Zac Taylor on Ja’marr Chase’s three touchdowns: That’s why we picked him

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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Wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase made the Bengals look smart for taking him fifth overall in this year’s draft long before Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, but his performance put quite a bit of icing on that cake.

Chase had 11 catches for 266 yards and three touchdowns as the Bengals climbed out of an early deficit and clinched the AFC North title with a 34-31 home win. He set records for the most receiving yards in a single game by a rookie and by anyone in Bengals history and his 1,429 receiving yards on the season are the most by any rookie in NFL history.

He’ll become the single season receiving yards leader for the Bengals with 12 yards in Week 18 and it’s hard to draw up a rookie season going any better than the one Chase has put together. After the game, Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said the performance was just what the Bengals were looking for when they paired Chase with quarterback Joe Burrow.

“That’s why we picked him,” Taylor said, via the team’s website. “The chemistry that he and Joe have together has probably helped accelerate his performance. He’s a great player for any team, but I think that certainly helps. The plays he made today, I cannot wait to watch them.”

Chase called himself “excited but overwhelmed” by all that went on Sunday, which makes sense since he’s been exciting the Bengals and overwhelming the opposition since hitting the field this season.

16 responses to “Zac Taylor on Ja’marr Chase’s three touchdowns: That’s why we picked him

  1. Chase is the OROTY. Any other selection would be placating to the default selection of the QB position.

    Also, Burrow wasn’t selected for the pro bowl. Let’s look at his numbers, versus who was.

  2. AFC north Champs. Something the Browns will never get..Lol!
    6 years later but it’s all about the present

  3. Seems like a lifetime ago when Chase was dropping passes in training camp and everyone was screaming bust

  4. Glad they stuck to their plan and picked him instead of letting everyone force them to pick Penei Sewell.

  5. Goes to show you what happens in the preseason doesn’t translate to what is going to happen in the regular season. All we heard about during the preseason was how many balls he was dropping.

  6. The champion on almost EVER fantasy football winning championship this year!!!! Great job.

  7. Glad they stuck to their plan and picked him instead of letting everyone force them to pick Penei Sewell

    To be fair Sewell made more sense at the time especially when burrow tore his ACL and Boyd and Higgins are both good WRs. Chase was a massive success at BPA

  8. What a season for Chase!!

    Even as a Patriots fan, Ja’Marr should be a certainty or OROY.

  9. 3rd and 27… Please someone hire Spagnola as a HC. We don’t even like him as a DC in KC. Cinci embarrassed his unit and goes to show KC’s schedule was more the reason for their defensive success. That all said, Burrow and Chase are quite the duo.

  10. Chase is an absolute freak show. Bengals hold a special place in this Bills fans heart for ending our drought but Joe Burrow and Dirty Boys are my #2 team.

  11. ksiner46 says:
    January 3, 2022 at 12:38 pm
    So how come it’s his LSU teammate with the single season rookie receiving record?
    I think you need to go re-check those numbers again. That record belongs to Chase now.

  12. Whoever gets OROY, Chase, Pitts and Jones are all looking like they’ll be perennial All-Pros at the head of a really strong rookie class, maybe the best there has been in quite some time.

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