Giants’ -10 passing yards was worst total in an NFL game since Ryan Leaf’s 1998 Chargers

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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The Giants had a passing game so putrid today, nothing like it has been seen in the 21st Century.

Giants quarterback Mike Glennon completed four passes, gaining 24 yards. He also got sacked four times, losing 34 yards. That’s a net passing yardage of -10 for the game. And that’s the worst total the NFL has seen since 1998.

The last time a team did worse than that, it was the 1998 Chargers, and the starting quarterback was rookie Ryan Leaf, who has gone down in history as the worst draft bust ever. In a Week Three loss to the Chiefs, Leaf completed just one of 15 passes for four yards, while losing 23 yards on two sacks.

Asked after the game about his team’s pathetic passing total, Giants head coach Joe Judge said he didn’t want to argue about stats. But there’s nothing to argue about. The stats are what they are, and the Giants’ performance today was as bad as it gets.

25 responses to “Giants’ -10 passing yards was worst total in an NFL game since Ryan Leaf’s 1998 Chargers

  1. I though Ab stripping and walking off the field was bad ,but this comes in as a close 2nd.

  2. To think the team that held Glennon to -10 yards is the same team that guaranteed him almost $20M, 5 years ago.

  3. Waht needs to be said? Fire Judge and Gettleman tonight. Please make it happen and end the misery and start over again.

  4. The 2009 Titans actually gave up no sacks and had -7 passing yards in their 59-0 loss to the pats.

  5. As a Bears fan, this takes a little of the sting out of my team’s own not quite as atrocious showing against the Browns earlier this year. Matt Nagy still needs to go but it was good of his team to show up for the fans who braved a cold day at Soldier Field to cheer them on.

  6. Well Coach Judge, I guess getting rid of Jason Garret really was the right move now wasn’t it? I hope Garret is laughing at the ineptitude of this team and is happy spending the holidays with family rather having to be a part of this mess.

  7. Dudge has been fired, The Giants just haven’t announced it yet. Hopefully we’ll never see Glennon again.

  8. Both ABC, Fox, & CBS need to work on coaching their announcing teams who get assigned to work meaningless games. (See Giants at Bears today as a classic example). The only folks watching these games are true blue fans and trying to find real meaning often leads the announcers to say such gibberish that real fans need to hit the mute buttons. NBC is lucky in that they broadcast fewer true meaningless games.

  9. Raider fan here. Before declaring Ryan Leaf the biggest bust ever, you should re-evaluate the putrid awfulness of ex-Raider JaMeatball Russell. 10+ years after he left, his stench still covers the Bay Area.

  10. Eagles fan here. I’m embarrassed that my squad lost one game, and was losing at halftime in the other game, to the Jints this year.

    Giants have hit rock bottom. I laughed when they drafted Jones. Went to an ACC school so saw him tons. Couldn’t believe he went top 10. Gettleman needs to get cement shoes in the East River. Move on from Saquon. Finally build an offensive line, with good runners who don’t cost jillion dollars (makes no sense if you’re not going to win). Add more playmakers on D. And smash people in the mouth.

    Whether new GM keeps Judge is up to him. But Giants are on edge of the abyss, with Cowboys winning, Eagles’ flowers planted and starting to grow and WTF a QB away from being a winner.

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