Referee Tony Corrente walks to locker room in Seattle with apparent medical issue

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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Referee Tony Corrente left today’s game Lions-Seahawks game early after appearing to have some kind of medical issue.

Corrente fell down on the field and was then escorted to the locker room by medical staff. He walked off the field under his own power and was smiling and appeared to make a joke to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll as he walked toward the Seattle sideline.

When Corrente fell, there was no apparent reason. It was between plays and he was standing behind the Lions’ offensive huddle, where referees typically line up before the play.

The 70-year-old Corrente was replaced by back judge Todd Prukop as referee.

UPDATE 6:56 p.m. ET: Corrente returned after a brief absence.

17 responses to “Referee Tony Corrente walks to locker room in Seattle with apparent medical issue

  1. The final optic nerve strand in his good eye finally separated completely.
    He’ll be back next Sunday.

  2. 70 year old men trying to match the speed of the worlds finest athletes who are in their early to mid 20’s makes zero sense.

    At 70 your eye sight is declining, your movement isn’t as sharp, and as the article stated, medical issues are creeping up.

  3. It would have been great if he took his shirt off and threw it into the stands while waving to fans on the way back.

  4. occasionally boxing refs who are being influenced by outside forces, feign illness etc to get out of the ring to avoid the repercussions of the wrong boxer winning. This is what getting into bed with gambling does, makes people start to connect dots.

  5. Hope he’s ok but 70 is up there to be making split second calls. Jobs like the refs have really need a cutoff point at like 60.
    The calls were bad again this week as usual. There needs to be a show with all the bad calls every week. It would be a ratings bonanza.

  6. There is no reason a 70 year old should be on the field with NFL players except to be an honorary captain during the coin toss. Commercial airline pilots have to retire when the are 65. This is for safety reasons. Corretne may have been a good referee but his time has passed. The league needs to address this.

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