Giants’ ugly season reaches its low point in blowout loss to Bears

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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The Giants and Bears are both eliminated for playoff contention and playing for nothing but pride.

At least the Bears have pride.

Today in Chicago the Bears humiliated the Giants, jumping out to a 14-0 lead just minutes into the first quarter and humiliating the Giants on the way to an easy win.

Giants starting quarterback Mike Glennon, who once signed a three-year, $45 million contract with the Bears in one of the worst moves of Ryan Pace’s tenure as general manager, was absolutely terrible today. The Bears’ defense dominated him, highlighted by Robert Quinn notching his 18th sack of the season, a Bears franchise record.

Andy Dalton was also not a good free agent signing for Pace, but he was good enough today to beat a terrible Giants team.

The 4-12 Giants and 6-10 Bears are both in for some major changes this offseason, but for today, the Bears look a whole lot better than the Giants do.

15 responses to “Giants’ ugly season reaches its low point in blowout loss to Bears

  1. Judge can return to NY if he chooses but Graham will be their interim next week. Mara will address the ‘team’ soon.

  2. Mara was at the game in Chicago. Judge is going to be relieved of his duties after an awful effort.

  3. Banks mentioned Mara travelled to Chicago and has to be thrilled with the effort of this well coached team who haven’t quit on Judge or anything.

  4. As the Maraa’s continue to count those big profit owner bucks in the media capital of the world and the team sucks n sucks virtually every modern year … tut tut tut says the megabuck family … why golly gee which side of the equation is more important to yee ??? as we fire everybody n go into full rebuild mode every three years oh shucks shucks n shucks as we go back to counting our big incoming bucks …. :S

  5. Dalton was a great signing if the coach had the balls to actually play him and not give in to the cry babies.

  6. Judge probably lost his job today. Awful. Blow it up. Keep the kicker and McKinney and probably Andrew Thomas. Embarrassing. And after the Jets debacle, Jets might need a new coach too.

  7. Its not really news anymore each time the Giants season finds a new low point. The timeline seems to coincide with their game schedule.

  8. Giants fire Judge. 2nd time in their history an in season coaching change has been made. Not announced but my guess Graham not Kitchens will coach next week.

  9. The next coach of the Giants will almost certainly be a Dan Reeves type experienced former HC.

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