Baker Mayfield out this week, will have shoulder surgery ASAP

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said on Monday night that he will have surgery on his left shoulder and indicated that he could have it before the team finishes out the season against the Bengals on Sunday.

The date of Mayfield’s surgery hasn’t been revealed, but he won’t be playing on Sunday. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski told reporters on Tuesday that Mayfield will not play in the finale and will have the operation as soon as possible.

Mayfield has played through the injury for most of the season and he wore a harness in order to remain on the field. Stefanski said both the team and Mayfield were involved in the decision to end his season now and begin the process of getting ready for his fifth NFL season.

That’s the final season of Mayfield’s rookie contract and his future with the organization will be a talking point around Cleveland this offseason.

44 responses to “Baker Mayfield out this week, will have shoulder surgery ASAP

  1. The way Baker was playing he should have had the surgery weeks ago. Now he’ll go into the last year of his contract with his long term future very much in doubt.

  2. The Browns are actually doing something right, in my opinion, by allowing Baker to go into the final year of his rookie deal. He’s been inconsistent and, considering that the Bengals have Burrow and the Ravens have Lamar, they need a more consistent QB to compete in the AFC North.

  3. Why did they let an injured Mayfield play in a game that had no meaning whatsoever? The Steelers sacked Mayfield 9 times on Monday night……and he landed on that injured shoulder on most of those sacks.

  4. Cleveland has already picked up his 5th year option. So they have him for the 2022 season. They can always tag him after that.
    He is not worth the big contract.

  5. Should have had him get the surgery months ago and rolled the dice with Keenum for the rest of the season. The record would be as good as if not better than playing Mayfield injured half the year.

  6. Much respect for Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold for their toughness and team-first seriousness for playing when they shouldn’t {Darnold played with a busted throwing shoulder}. Best wishes to Mayfield with his surgery, rehabilitation, and preparation for next season.

  7. I think its safe to say Mayfield is a bust. Time to move on from him. He is worse than Goff.

  8. Why Stefanski stuck with an injury-riddled QB is really mind boggling. When Mayfield did sit, Keenum started that one game and the whole team came to life. They won the game, too. Letting Mayfield start all of those games while having poor throwing accuracy cost them a playoff spot. Just doesn’t make any sense.

  9. While already having a bad shoulder I noticed on a run By Baker last night he lowered the bad shoulder into a defender. I think he has to know the difference between what’s tough and what is smart. That certainly wasn’t smart.

  10. Stefanski doomed this team by playing an injured, ineffective Baker week in and week out. Coach must be blind for tolerating such horrible QB play.

  11. Although Mayfield is a number two at best his receviers don’t help the cause with all the dropped passes. Cleveland needs to trade this dude for a fourth rounder. While getting the shoulder done they should also stretch him out by another five inches so he can at least through above the O and D lines.

  12. He’s a back up quarterback at best, who doesn’t run the plays. He thinks he’s way more athletic than he is. Next

  13. I hope he gets healthy for next year. Baker Mayfield has had a bad year no doubt, but he’s not a bad quarterback. In fact, he’s extremely talented. If he’s not back with the Browns next year, somebody is going to get a good quarterback. Best of luck to him.

  14. This gives Mayfield a chance to be the Browns QB next year.If he’d have played this Sunday it would have gotten ugly and the fans would let him know it was over.

  15. BB always attacks opponents weakness (latest example, Buffalo…he ran it 100 times). What does KS do? Lets try passing…well, when BM stunk, Pittsburgh loaded the box, and said BM could not beat them. Smart coaching on the other side

    We wasted a good defensive effort…ARRRGGGGGHHH

  16. The shame is that they kept playing Mayfield when he was just terrible. Case Keenum would have given them a better chance. Stefanski should have known that, as he has seen Keenum play well. Why invest in a top backup if you won’t use him when the starter is just a shell of himself?

  17. Get well soon Baker. Life Long Browns fans here so I am a subject matter expert on bad quarterback play. You are not in that group. Not even close. 2019 was not a fluke in my opinion. It would be a shame to not give you an opportunity to prove me right.

  18. Get ahead on your post surgery meds Baker.
    I’ve had that surgery twice and when the nerve block wears off………
    It’s like someone took a chain saw to your shoulder.

  19. Get the surgery, heal quickly and get out of Cleveland. It’s over in The Dog Pound. Who are we kidding!?

  20. gdive says:
    January 4, 2022 at 1:52 pm
    The way Baker was playing he should have had the surgery weeks ago. Now he’ll go into the last year of his contract with his long term future very much in doubt.


    As a player, yes.
    Financially, he’s set

  21. Baker is a grown man who makes his own decisions. No one forced him to play injured.
    OBJ was the scapegoat, now couldn’t blame him for Baker bad play now blame injury and coaching. It’s never Baker fault, always something or someone else.

  22. bbb82 says:
    January 4, 2022 at 2:54 pm
    Here come the haters!
    Hard to be a hater on someone you don’t admire. If anything as a Bills fan I’d like to thank the Browns organization for passing on Josh Allen not just once but twice in the draft.

  23. Ruha Nuggetcrusher says:
    January 4, 2022 at 1:49 pm
    Cleveland will let this guy walk and be right back to square one again.

    Incase you missed it Cleveland is back to square 1(in the cellar where they spent the better part of 2 decades) with Mayfield so at this point it doesn’t really matter does it?

    If Mayfield insists on the HUGE contract then Cleveland shouldn’t retaim him because he doesn’t deserve a huge contract,now if he’ll stay for middle of the road money(because that’s where he falls according to his play, he’s justt average) then they should keep him.

  24. bbb82 says:
    January 4, 2022 at 2:54 pm
    Here come the haters!

    One thing I learned a long time ago, when someone uses the word “hater” nothing intelligent ever comes after hater!

  25. Honestly, Baker’s biggest issue is his overconfidence. He thinks he’s way better than he is. Why else would he take so many sacks for negative yards? Most experienced QBs would have thrown those balls away to the sideline. If it’s not there…don’t force it. His ego will continue to keep him from protecting the ball. Brett Farve had the same issue, at least he had the height and talent to make up for it.

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