Report: No consideration of NFL discipline for Antonio Brown

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The Buccaneers are done with receiver Antonio Brown. Unless they aren’t.

As ESPN reported earlier today, the Buccaneers didn’t release Brown today, due to “ongoing discussions” with the league regarding “how to move ahead.”

Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, there is no consideration of league-imposed discipline for Brown as a result of Sunday’s incident. Instead, the Buccaneers and the league are discussing the “procedural steps” and the “designation” that the team will use on Brown.

On one hand, the Bucs could be concerned about waiving a player while injured — even though coach Bruce Arians claims he didn’t know Brown refused to re-enter the game due to injury. (Brown had been listed as questionable on the Week 17 injury report, with an ankle problem.) On the other hand, the Bucs could be looking for a way to not have their cake and not let anyone else eat it, keeping Brown off the roster while also not having to worry about him resurfacing with another contender.

If Brown were to be released, he’d be subject to waivers. Anyone could claim his contract for Week 18, even teams that aren’t contenders. (The Steelers could do a spite-claim, as could the Raiders or the Patriots.) If he clears waivers, he can sign with any team. The Chiefs, Packers, and Rams are the teams I’d be watching most closely.

The Buccaneers, as we mentioned last night, could choose to suspend Brown four games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. That would keep him from landing elsewhere, with the Buccaneers having to make a move not sooner than the days following championship weekend.

If the Bucs are truly done with Brown, they should just let him go. But they’re also trying to win another Super Bowl. And if Brown ends up helping another team keep that from happening for Tampa Bay, someone would have some explaining to do to the de facto owner of the team. You know, the guy who wears number 12.

34 responses to “Report: No consideration of NFL discipline for Antonio Brown

  1. And so it begins. Every news outlet said he would never get another chance and his career was very likely over. Nope. He can still catch a football and he didn’t even break any laws this time. His next chance will come far too soon

  2. The Bucs don’t have to do anything. Winning solves everything. We’ll see who’s changing their minds when they repeat with Brady.

  3. Anyone who has been fined over shirts or cleats or socks should immediately sue the league.

    CeeDee Lamb has been fined over $20,000 for not having his shirt tucked in. AB definately did not have his shirt tucked in yesterday among other clothing violations.

  4. Hope its a misunderstanding and he gets to keep playing in Tampa. Cooler heads needs to prevail here.

  5. Multiple Uniform Violations, throwing things into stands, taunting, improper celebration in end zone during play, On field during active play without helmet on

    Players are fined for petty things but he can get away behavior never seen before?

  6. AB would have been better off to never have touched a football and all that money The man has to suffer much beyond our understanding.

  7. I believe that it is the League that need to boldly say theat AB’s conduct was and remains detrimental to the game. A five-year suspension should do it.

  8. For crying out loud,just cut the guy and be done with it. The Bucs need to move on now and make a plan for the playoffs. They have Brate and OJ that should be on the field the same time Gronk is on.

  9. Maybe AB will be forced to start his own company and several of his customers will receive services and then refuse to pay..
    =poetic justice

  10. The league is correct in doing nothing. You’re allowed to quit your job. That’s AB’s prerogative, no matter how crazy he is.

    It’s a Bucs issue and their decision on how to handle. Suspending without pay seems like the no brainer solution if you don’t want him on your team and don’t want your competition to sign him either.

    The fact that they haven’t done that yet speaks volumes. What are the odds Brady convinces BA to give AB just one more chance? With Godwin out, they need him. I wouldn’t be shocked.

  11. Repeat??? Brady got shut out by Saints and was given the game in hand by Jets coaches. Yeah, everyone is terrified of this team.

  12. Goodell is a cheater.

    He forced NE to cut him after just 1 game and his mental instability is way worse now.

  13. Couldn’t they just keep him on the roster and suspend him a number of games (without pay)? That way he’s not part of the team but can’t join any other team for the playoffs.

  14. “Repeat??? Brady got shut out by Saints and was given the game in hand by Jets coaches.” Yeah, because it’s not like the Saints swept them last season or back in 2002, right? Wait, yes they did. It means nothing. All of you will be gone when they win another one.

  15. If AB says he was hurt. Which makes sense because he had an easily obtainable incentives to get for another million.

    And Bruce fired him on the sidelines for refusing to play while injured. Then he returned buccaneers equipment, then waved goodbye and calmly left the work site? What did he do wrong?

    If I was Bruce Arians I would be worried,

    Bruce could lose the locker room.

    He obviously did not care about the health of his player.

  16. carloswlassiter says:
    January 3, 2022 at 7:15 pm
    There is no way anyone else is claiming this guy.
    I’m hoping. But Michael Gallup just went out for the Cowboys. Josh Gordon and Odell Beckham have gotten second chances this year, though it didn’t take Gordon long to revert to form. It only takes one desperate team to sign AB for a month.

  17. It would be challenging for any receive to contribute to a playoff team this late in the season. That’s before consider taking on someone like Antonio Brown. Maybe someone would have done it after the fake vaccination card, but not now.

  18. Injured? Give me a break. He wasn’t being checked by any of the medical staff while on the sidelines, so he obviously didn’t report his alleged injury. He then proceeded to do jumping jacks on the field during his exit. AB wasn’t hurt, he’s just facing the consequences of his actions and trying to play the victim.

  19. I’m confused. What did he do wrong? Unless the reports of what happened are wrong, he told the team he was to injured to play, the coaches told him to play anyway (which should probably lead to some suspension of coaches, player safety and all) then he was told to leave the sideline and that he couldn’t be part of the team. Honestly, other than removing the gear, he actually did exactly what he was told to do. I think people are making way to much out of the removal of the jersey. It’s just not that deep.

    I’m much more concerned in the era of player safety of coaches basically giving a player who says they are hurt (whether they are or not doesn’t matter unless x-ray equipment on the sidelines, you really don’t know) an ultimatum to play or be tossed and cut. That’s a big problem.. I kinda think BA should be suspended. He got lucky brown took his shirt off because it’s distracted from his actions, which imo are much worse than taking off a shirt.

  20. There are Pop Warner players with more emotional maturity than AB will ever have. The NFL still frets over whether a player’s socks are pulled up or not, but an idiot ripping off his equipment on field, during a game, and storming off faces no discipline.

  21. Goodell’s continuation of a double standard is undeniably evident, the man is a coward.
    He doesn’t want to upset #12.

  22. Unfortunately Brown will be back for the playoffs and you can tell because Goodell and the NFL are silent, the Buc’s players are empathetic towards AB given their playoff situation, and it seems that everyone from Brady on up the food chain to ownership are running the show, not coach Arians.
    If Brown was faking an ankle injury or actually hurt, Bruce Arians has no right to basically fire Brown on the spot on the sidelines and then expect him to go sit on the bench and wait for the game to end like a good little boy. I’m not apologizing for AB’s actions or how he handled himself, but given the situation, you all took a chance on the guy and you are lucky all you got was embarrassed and a peace out while he jogs off the field shirtless like a nut.

  23. Yall really believe AB was too hurt to play? Dude looked just fine breaking ankles in the game. Looked just fine sprinting off the field. Looked fine doing jumping jacks in the end zone.

    Arians said there was never a discussion about his injury on the sidelines.
    AB claims there was.

    Yall really gonna take ABs word for it over Arians with THAT kind of track record?

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