Hunter Renfrow on beating Colts: All it means is we’ve got to win next week

NFL: JAN 02 Raiders at Colts
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The Raiders put themselves on the brink of playoff irrelevancy when they lost to the Chiefs 48-9 in Week 14, but the last three weeks have seen things take a major turn in the right direction.

Sunday’s 23-20 win over the Colts was their third straight and it leaves them with a 9-7 record heading into a Week 18 matchup with the Chargers. Their AFC West rivals have the same record and the winner of next weekend’s game will be going to the playoffs.

While there’s a chance to advance with a loss, wide receiver Hunter Renfrow‘s message after Sunday’s win was that the team just has to keep finding a way to pull out victories.

“All it means that that we got to win next week,” Renfrow said, via Levi Damien of “We put ourselves in a good chance to win next week and we’re in the playoffs. That’s what we’ve all talked about since the beginning. Just give us a chance at the dance.”

That loss to the Chiefs was the fifth in six games for the Raiders and it seemed like the off-field tumult created by Jon Gruden and Henry Ruggs would help send them to another losing record. They guaranteed a winning record on Sunday and one more win will make this season a success story in Las Vegas.

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  1. Is Hunter Renfro the most over achieving football player in the NFL or what? Small, slow, not very strong, but one helluva football player!

  2. It’s incredible these guys are still in it after what has happened this year.

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