Jalen Ramsey strikes teammate Taylor Rapp

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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A week after a pair of Washington teammates got into a sideline fight during a 28-7 blowout, a pair of Rams teammate got into a scrum early in a 0-0 game. On the field.

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey struck safety Taylor Rapp in the face with an open hand. Ramsey made contact with Rapp’s helmet and facemask, sending Rapp’s head backward.

It’s unclear what prompted the incident. It will definitely become a topic of conversation after the game, when players and coaches are made available to reporters.

18 responses to “Jalen Ramsey strikes teammate Taylor Rapp

  1. Ramsey is one of those players that is hard to like. Even if you are a fan of the team he plays on.

  2. You gotta remove a player who does that. I’m saying it’s on the Rams to do it if he hit a teammate on the field.

  3. That’s ridiculous. Get mad with your team mates if you must, but you shouldn’t be hitting. Ramsey needs to learn a little self control.

  4. The Rams are getting all they deserve. Their attemp to buy a Superbowl is going to blow up in their face. Stafford is a turn-over king, Ramsey is good but he’s still a jerk and a washed up Beckem and Von Miller’s better days are long gone.

  5. Hey, I know when I’m in the office and one of my coworkers isn’t doing what I want, I just gotta smack them. My boss is cool with that and won’t fire me or punish me, because I’m really good at my job.

  6. They are feeding a monster that some day they will not be able to feed (see Bucs and Antonio Brown saga).

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