Bruce Arians denies that Antonio Brown said he was too injured to keep playing

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Initially, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians didn’t want to say anything more about receiver Antonio Brown than what Arians wanted to say. Arians has since said more, pushing the idea that he kicked Brown off the team after Brown refused repeatedly to re-enter Sunday’s game.

On Monday, Arians was asked about Brown’s reported belief that he couldn’t play due to his ankle injury.

I don’t know that he was [injured],” Arians told reporters, via Greg Auman of “It’s pretty obvious what happened. He left the field and that was it. . . . We had a conversation and he left the field.”

It’s obvious that Brown partially stripped out of his uniform and left the field. It’s not obvious what preceded it. If his ankle, which kept him from practicing on Thursday and Friday, was bothering him and if Arians didn’t want to hear it, that’s a different situation than if Arians ordered Brown to play and Brown refused for no reason.

Arians refused to get into the details of the conversation, other than to say that Brown didn’t say he was injured (according to Arians).

The Buccaneers presumably will release Brown at 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday. He’ll then pass through waivers. If he clears waivers, he’ll become a free agent.

62 responses to “Bruce Arians denies that Antonio Brown said he was too injured to keep playing

  1. You got Bruce Arians as your HC. Tom Brady as your QB. Yet you walk off the field and quit on the team? What stupid organization will even think about signing him?

  2. Arians was likely unhappy over the heat he took for brining Brown back, so passive aggressively resorted to harsh treatment of Brown, causing Brown’s predictable response. The “passive” part being his initial kowtowing to Brady the Golden Boy.

  3. when he was doing jumping jacks while leaving the field, he didn’t look injured

  4. Quite honestly, if Brown was on the game day roster, it was determined he was able to play, sore ankle or not. At this point in his career, nothing Brown says holds water with me. The guy is a whiney, spoiled, loose nut.

  5. I’m sure AB will claim it was his ankle regardless if it was hurting him or not…with that said he looked fine when he was doing his jumping jacks off the field

  6. This sounds more like Tom placed a call and now Bruce is backtracking. Eventually we’ll get a statement from Bruce saying it was all just a simple misunderstanding and AB is back, under the pretense of “we’ll do what’s best for our team.”

  7. In all my years I don’t think I’ve seen a coach basically boot a player off the team while on the sidelines. Good for you coach.

  8. Arians seems like a guy that would say one thing, when the other is true. Just sayin.

  9. Fool me once. Shame on…shame on you. Fool me…fool me…you can’t get fooled again.

  10. Yeah, that ankle looked like it was a real mess when he was doing his look at me calisthenics in the end zone on his way out.

  11. Well, the way he was bouncing around the end zone with his shirt off, didn’t look like he was too hurt to play.

  12. I’m sorry but most any other player I would believe. AB has had some serious issues with the truth lately.

  13. If ankle injury was the problem trainers and medical staff would have been aware of it. Coaching staff would then be advised.

  14. I didn’t know his Antonio Brown’s ankle was located inside his skull in-between his ears. If so, then yes, it was clearly not at 100%

  15. The truth usually can be found in the middle, but then again, we are talking about Antonio Brown.

  16. The ankle wasn’t the reason initially, but Brown will adopt that excuse now so that yet again “it’s not my fault.”

  17. and we’ll see if Brown’s antics will be rewarded with a roster spot elsewhere as its been previously

  18. This was about his use and snap count for his million dollar bonus he was looking to hit in Week 17 and 18. Of the 3 categories, all of em were easily attainable, but only if he got enough targets.

    It’s possible he wasn’t moving all that well on it, so Grayson and Johnson got more looks which ticked Brown off.

    This isn’t rocket science.

  19. If he clears waivers, who takes a chance on him? How many times can you roll Snake Eyes?

  20. I can’t believe anything that AB says, but at the same time I can’t believe anything Arians says either.

  21. If was so injured why was he doing jumping jacks in the end zone before he ran off the field? C’mon man.

  22. Even if…. There is a right way to approach business and a wrong way. AB definitely played his last down in the league on Sunday.

  23. silly argument from a player jogging around field and dancing in the end zone

    obviously – AB any agent are in damage control more

    it’s over.

  24. Considering the guy had no issue running off the field or doing jumping jacks in the end zone I’d say his ankle was fine.

  25. It’s funny how you are claiming that they purposely held out Brown to avoid paying incentives while simultaneously Brown refused to play because he was hurt!

  26. Ankle didn’t seem to bother Brown as he was jumping and running off the field and reportedly ran to a police car seeking a ride to the airport. Brown is a circus. He’s toxic and it appears he may have mental issues. No team should touch him moving forward and I hope he gets help.

  27. Arians should just apologize for not taking the opportunity to cut him after the suspension. He put wins about principle and has egg on his face.

  28. BA is a much more credible person than AB (fake vax card, multiple failures to pay people he employed, etc.), so I’m going to go with BA on this.

  29. If a player is actually injured, wouldn’t they revert to IR until an injury settlement is worked out? Just asking.

  30. oh please bruce you’re full of it. coaches make players play hurt all the time – AB put his foot down in this instance.

  31. for all the graduates of the jerry jones school of orthopedics on here, doing a few jumping jacks whilst running at quarter speed is a lot different than being able to effectively plant and cut whilst running at full speed.

  32. Do the Packers take a flyer on AB for the postseason to take some of the pressure off of Adams and give A-Aron another weapon to massage his ego?

    Probably not.

  33. Is it possible some team puts in a claim??? Initially I’d say no but he is still talented and you’d think one of these playoff teams with a need at WR might want to cross their fingers and give it a go. Packers? Cowboys after losing Gallup? Eagles? Titans?

    Like a train wreck, I don’t want to see and I hope it doesn’t happen but I’ll watch every second of it.

  34. His ankle looked fine when he was doing jumping jacks in the end zone just before bolting to the locker room.

  35. I heard that Brown cried to Brady about Gronk getting too many targets and Brady gave him a smart comment back and that made him snap and not want to go back in the game.

  36. A team trying to make noise in the playoffs might take a chance like Philly or Oakland since Gruden is gone.

  37. Arians and the Bucs took a calculated risk when they gave AB another chance and it didn’t work out too well did it.

  38. I am going with the more probable.. he did not like the plays being called because he was not the number one look (and his contract is very incentive based), as far as his tantrum (and history of erratic behavior over the last couple years) .. he needs to be looked at for a TBI

  39. I’m not a big fan of Arians – being very familiar with Antonio’s history he is not deserving of the benefit of the doubt- I believe Arians here 100%

  40. Mike Evans was out there playing at 75% with a bad hamstring, didn’t see him complaining

  41. I’m confused my some of these comments. People actually believe BA is a good coach? That’s funny.

  42. Not so fast on this melt down. People vouched for Brown =Brady and Arians. The two have to accept part of the blame for this embarrassment to the team and the league . I would rather see them acknowledge they wanted to win at any cost and decided to gamble by allowing Brown back and playing.

  43. His ankle was too sore to play? Funny but he sure seemed to dance around on the field pretty easily while stripping off his team jersey. I didn’t notice any limp or favoring of one ankle or the other. His facial expressions didn’t seem to indicate any pain. What are we missing here?

  44. Cole Beasley played a playoff game with what, a separated shoulder? The history of football is men overcoming pain in order to play on Sunday

  45. disappointed he passed on the opportunity to play hide-n-seek in the blue tent on national tv

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