 years

  49. If he’d stayed on the sideline they probably would have continued to coddle him. But after he ran off the field he forced their hand. So many second chances, and he flushed them all.

  50. Is he told Mike mayock that he was a cracker and he was going to kill him and threatened him with physical injury and yet he still has a job until today Yet John gruden wrote an email about some guy with big lips to actually does have big lips 10 years ago when didn’t even work for the NFL and he got banned. Antonio Brown should be in prison

  51. There have been some “interesting” guys to play in the nfl, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

  52. I’ve got a bad feeling that AB is about to embark on a very scary part of his life. If I’m honest, I have more compassion and concern for the people he’s going to harm along the way, than I do for him. Hopefully, he gets himself together mentally or gets locked up before he does too much more damage.

  53. Dude probably has CTE, but they can’t diagnose it until you die, so he has to live with it. Sad, but true.

  54. mikestan says:
    January 2, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    Bucs don’t need to assist Brown in getting him help.


    They don’t NEED to. But if someone is your family is struggling trying to stay sober, knowing this you buy them a bottle of booze for Christmas, and they the get drunk and do something stupid, maybe the decent thing is to try and help them deal with the mess you made yourself a part of. I’m not holding my breath expecting Ariens to do the decent thing. Not really is M.O.

  55. CTE 100% percent. No iffs, ands or buts about it. Have we ever seen anything like this in pro sports in recent memory? Even TO’s ‘outbursts’ had to do with his personal disdain for McNabb and trying to get to a different team that would pay him more, which is somewhat understandable. Antonio Brown has seemingly no compass guiding these actions. They don’t better his life, his career, or his pocket-book in any way shape or form. Seriously… this is CTE playing out right before our eyes people. This ain’t gonna end pretty.

  56. I’ve been told the Packers, Rams, or Cardinals will claim him…………

  57. Lotta folks diagnosing his issue without even examining him. Bipolar? CTE? Folks we are only football fans. I am sure there is some reason for his behavior but I don’t know what it is. And neither do you. Our ability to diagnose mental illness or brain trauma has not yet progressed to the point where you can do it from a few seconds of video between commercials. But hey thanks for playing.

  58. Tom: ‘AB, you want some avocado ice cream?’

    AB: ‘I screwed up man, I’m realley, really, really, really sorry this time’.

    Tom: ‘I know you are AB, and we have a Super Bowl to win – AGAIN!’.

    AB: What about Bruce?

    Tom: I’ll handle it….

  59. The Bucs will do the wrong thing and not release him.

    This team has consistently done the wrong thing, acted horribly and has been willing to pay any price no matter the consequences to win.

  60. I believe the vicious hit by Vontaze Burfict a couploe of years ago has had a negativ effect on Brown’s brain. There has to be some valid reason for him acting in strange ways the past couple of years. I think CTE has caused Brown’s bouts of insanity.

  61. Hall of Fame career in the making and Antonio Brown just crapped all over it. Unplugged it. Forfeited all the benefits that would have come with it too. I really worry about this guy without football. He’s a time bomb.

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