Joe Burrow makes a late charge at MVP

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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Every week, the MVP odds shift and change. And while Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be strengthening his position after his team clinched the No. 1 seed in the NFC on Sunday night, an intriguing option is emerging.

Yes, PointsBet has Rodgers as the clear favorite at -400. But Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has improved to +1000. (Tom Brady sits at +600.)

Who not put Burrow’s name on the ballot (even if his name came off his jersey on Sunday against the Chiefs)? He led the Bengals from worst to first after a season that was derailed by a torn ACL that he suffered last November. He won a much tougher division than the NFC North, arguably the worst in football (but for the presence of the Packers). He swept the Steelers, the Ravens. He beat the Chiefs. (Rodgers wasn’t available for his team’s game against Kansas City.)

Burrow has 4,611 passing yards. He’s averaging 8.9 yards per attempt. His passer rating of 108.3 is better than Tom Brady’s (100.5) and not far behind Rodgers’s (111.1).

That said, Rodgers and the Packers beat Burrow and the Bengals, 25-22 in overtime. Back in Week Five. A game that seemingly neither team wanted to win.

While Rodgers likely will win the award (woke mob notwithstanding), Burrow deserves to at least be in the conversation. In the coming years, the conversation will be starting with Burrow.

But if the voters decide to shun Rodgers for lying about being vaccinated so that he could conduct press conferences without wearing a mask, Burrow provides a nice alternative. As does Brady.

Still, Rodgers likely will be the MVP. And that likely won’t stop him from whining about being canceled, even though no one is trying to cancel him.

19 responses to “Joe Burrow makes a late charge at MVP

  1. Here’s a Bengals fan’s perspective. I’ve followed them since they were founded in 1968 and I can say without hesitation that no one player has remotely made the kind of difference that Burrow has made here, from his actual performance and his effect on everyone’s belief that they can actually win. So far he’s managed this despite a devastating knee injury and a very shaky O-Line and one wonders what he’ll be like once the line inevitably improves; but does anyone doubt that he’s the reason? The situation reminds me of Peyton Manning and the Colts; after one bad season of adjusting, he made them capable of winning every game he played in (which was pretty apparent when he was injured and he was the only player missing). Rodgers does that too for the Packers, but he followed Favre who had them in a great place. Burrow belongs in every MVP conversation going forward because he’s one of the handful of irreplacable players on any team.

  2. Burrow should win it just as he should have won AFC Player of the Month. He probably won’t get the MVP nod he earned.

  3. Burrow is the truest thing to a MVP. He took the Bengals to the playoffs and a division title in 2 years with the worst Oline in the league. He’s that guy.

  4. What he’s been able to accomplish is nothing short of astonishing. Playing as he has while getting wrecked behind that online is amazing. Look at the stats. There hasn’t been a better qb in the league over the second half of the season, and as the stakes get higher and higher, he continues to elevate his play. Burrow for MVP.

  5. It appears Burrow believes he’s the best player on the field every game he plays. Very very soon that will be fact

  6. Normally the MVP is a door prize for a player who is not scheduled to win the Super Bowl. For the first time in the Goodell era, Tom Brady will win MVP as well as the Super Bowl. First time since Kurt Warner in 1999. Bucs v. Raiders in SB

  7. Burrow has been very good but without Rodgers that Packers are maybe a 500 team (this is almost every year too). He has no line and just destroys D’s. I am not a Pack or Rodgers fan whatsoever but the guy is great.

  8. Rodgers over the last 4 years has thrown 134 tds and 15 interceptions. That is an insane stat. This year he is 35 tds 4 ints. Burrow is 34 tds 14 ints. Sorry but not close. Rodgers is the MVP.

  9. tazdev1 says:
    January 3, 2022 at 11:58 am
    Burrow has been very good but without Rodgers that Packers are maybe a 500 team (this is almost every year too). He has no line and just destroys D’s. I am not a Pack or Rodgers fan whatsoever but the guy is great.

    Without Burrow, the Bengals are a 2-15 or a 3-14 team. He won’t win MVP, but he is the literal definition of most valuable player.

  10. I think he’ll be in the mix next year if he stays healthy. It’s too early for him, and he’s had some weirdly bad games this season.

  11. Rodgers, MVP. LaFleur, COY. LaFleur deserved it for each of the last two years as well.

  12. Burrow threw 10 more picks, but also 634 more yards on the same amount of attempts, with a better comp% and YPA in a tougher division and didn’t miss a game. Sounds more valuable to me.

  13. If that young core stays together, and healthy, Burrow could be counting the hardware that REALLY counts..

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