Ja’Marr Chase has 186 yards, three touchdowns

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals receiver Ja'Marr Chase cannot be stopped today.

A 69-yard touchdown pass from Joe Burrow early in the third quarter gave him 180 yards. It was Chase’s third touchdown. He has scores of 72, 18 and now 69.

His latest touchdown has drawn the Bengals to within 28-24.

Chase now has 186 yards on seven catches.

Chase had 201 yards against he Ravens on Oct. 24. He has two games with two touchdowns this season but had never had three touchdowns in a game until Sunday.

10 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase has 186 yards, three touchdowns

  1. If the bengals can get the oline a little better and get some defensive pieces, they could go on a serious multi year run.

  2. Let’s hear all the whiny Ravens fans now…whining that Burrow isn’t that good because he threw for 525 against practice squad players. Whatcha got to say now?

  3. Refs gave Cinci 3 unearned 1st downs in the 4th quarter. Hope the cost wasn’t Burrows knee.

  4. Credit to Cinci on a great game, though why Reid decided to leave the game in the hands of his D instead of getting the ball back to Mahommes with 2 minutes left is beyond me.

  5. Love how folks want to rain on the bengals parade. Y’all think we have been on these boards whining the past 6 years? Bengals earned this. Also Chase is the rookie of the year. To hand this to Jones would be the equivalent of pro bowl fan voting.

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