Justin Herbert: “Special” to set Chargers TD record, but we’re not done yet

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Justin Herbert didn’t need much time to put his name into the Chargers record book.

Herbert threw two touchdowns in Sunday’s rout of the Broncos and that gave him a franchise-record 35 touchdown passes on the season. Philip Rivers had the previous record with 34 touchdowns in 2008 and Dan Fouts was just behind him with the 33 touchdowns he threw during the 1981 season, but they’re now looking up at a player who grew up rooting for the team he’s now quarterbacking.

“I think it’s special because I was a Chargers fan growing up,” Herbert said, via the team’s website. “I knew about all of those guys. I watched them all. They’re football legends. To be able to be even in the same conversation with them is a huge honor. We’re not done yet. We still have a big game coming up on Sunday. We’re going to need to have a good week of practice heading into it.”

Herbert and the Chargers will close out the 2022 season next Sunday night against the Raiders in a game that will send the winner to the playoffs. Herbert adding to his franchise record would be a good thing for the Chargers’ bid for that spot.

8 responses to “Justin Herbert: “Special” to set Chargers TD record, but we’re not done yet

  1. You’re right Herbert… you’re not done yet. You’ll be done next week. Go Raiders.

  2. The Chargers is pretty bad, not that the Raiders D is good. But, gotta give the edge to the Raiders in that one.

  3. Justin Herbert is what media THOUGHT Trevor Lawrence was going to be. Sorry TL fans… #bust

  4. Yes Mr. Herbert, you are done. You aint gonna beat the silver and black on sunday night when the lights of Vegas shine brightest!

  5. “grudengrinder”? You’re PROUD of that. Nate Hobbs’ DUI probably means he’s out Sunday and we’re in for the win.

    By the way, “You’re welcome” for Denzel Perryman, Casey Hayward, Darious Philon and Gus Bradley.

  6. Can’t call Trevor “Forever” Lawrence of Arabia a bust yet. Bad coaching, early losses of DJ Chark and Travis Ettiene and a bad OL hindered him.

    But Justin Herbert IS the best player in The League, as Jimmy Johnson said a few weeks ago. Factoring in his 23 year old youth, extreme production (among greatest TDs, 300 yard games, completions, passing yards for 2d year OB) and the Chargers have THE top player in The League.

    Last year, ESPN ran a thought experiment that had the Chargers trade Herbie + Derwin (!) for Lawrence. Ridiculous!

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