The 2022 Russell Wilson power play has unofficially begun

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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The game is afoot. Again.

That’s the best way to interpret a Sunday Splash! report regarding the situation in Seattle. On the surface, it looks like a fairly obvious exercise in dot collecting. At a deeper level, it’s hard not to read the item from Adam Schefter of as the opening move in a 2022 version of the chess match that Wilson ultimately lost in 2021.

Remember, it was Schefter to whom Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, released a stunning statement last year, after Wilson not-so-subtly aired grievances to Dan Patrick and sparked widespread talk of Wilson wanting out. Rodgers told Schefter, on the record, that Wilson wants to stay in Seattle, but that he’d waive his no-trade clause for the Raiders, Bears, Cowboys, or Saints. The all-in move supposedly sparked an effort by the Bears to wrest Wilson from the Seahawks, but Seattle held firm.

Similar reports already have emerged this year, regarding Wilson’s supposedly willingness to waive his no-trade clause again. As recently explained, however, it’s way too early to make those decisions. Coaching changes and other quarterback moves will close and open doors for Wilson. Indeed, whether the Seahawks keep coach Pete Carroll will become the first key decision point on the flow chart that will determine Wilson’s address in 2022.

For now, it’s obvious that something is going to happen. Or, more accurately, that Wilson and his agent want it to happen. “There is a league-wide feeling, according to sources, that Carroll and Wilson will not be together again next season,” Schefter writes.

That’s a loose and unconventional way to couch supposedly hard and clear news. Where does a “league-wide feeling” come from? And who are the “sources” that are privy to such universal observations?

To the extent that a “league-wide feeling” of a looming divorce between Wilson and Carroll currently exists, it comes from Wilson’s obvious discontent after a 12-4 season, coupled with the team’s significant regression in 2022. Carroll recently blamed the struggles on the finger injury that Wilson suffered in Week Five, which caused him to miss three games and to struggle (whether Wilson will admit it or not) after his return.

While somewhat subtle, the trail of breadcrumbs leading back to Camp Wilson appear in the absence of any acknowledgement in Schefter’s article that Wilson hasn’t been as good as he’s been in the past. Beyond the obvious fact that he doesn’t move like he once did, he had three glaring misfires in key moments of a Week 15 loss to the Rams, the defeat that sealed the team’s fate for 2021. Instead, all that appears in Schefter’s article regarding Wilson’s 2021 performance is this: “Wilson missed three games in October because of a finger injury but has been productive this season, completing 65% of his passes for 2,639 yards and 18 touchdowns with just five interceptions.”

The numbers show that he’s been productive. But he hasn’t been as productive as he once was. That will be a major factor in the final decision-making process. Will the Seahawks still want three first-round picks or more for a player who possibly is descending? Will teams with options elsewhere (such as Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson) not pursue Wilson as aggressively? And how will his performance in 2021 affect any trade negotiations in 2022?

Schefter’s article has that angle covered, too: “[T]here are some who believe Wilson’s next 10 years could [be] equally prolific — and he said this past week that he wants to win three more Super Bowls.”

Fine, but there are some who have questions as to whether Wilson is sliding, especially in comparison to younger quarterbacks who have raised the bar in recent years, from Patrick Mahomes to Lamar Jackson to Kyler Murray to Justin Herbert to Joe Burrow.

Regardless of where Russell Wilson currently ranks and where his career will go from here, Schefter’s report is a sign that the situation will soon be coming to a head once again. Or, more accurately, that Wilson and his agent will once again want it to come to a head — and that it will result this time in something other than one more year of Wilson and Carroll together in Seattle.

39 responses to “The 2022 Russell Wilson power play has unofficially begun

  1. In the end, Wilson will be the winner and the Seahawks will be on the decline. They could have struck while the iron was hot last year. Yet they continued with this flawed team design that gives up heaps of draft picks for marginal contribution. Also the division is on the ascent Good luck against SF, Rams and AZ next year. If you love something set it free. Just set Wilson free.

  2. Russell Wilson playing very much like Aaron Rodgers in 2017-18, when he was just checked out from being on Mike McCarthy’s stale system. Wilson’s heart just isn’t in it anymore in Seattle and in Carrol’s system. Put him in a better environment and he’ll be a Pro Bowl QB again.

  3. Wilson is not winning 3 more superbowls no matter what team he goes to.

    He get’s hit way to often and those hits have accumulated and can’t be undone. He will also want a salary cap crippling contract which will require the GM to hit on a high rate of draft picks because there won’t be much left for everyone else.

    He could go to a Denver broncos and maybe win 1 more but it won’t be long before they have to start shedding salary.

  4. Wilson throws a beautiful deep ball outside the numbers, but short and intermediate routes or over the middle? Not so much. And he certainly can’t perform those Houdini-esque escapes anymore. Any team that gives up multiple firsts will ultimately have buyer’s remorse.

  5. Quarterbacks are now using their leverage to go to a team that is ready to win, and bringing their friends with them. The NFL is going the direction of the NBA. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Oh well.

  6. Teams (except for the Texans) do not want to bring in these divisive, hyper-religious Evangelicals onto their teams. Over time… it ruins team chemistry, nobody sane wants to be around these people and anyone who believes this stuff would, by definition, have questionable leadership abilities.

