Bruce Arians: Buccaneers will play to win, not rest starters

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets
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The Buccaneers know they will be at home in the first round of the playoffs regardless of what happens on Sunday, as they have already clinched the NFC South but have been eliminated from earning a bye week. That led to questions about whether they would rest Tom Brady and other key starters this week to make sure they’re fresh and healthy heading into the playoffs.

But Bucs coach Bruce Arians says that’s not under consideration.

“You play to win. You play to get the second seed, that’s huge. We’re not resting anybody. We’re playing to win,” Arians said.

There’s no real consensus around the NFL about whether it’s smarter to rest starters at the end of the season or play for the higher seed in the playoffs, but Arians doesn’t seem to have any doubt that he wants to win. The fans in Tampa Bay will cheer that on Sunday — unless an injury to Brady makes Arians regret his decision.

9 responses to “Bruce Arians: Buccaneers will play to win, not rest starters

  1. Conclusion : They will do anything or play anybody to win. They will deflate the football if that’s what Tom wants. Tom will expect every penalty to go his way and may make up new rules as the Buccaneers enter the play offs.

  2. I hope that this decision doesn’t backfire on Arians like the one he made to keep Antonio Brown. The Bucs are injury-riddled.

  3. I’ll never forget when Caldwell rested his starters when he was coaching the Colts. Could’ve had a perfect season.

  4. The Bucs are better off where they are now, looking at their probable opponents. They are injury-ridden. He is risking more injuries to his players.

  5. Getting the second seed ensure they will get home field in case #1 seed gets bounced in the playoff if Bucs can advance.

  6. That’s his way of telling Brady thanks for embarrassing the team by bringing in Antonio Brown.

  7. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    2007 giants quite possibly won the superbowl based on the momentum from their week 17 loss to the undefeated pats.

    The next year the Steelers won the superbowl after sitting out their starters for the second half of week 17.

    The bucs got pushed to the brink by the jets they probably feel they need to work on some things before playing the eagles or 49ers.

  8. Bucs missing 3 of 4 linebackers, 3 of 4 running backs, lost 2 of 3 WR’s, third has bad hamstring. The backups are alREADY playing

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