Buccaneers did not cut Antonio Brown today

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets
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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said after Sunday’s game that Antonio Brown is “no longer a Buc.” But officially, he is.

The Buccaneers did not cut Brown today and there are ongoing discussions with the NFL about how to handle the matter, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

It’s possible that the team would prefer that Brown be suspended, rather than released, for taking off his jersey and walking off the field during Sunday’s game against the Jets.

If Brown does get cut, he would go on waivers, where the 31 other teams would have the opportunity to claim him. If he passed through waivers, he would then become an unrestricted free agent, and a team could sign him for the final game of the regular season and the postseason.

Arians made clear that Brown is done playing for the Buccaneers, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll have the opportunity to catch on with someone else in the coming weeks, and whether any team would want the talented but troubled Brown if he becomes available.

54 responses to “Buccaneers did not cut Antonio Brown today

  1. Stars get infinite second chances. Scrubs get made into examples. Double standard anyone?

  2. I’d be shocked if the NFL allowed him to play again this year.

    he’s obviously got issues

  3. Suspending him sends the wrong message to his teammates but a playoff team could claim him …

  4. The stench of Brown will cause the Bucs to implode. Hoping at some point in post season that the Bucs have to go to Lambeau and Rodgers hangs 50 on them.

  5. If Antonio had thoughts of the Hall of Fame that is gone now…..maybe the Hall of Shame.

  6. League rules state that a team cannot keep a player away that is healthy. If the bucs try he should file a grievance.

  7. AB is Brady’s security blanket, I wouldn’t be shocked if Arians changes his mind.

  8. I hope, whatever is going on, that the Buccaneers don’t relent and let him play for the team again.

  9. I think there may be other issues. If as has been reported, Ariens ordered AB into the game when AB said he couldn’t because of his ankle, and then Ariel’s cuts him on the spot because of it, the Bucs could be in legal trouble.

    AB missed the last two days of practice because of the ankle so even though the injury may be minor, that is always up to the player.

  10. Sorry everyone, but if we can soften things over, Brady and Brown and coach Arians all come out holding hands or kneeling next Sunday, and we get back to the SUperbowl then GOOD GOOD GOOD.

    We need Brown more than ever, get him mental health, anxiety, medication, interviews with Pat Mcafee just postpone it for several more weeks.

  11. Chiefs booted Kareem Hunt despite his huge upside. Meanwhile Brown publicly humiliated the Bucs and its “well, hold on a second… He needs so much help we should prevent him from playing elsewhere and making us look even worse…”

  12. Roster moves aren’t made during press conferences. Roster moves are submitted to the league by the team’s General Manager. Arians was basically saying Brown walked away and is no longer part of the team. But the official roster moves will be done per league rules, and probably with the Bucs’ best interest in mind.

  13. They’re not going to let him go to a competitor and have to face him in the playoffs. The smart move is to suspend him.

  14. This is a corporate issue now….the NFL not just the Bucs….conduct detremental to the League…..direct insubordination and banned

  15. Smart move to not cut him. We all know Mr. Rodgers would have a temper tantrum until Gute signed A.B.

  16. I read somewhere now BA said its up to the GM we all know why he wasn’t cut Because Tommy said no what do you think Ab has on Tommy

  17. It’s not about Brady. Bucs don’t want to release Brown & have some playoff team pick him up to shred the Bucs when they play against him.

    They’ll wait until after the SB to release him.

  18. It’s a TRAP! says:
    January 3, 2022 at 6:05 pm
    League rules state that a team cannot keep a player away that is healthy. If the bucs try he should file a grievance.
    Thats just it though, he obviously isn’t mentally healthy.

  19. Bucs don’t want another team they might have to play in the playoffs picking up. That’s an easy one but he won’t be back in Tampa unless he gives a full heartfelt apology to Arians and the team.
    I think Arians would accept that at Brady’s request.

  20. I am amazed at how many comments says Brady is making the personal decisions. BA really thinks he is leading the team. Talk a big game and is just a clown. The Bucs were mediocre until the bye week last year when coach Brady to BA need to stop long passes and work in something a bit short passing attack.

  21. The fact that anyone here thinks another playoff team would sign him after what he pulled yesterday is laughable! Much less teams like the Packers, Chiefs, or even the Cowboys!

    Hrmm… Maybe Oakland.

  22. No chance they cut him before the playoffs are over. They will suspend and hold him so no other team picks him up.

  23. Years ago I played for a mediocre high school football team. One day, the coach saw two guys not paying attention during a chalk talk. He told one he wasn’t making the trip to the game this week. He said to the other, “If you weren’t first string, you wouldn’t be going either.” Key lesson for the game of life.

  24. This is not a Brady wants him thing, it is a don’t give another team weapon to hurt you logical outcome.

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