Matt Nagy hopes Justin Fields is well enough to start in finale

New York Giants v Chicago Bears
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The Bears will close out the season against the Vikings in Week 18 and head coach Matt Nagy would like to have rookie quarterback Justin Fields on the field for that game.

Fields has missed the last two games with an ankle injury, but was able to practice on a limited basis all of last week before being deactivated for Chicago’s rout of the Giants. On Monday, Nagy told reporters that he’s hopeful Fields’ condition will improve enough for him to close out his rookie season on the field.

“He’s put a lot of time and effort into this year. Into developing and becoming better as a quarterback. What this will enable him to do is finish on a high note,” Nagy said, via Sean Hammond of Shaw Local News.

Whatever happens this week, Fields will remain a big part of the future for the Bears. Nagy’s outlook is far less certain as he nears the end of his fourth season in Chicago, although it seems we’ll be waiting until after the finale to find out the Bears’ plans for their head coaching job.

11 responses to “Matt Nagy hopes Justin Fields is well enough to start in finale

  1. What is the story on Foles vs. Dalton? In any case Fields will be around next season but not both Foles and Dalton.

  2. Coach Nagy has way more confidence in Justin Fields than Coach Zimmer is willing to show in Kellen Mond.

  3. Personally I’d prefer he sit it out Sunday. That Bears O Line isn’t gonna get any better until the offseason and the Vikings defensive players will be auditioning for their next coach.

  4. I find it amazing they are still playing hard for this coach. Certainly paints the “fire Nagy” crowd in a different light. Giants aren’t playing for their coach anymore and the Jags gave up on theirs… Maybe Nagy isn’t that bad?

  5. This game is so pointless both teams are better off just not playing it. No one will notice anyways.

  6. Better chance of a win with Dalton in there but I guess at this point they’re playing more for draft position!

  7. As a Vikings fan, please put your best players in, we need to improve our draft position

  8. GoodellMustGo says:
    January 3, 2022 at 2:07 pm
    We’ll find out how good Fields really is with a decent coach.

    You have to get a decent coach first and that’s one thing that’s a hell of a lot harder than finding a franchise QB!

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