Joe Judge: This isn’t a clown show, we’re building a foundation

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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The Giants got humiliated in Chicago on Sunday, which makes it two blow out losses in a row for them since word broke that head coach Joe Judge will be brought back for a third season with the team.

Judge refused to comment on that report last Sunday, but he had a lot to say about the direction he believes he has the team on after going 10-22 to this point in his career. Zack Rosenblatt of counted the length of his rant at Sunday’s postgame press conference at 2,614 yards and over 11 minutes. We won’t be sharing all of what Judge had to say, but you can read it all at this link.

Judge pointed to players continuing to work hard and not devolving into fights on the sideline as some of the “number of things going in the right direction” for the team.

“This ain’t a team that’s having fistfights on the sidelines,” Judge said. “This ain’t some clown show organization or something else, ok? We’re talking about the foundation built. The toughest thing to change in the team, the toughest team to change in the club is the way people think. You understand that? That’s the toughest thing. You can get new players, you can have them in your damn locker room all you want. You have to change how people think. You change how they f–king — pardon my language — believe in what you’re doing.”

Judge said he spoke to players who talked about how the Giants quit on former coach Pat Shurmur in 2019 — they won two of their final three games to infuriate fans who wanted Chase Young with the second overall pick — and that he was part of a staff in 2018 “who halfway through the season we were all pretty convinced we were getting fired” before the team’s belief in itself turned things around.

Judge coached for the Patriots in 2018 and they were 6-2 at midseason on their way to an 11-5 record and a Super Bowl title. If there was discussion of a housecleaning in New England, it was kept on a pretty close hold.

The statement ended with Judge saying that “making sure guys are wired the right way” was the most important part of building a team and he certainly seems to believe that he’s accomplishing that even as the losses pile up quickly in New Jersey.

71 responses to “Joe Judge: This isn’t a clown show, we’re building a foundation

  1. This is the coaching equivalent of taking off your shirt and running off the field in the 3rd quarter.

  2. Joe Judge: This Isn’t A Clown Show, We’re Building A Foundation
    Oooooohhhhhhh! That’s what you’re doing!
    To the untrained eye, it really looked like a clown show.

  3. At least no one on the Giants squad took off their gear and went to the locker room during the game today. That incident alone puts at least one team closer to the Clown Show than Big Blue.

  4. Joe Judge has a Ben McAdoo vibe. Joe seems oblivious to his own ineptitude and incompetence. There seems to be a lot of broken branches on the Bill Belichick coaching tree.

  5. They’ve made the decision to fire him. He’s campaigning for another job, probably back to NE as an assistant position coach. Shurmur and McAdoo had these same bizarre rants right before their key cards were terminated. It won’t matter though unless they get better players who the head coach is. Jacksonville is interviewing some pretty good candidates to be on NY’s short list.

  6. Well you need a QB, your RB can’t stay on the field and when he is he stinks. Your defense couldn’t stop a play if you told them what was coming. Your offensive line is worse than stinky. Now, your special teams are average, so you got that going for your foundation.

  7. the barometer is that the players arent fighting on the sidelines? heck of a standard coach

  8. He could be a good head coach someday. But he is currently in way over his head. Unfortunately, even if the Giants fire the GM and HC, John Mara will once again hire the wrong people.

  9. <>

    True, but in fairness to Belichick no one in their right mind considered Joe Judge a viable HC candidate at that the time the Giants hired him. He was a little known special teams coach in NE not on any other team’s radar.

  10. Giants fans looking at those 2 top 10 picks with hope? A real personnel guy will listen to offers because they need more than 2 top 10 picks, trading back while adding additional draft picks is the way to go. Ironically, Gettleman wanted Parsons, then OL instead of Toney and he was overruled as draft footage caught his anger.

  11. They need to fire Judge and Gettleman and go with a new pair at HC & GM. They also need fresh eyes in the building and for the Mara’s to maybe back off the scouting for a while too. Will that happen, probably not.

  12. Mara bringing this dude back says it all. This is what happens when a spoiled clueless brat inherits daddy’s team. We Giants fans are in for many more years of being a laughingstock. Oh, by the way, where are all those Gettleman supporters who said he was a great hire and was going to turn this franchise into a winner? Did reality finally bite you in the rear?

  13. I always advise people not to volunteer their deficiencies in job interviews, even when asked the obligatory “what’s your worst trait” question.

    Judge just revealed his key deficiency and exactly who he is!

  14. Is it me or does Kitchens look like he should be coaching in a semi pro league on Saturday mornings ?

  15. I cant believe I just made myself read all of that, but, in essence, he’s saying, I get why the fans are mad, and they should boo us because we haven’t put the results on the field, but I feel like my guys are doing things the right way, (the Patriot way maybe?) And that should produce a winning team and lasting culture eventually.

    Of course, he used 2500 words and your guess is as good as mine, and it will probably get him fired. My goodness, what an interesting last day of the season.

  16. I thought it could never get worse than the Dave Brown and Danny Kannel era ,I was wrong !

  17. It’s a pretty low bar if not fighting on the sidelines is your indicator of future success. But it’s not the players’ fault that the GM had #2 as the backup QB. Astonishing ineptitude. And maybe Mara needs to let Tisch pick the GM this time. That game was the least competitive game played by them in memory. Might be some cracks in the foundation

  18. Simple fix 3 1st rounders, Barkley, Williams and some 3 and 4 rounders should be enough for Seattle to let Russ go. But doubt Russ wants to go to currently one of the worse teams in the NFL with even worse talent then the Hawks.

  19. AutisticCoffee says:
    January 2, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    First rule of Clown Show….Never Admit to it.

