Sunday Night Football: With Davante Adams’ 118 yards, Packers lead Vikings 20-3 at halftime

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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The Packers are on their way to clinching the NFC’s No. 1 seed.

Through two quarters, Green Bay leads Minnesota 20-3 on Sunday Night Football.

The Packers got off to a bit of a slow start, scoring two field goals and turning it over on downs in their first three red-zone trips.

But then quarterback Aaron Rodgers tossed a 20-yard touchdown to Allen Lazard. And then Rodgers and receiver Davante Adams displayed their strong connection on a two-minute drive, with Rodgers hitting Adams on a back-shoulder pass for 17 yards down the right sideline. On the next play, the duo produced an 11-yard touchdown over the middle to take a 20-0 lead.

With starting quarterback Kirk Cousins out after testing positive for COVID-19 late in the week, the Vikings managed just one first down before a two-minute drive of their own. Quarterback Sean Mannion moved the chains with a couple of passes to receiver Justin Jefferson.

Despite frigid conditions, kicker Greg Joseph hit a 51-yard field goal to end the first half and put the Vikings on the board.

Rodgers is 20-of-25 passing for 211 yards and two touchdowns. Adams has eight catches for 118 yards through 30 minutes.

Mannion is just 9-for-15 for 57 yards. Jefferson has caught three passes for 30 yards.

The Vikings have just 70 total yards, four first downs, and are 1-of-6 on third down. Mannion has been sacked twice.

Minnesota will have the ball first to start the third quarter. The club will have to make a lot of adjustments to make it a more competitive second half.

32 responses to “Sunday Night Football: With Davante Adams’ 118 yards, Packers lead Vikings 20-3 at halftime

  1. Why is Mond not playing? If he plays bad it’s because he didn’t get 1st team reps and it’s freezing.. if he plays above average it’s a huge win and something to build on. No down side.

  2. Does this change the minds of Viking fans towards KC? This is your future. It’s not looking too bright!

  3. Sure says a lot about Mond if Mannion is still starting the second half. Yikes. I was optimistic about the Vikings surprising everyone but.. yikes. Hopefully things will look different by the start of the next season. Time for a change.

  4. I get protecting Mond since the Vikings are thinking this is a bad situation to throw him into – they’re playing the long game. I wonder how Zimmer and Spielman are feeling, since neither of them is likely to be around to see how he develops. Mond on the bench must be a call by Wilf.

  5. I am surprised that the Vikings can’t even move the ball on this crappy Packers defense. Looks like they’ve mailed it in for the season. As for the Packers, we’ve seen this before. The defense will cost them again in the playoffs.

  6. Why must the nation be subjected to these constant Packer blowout victories over awful division opponents?
    The games are never competitive.

  7. Zimmer is hilarious. He said the offensive failures aren’t on Mannion. That’s funny, I’ve never seen him let Kirk off the hook. Didn’t Kirk put up 34 points and a win against these guys?

  8. Does anyone really think Davante Adams is an elite WR? I don’t. If he wasn’t out there, some other scrub receiver would be having a big game. All Adams does is disappear in big games and drop passes in key moments.

  9. Vikings need to tell Cousins to hit the road. Because he is unvaccinated, he was more at risk to catch COVID. In their biggest game of the season, he was unavailable. He wouldn’t even be a team player and get the shot. He failed his team

  10. >> unknownvikingfan says: Mond must be a bust, according to our Viking fan logic. <<

    Ironically, any Viking fans still watching will get to see Love under Center before the night's over.

  11. I sure hope Zimmer’s handshake is more gracious than that time he shook LaFleur’s hand while running away from him. practically.

    But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s in that ballpark.

  12. Don’t feel bad Zimmer, if Lafleur didn’t have Rodgers at QB he’d be looking for a new job. And to think the little twirp thought he could win without Rodgers a couple years ago.

  13. Really trying to find the logic in announcers promoting AR for MVP. There are 10-12 teams that have scored more points, and have larger point differentials. AR falls short in most statistical categories by 15-20%. GB has won exactly one more game than two teams who have solid MVP candidates that are statistical leaders at their positions. GB backed into at least one win where neither team wanted to win the game.

  14. As this beat down takes place, the unvaccinated Kirk “Mr Team Guy” Cousins gets to stay at home and count his millions. Thanks Kirk.

  15. Love will have garbage time against Detroit…. the last time a Packer back up did that Seattle paid him 20 mil

  16. I predicted the exact score. I guess I shouldn’t have watched since I k ew the outcome.

  17. So LaFleur is a hack with a 39-9 record. Which is 20%+ better than Rodgers win % without LaFleur. But he owes it to Rodgers.

    And Adams isn’t elite. He just has elite numbers 4 seasons running. Only because of Rodgers.

    If this is the material you are left with, move on to your next hobby and save your “wisdom” for Tuesdays.

  18. Hands to face by Packer tackle on green bay’s 2nd 1st half td. No call. 2 plays later a ref picks up legitimate pi flag against green bay.

  19. Did the refs have anything to do with the way Dillon bulled through that soft defense, dragging defenders for td’s?

  20. Hands to face by Packer tackle on green bay’s 2nd 1st half td. No call. 2 plays later a ref picks up legitimate pi flag against green bay.
    Your Vikings suffer a 37-10 beat-down and that’s what you’ve got? Yeah, the refs sure cost the Vikings this game.

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