    So, clearly, going to the Texans and that ownership group is what makes the most sense.

  7. I hope Pete Carroll really likes Baker Mayfield.I can almost picture a statue of Russell Wilson right next to Jim Brown.

  8. I mean… Great QBs do it on their own and Russell can’t do that. See Rodgers/Watson. I think he needs to be a finishing piece much like a Matthew Stafford

  9. Seattle spent their salary cap on superstar acquisitions,… instead of beefing up their offensive line,… which is their sore thumb.
    I can see where Wilson is dealt to Pittsburgh. His salary fits right in place from that of Big Ben who will retire.

  10. Time will tell. If Wilson lands with Sean Payton, I can see continued success.
    We’ll see if Wilson’s perceived weaknesses were due to (Carroll’s) system or the Seahawks struggles were due to Wilson’s (perceived) decline.

  11. I have him staying in Seattle only because they wont get anywhere near the picks they think they will. He has regressed a lot and if we can see it, GM’s sure have seen it and he may not be worth the problems he brings. Especially with some young studs in the draft again this year.
    I think Rodgers may be in the same boat, the price is to high for a couple of years out of him.

  12. To those folks who think a Watson Wilson trade will happen, please send me what you are smoking!

    The Texans want draft picks to build around, not a QB! The Texans will get at least 2 – 1st’s and 1 – 2nd for Watson, which will allow the Texans to address the OL, Edge Rusher, RB and CB in the 2022 draft.

    The Texans have their QB for next year in Davis Mills. Mills has played great for a 3rd round QB pick and has earned the right to start for the Texans next year. Mills is only 2nd to Mac Jones for QB’s drafted in 2021 and would be a top 10 pick in the 2022 draft. With a rebuilt OL, rookie RB, and a better defense the Texans will be able to evaluate Mills after next season. If needed they can address the QB situation in 2023 if Mills proves he is not the answer at QB for the Texans.

  13. The Seahawks have been holding this thing together with duct tape and chicken wire for a long time. As someone who lives in Washington, surrounded by Seahawk fans at all times, most 12s are in denial. Few fans around here are willing to accept that it’s over and time to move on. Seattle is 5 years behind the rest of the league in so many ways. Even with the 12-4 record last year it was clear that change was NEEDED. Full reset. Say goodbye to Pete. Say goodbye to Russ. You can absolutely still get two 1s PLUS for Russell Wilson. Get it done, bring in a bridge QB and rebuild the team from the inside out.

  14. I hate the Seahawks and pull for them to lose every game. That being said, Wilson is one hell of a QB and competitor. When he lands on another team and is killing it next year I am going to remember all of these posts saying how washed up Wilson is.

  15. I’d maybe give up one 1st rounder if i were a team like the Broncos or Saints only bc we see what having a limited QB does to those teams. They have talent but they’re .500 with their respective QBs. Russ with Payton has maybe a 2-3 year window that could potentially put the Saints in the Super Bowl. That’s worth it. That’s also assuming it all works out, which you never know.

  16. To me there is only a few teams that Wilson makes sense for right now! Saints, Steelers, then maybe Carolina or Denver! Don’t think he’s worth more than 1 one and 1 two though!

  17. I would guess that since the day Russell Wilson was drafted, only Tom Brady has won more NFL games. It’s a QB league, so that speaks volumes to anyone who’s interested in winning football games. Russ might be ready to move on from Seattle. Seattle might be ready to make wholesale changes to the entire organization. Either way, it’s been a very successful ride. It’s been a couple years since owner Paul Allen’s passing, so it’s possible there could be some changes coming. They might be thinking they’ve gone as far as they could go with the status quo, and I’m talking about the entire organization, not just Wilson.

  18. The Seahawks need a better offensive scheme and more pressure/talent from their defensive front. If they can do those things and keep Wilson at QB they will be a contender again.

  19. The power play is to get rid of Carroll

    I told Bob I couldn’t play for Bill anymore, he made his choice so now I’m in Tampa stacking up rings

  20. >> harrisbarton says: Wilson throws a beautiful deep ball outside the numbers, but short and intermediate routes or over the middle? Not so much. <<

    Kind of the way things go when a QB is 5'8".

  21. John Clayton says “This has been the most overrated story in my 50 years of covering the National Football League.” He doesn’t think Russell Wilson will be traded…but hey, he could be wrong…also….

    Russell Wilson won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year last year…so please don’t try to knock his character…also….

    There is a really good chance that Russell Wilson will be in the Hall of Fame…he has all the tools to continue to be a really good quarterback for the next few years, just look at how many fans are hoping he gets traded to their team….

  22. I don’t see Wilson going to Cleveland. Now that the Browns are out of the playoffs, Baker will have career performances for that last 2 games and they will give him a huge contract. That’s his M.O. for his entire career. Step up when it’s too late.

  23. Best landing spot for him would be the Saints. It’s a roster set for a Super bowl run with a top offensive guru coach, Top 5 defense, Top 5 RB Top tier WR and Top 5 OLine. There’s no team with all this talent eady to win. Couldn’t get any person closer to Drew Brees than him. Saints give up 2 1s and Bradley Roby.

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