    YUP, if you have to assure people what they are witnessing really isnt a clown show then it probably is just that.

  20. In quick response to the suggestion from Commenter that the giants might trade a few 1s, and some 3s, and/or 4s for Russel Wilson. I’m sorry but Wilson isn’t turning a franchise around, certainly not this. You send him to a team low on talent and then take all their draft capital that’s how you go 4-13, 5-12, 4-13 and then buy out the end of the contract and look at the burning remains of a franchise. IMO

  21. The first rule of Clown Show is you never talk about Clown Show.
    The second rule of Clown Show is YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT CLOWN SHOW.

  22. Joe Judge: This isn’t a clown show, we’re building a foundation.


    Hey Joe, a foundation isn’t supposed to be made out of paper mache because it just keeps crumbling.

  23. Mara’s on his way back to New Jersey having made the trip to Chicago. He’s beyond pissed with the effort. The team is right up against the cap but can’t compete against a team with a similar record. One can only guess what’s going on behind the scenes. Last time he paid Accorsi to conduct a sham search that led back to Gettleman. This time he’ll probably get advice from Coughlin but it won’t lead back to Abrams. They’ll use Coughlin’s extensive contacts and bring in someone from outside. They’ll be a new GM, Coach tied to Daniel Jones for only 1 year (barring an unlikely trade).

  24. Building a foundation? Best you can do now win out the last two games just to have the same win total as the season before. Two games in a row where your team was destroyed. Need I mention how you also had to fire your OC this season? Excellent job on building a foundation and upon last season.

  25. harrytootsie says:
    January 2, 2022 at 7:14 pm
    Too think the Steelers have had only 3 coach’s in their history

    They’ve actually had 3 coaches since 1969. They were around for a long time and had many coaches before that.

  26. This used to be a franchise that I rooted against but respected. No more. You don’t get to decide whether you’re a clown show, Coach. We, the viewing public, consider you to be a clown show. That’s all it takes.

  27. knightwanderer says:
    January 2, 2022 at 7:33 pm
    In quick response to the suggestion from Commenter that the giants might trade a few 1s, and some 3s, and/or 4s for Russel Wilson. I’m sorry but Wilson isn’t turning a franchise around, certainly not this. You send him to a team low on talent and then take all their draft capital that’s how you go 4-13, 5-12, 4-13 and then buy out the end of the contract and look at the burning remains of a franchise. IMO

  28. If you have to outright say you’re not running a clown show, you’re probably running a clown show…

  29. Lost in his final rant, the open admission of tampering that could cost the organization draft picks. If he’s talked to Tomlinson or Zeitler as he claimed, that’s flat out obvious tampering.

  30. Don’t worry Giants fans, you get to finish on a high note against the squad that is such a clown show that they don’t even have a name.

  31. So sick of the excuses with this guy. No idea what ownership is thinking but he needs to go. It’s brutal living in this market, this team has been awful since Coughlin left.

  32. Joe, you only have to look 90 miles south to see a foundation being build

    New Heas Coach, new oc new dc new qb and going to the playoffs o and 3 first round picks next year

  33. Y’all wanted TC fired but everyone played hard for him and they were fun until the end. As bad as the Giants were with Manning at the end, he always gave them a chance. It can always be worse and The Giants keep finding that out. This iteration is pathetic. TC coached players with heart, love for the game.

  34. He is in WAYYYY over his head. I smell b.s. and I think the players do too. Pat Shurmer should never be a head coach in the NFL again. He Doesn’t get it. Neither does Stafanski here in Cleveland. He has no fire in his belly. You need to scream and call guys out once in awhile. The NFL is NOT for the thin skinned.

  35. This may be the worst Giants offense ever – and I go back to the ticket burning days. And what was calling for a touchback when the kick did not reach the end zone? THAT was a clown sow.

  36. Tom Brady says:
    January 2, 2022 at 7:21 pm
    The Belichick coaching tree is one big clown show

    30 5 Rate This


    Joe Judge is a Saban guy.

    Hint: Stop poaching/cheating the Pats by stealing assistants annually and maybe this won’t be an issue.

  37. Tom Coughlin’s last 3 years with the Giants they were 7-9, 6-10, 6-10. And people still long for the good old days? It’s bizarre – this decline started under his watch and has continued ’til now like a runaway train.

  38. Giants off-season. They’ll largely sit out free agency. Over paying for mid level talent has got them nowhere. They haven’t recovered from Reese’s poor drafting.

    Do they sign Mariota/Minshew or do they draft a QB in mid-rounds? They won’t be bringing back Glennon no matter who the GM is.

    The Giants would like to bring back Lorenzo Carter as a depth guy. His recent play might have priced him off their team. They really like him and his mentorship for Ajulari. They’d still like to upgrade the position. Depth and rotation is what they lack at almost every position.

    They have a very tough decision to make with Sterling Shepard. He won’t be ready to play. He likely could stick around if he reduces his salary like Cruz did. The unavailability, unreliability of Toney makes the position very thin. They like Shepard’s leadership.

    This is going to make people mad, they’re going to try to extend Barkley before his # spirals out of their price range. The starting point will likely be the option #. Could they trade him? Sure if someone overwhelms them but a 3rd rd pick won’t get it done, he’s too valuable to them. They’re are probably going to move on from Booker, Gettleman overpaid.

    The secondary is going to look different, the salary tied up in the position is unattainable.

    OL is basically stripped down to Thomas and Bredeson. Bredeson’s return and Barkley going for a 100 is no coincidence. They could get Lemieux and Gates back but they’ll make serious investment through the draft. Price will be better if talent as a unit is better.

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