Mike Glennon has two turnovers in first six plays in return to Chicago

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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Mike Glennon is doing a good job reminding the Bears why they made a huge mistake when they signed him to a three-year, $45 million contract in 2017.

Glennon, returning to Chicago today and starting at quarterback for the Giants, is off to a disastrous start, losing a fumble on a strip-sack and throwing an interception within the Giants’ first six offensive plays.

The fumble set up a David Montgomery touchdown run to give the Bears a 7-0 lead. The interception set up a fourth-and-1 touchdown pass from Andy Dalton to Darnell Mooney to extend the Bears’ lead to 14-0.

This game is meaningless in the playoff race, as both the Giants and Bears are mathematically eliminated. But it’s an opportunity for Glennon to take on his former team, and for him it is not going well.

7 responses to “Mike Glennon has two turnovers in first six plays in return to Chicago

  1. Ha! If the Bears keep Nagy and the Giants keep Gettleman and Judge, neither will see the playoffs for a decade. Scratch that… neither team will see the playoffs for a decade no matter what.

  2. Put Nagy at the helm once the play-off season is over, match him up against below 500 teams and he looks brilliant. Otherwise and especially against Green Bay not so much.

  3. Both ABC, Fox, & CBS need to work on coaching their announcing teams who get assigned to work meaningless games. (See Giants at Bears today as a classic example). The only folks watching these games are true blue fans and trying to find real meaning often leads the announcers to say such gibberish that real fans need to hit the mute buttons. NBC is lucky in that they broadcast fewer true meaningless games.

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