Robert Quinn sets Bears’ single-season sack record

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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With one sack in Sunday’s 29-3 win over the Giants, Bears pass-rusher Robert Quinn did something significant. He’ now the single-season sack leader in franchise history.

Quinn has 18.0 sacks for the season.

Hall of Famer Richard Dent set the record in 1984 with 17.5. Dent added 17 more in 1985, the year that ended in Chicago’s only Super Bowl win.

Quinn set the new record in the 16th game of the 2021 season, the first ever with 17 total games. That fact will negate any talk of an asterisk being required on the new record.

The 18th sack also gives Quinn 100.5 for his career, putting him in a four-way tie with William Fuller, Charles Haley, and Cameron Wake for 35th place on the official all-time list. On the unofficial all-time list compiled by, 100.5 sacks counts as a four-way tie for 55th place.

A first-round pick of the Rams in 2011, Quinn spent seven years with the Rams, one with the Dolphins, one with the Cowboys, and two (so far) with the Bears.

11 responses to “Robert Quinn sets Bears’ single-season sack record

  1. He easily could have had 3 sacks today and would be in line to break the NFL record. Bear Down.

  2. Set the single season “official” record for two teams now; did the same for the Rams in 2013.

    Man has had an impressive career any way you slice it. Doctors told him in high school he’d never be able to play football in the NFL.

  3. The way Quinn angles the corner against Offensive Tackles on his way to the QB is reminiscent to me of how 5-Time Superbike World Championship winner Jonathan Rea seems almost to scrape his knees as he leans his Kawasaki to victory. No other NFL DE leans quite as acutely as Robert Quinn.

    Hate that my Dolphins let him go.

  4. But I thought All-World linebacker Khalil Mack was supposed to become the greatest defensive player ever for the Bears from day one???

    Geez, wasted all those draft picks and millions of dollars for sub-par results. So sad. Very, very unfair…

  5. This is the guy the Cowboys let leave… meanwhile they keep Gregory who shows up about every 4th game……

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