Raiders’ Nate Hobbs arrested for DUI

Washington Football Team v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders rookie cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested early this morning for driving under the influence.

Las Vegas police released a statement saying that they received a call about a driver asleep inside a parked vehicle, and that Hobbs was booked for misdemeanor DUI after failing a field sobriety test.

“The Raiders are aware of the incident involving Nate Hobbs,” the team said in a statement. “The organization has been in communication with local law enforcement and is in the process of gathering more information. We will have no further comment at this time.”

Hobbs’ arrest comes just months after a woman was killed in a crash that resulted in another Raiders player, Henry Ruggs, being charged with DUI. Ruggs was cut by the team, his NFL career has likely ended, and he is facing the potential of a lengthy prison sentence. It’s stunning that anyone associated with the Raiders would drive drunk after witnessing all that first-hand, but that’s what Hobbs is accused of doing.

39 responses to “Raiders’ Nate Hobbs arrested for DUI

  1. I expect a quick reunion between Antonio Brown and the Las Vegas Raiders quickly…….

  2. Welp, so much for my Raiders making playoffs. This kid was playing fabulous, dummy.

  3. If only he had some close example of how drinking and driving was bad…. It’s sad, but it happens every day and everywhere…. No matter how many people are killed.

  4. Geesus. Not again. At least no one else was involved. The last thing we need is more distractions before our biggest game of the year. Hobbs should know better.

  5. The lessons NOT learned in the Raiders locker room by some of the tragedies this year is staggering to me.

  6. The Raiders are having the strangest of years. Considering all they have gone through there has been some really inspiring stuff – heck they’re still in it. But OMG their problems are so self-inflicted!

  7. I know they have alcohol and bars in every city, but there must be something about Vegas…

  8. Crazy. And here I thought Vegas would be a terrific place to put a bunch of millionaires with a lot of time on their hands.

  9. If I had the millions these guys have I would never go anywhere without my chauffeur.

  10. -give young men millions of dollars
    -go to play/live in Las Vegas of all places

    What could possibly go wrong?

  11. Call me crazy, but maybe he didn’t drive at all and was trying to sleep it off in his parked car…?

  12. My first thought was thank god he had the sense Not to drive. But thsts just my opinion.

  13. Sleeping in a car should not be DWI, car was not being driven.

    Charging people for DWI when they are parked is wrong

  14. It is not stunning when an alcoholic drives drunk and gets a DUI. It is stunning when they do not.

  15. Just put, no driving period in their contracts. Keeps them from wasting money on flashy cars and keeps them from getting DUIs.

  16. DUI should be a felony.’ the same as waving a loaded gun in a crowd.The problem is America has way to many addicts. No one cares until their family member is killed. Then you want to breakout the t-shirt with a picture and candles. This young man is lucky he got arrested. May have saved his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Right now, all we know from this article is he was found sleeping (drunk) inside a parked car. That’s not enough information to try him and find him guilty imho. Isn’t it innocent until proven guilty…

  18. I agree with a number of posters who have pointed out that all we know is he was found “sleeping” drunk in a parked car. How does that warrant a DUI charge? Doesn’t the D in DUI stand for driving?

  19. Nearly all state laws state that if you are over, ie 08, you can be parked, motor off but if the key is in the ignition, DUI time baby! Raider fans should know this already.

  20. Key is in the ignition? Most newer cars do not need keys in the ignition to run. What then?

  21. The laws for DUI state that if you are behind the wheel and keys are in the ingition, it is considered DUI regardless if you are actually driving or not. You can argue that it’s a stupid law but it is the law.

    Besides all the ride services like Uber and Lyft, NFL also offers car services to players without repercussions, if the player feels he is incapable of driving. Bottom line, Hobbs made s stupid mistake!

  22. just a bit of reality says they was celebrating the win. im quite sure he wasnt the only raider there. he got into his car and quickly realized he wasnt in shape to drive so he pulled it over BEFORE leaving the parking garage and went to sleep. i’m quite sure henry ruggs would be saying…i sure wish i had the sense that nate did… FINE HIM AND BE DONE WITH IT. if the raiders would release him he will be on another team tonite…

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