Baker Mayfield will have surgery on injured shoulder: “I’m pretty damn beat up”

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said after Monday night’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that he will have surgery to address his injured left shoulder.

Speaking with reporters after the game, Mayfield didn’t rule out the chance he could have the surgery as soon as this week to get a jump start on his recovery for next season with the Browns out of the playoff mix.

“I mean, there’s an opportunity to win. I’m an extremely competitive guy. I think you guys know that,” Mayfield said of his effort against the Steelers. “Now it’s time for me to start, you know, looking at what’s in the best interest for me and my health. I’ve continued to lay it out on the line and I haven’t been healthy and tried to fight for our guys. Right now, I’m pretty damn beat up to be honest with you. There’s no way around it. I gave it everything I had tonight.”

Mayfield said he would have discussions with his agent and his family to determine whether he will play in the team’s season finale against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

“I’ve made the decision, we’ve had discussions, that I am going to have surgery,” Mayfield said. “I am going to get this shoulder fixed and be able to come back next year at 100 percent. So that’s been decided. Now, when it’s happening, that has not been decided.”

Mayfield has a torn labrum and a fractured humerus in his non-throwing shoulder that initially happened in an October game against the Houston Texans. He’s worn a shoulder harness for much of the second half of the season in an attempt to manage the issue.

14 responses to “Baker Mayfield will have surgery on injured shoulder: “I’m pretty damn beat up”

  1. After his surgery is over, he can learn which team he will hold a clipboard for over the next ten years.

  2. Dude you’ve been awful. Your banged up shoulder doesn’t give the browns the best opportunity to win. You should have had that surgery a long time .

  3. I wonder how much damage he cause to his shoulder by playing through the injury. Bc we know he damaged the browns playoff hopes by playing through the injury.

  4. Again with the excuses baker. If you’re too hurt to play then DONT! You only played for selfish reasons due to a big Contract pay day.

  5. A little late there Baker! Should have had the surgery in October. For all his “toughness” and “competitiveness” he plays like dog poo. What a disaster.

  6. I wish when he said he would talk with his family and his agent he had added the words “and my team”, it would have helped him.

  7. Faker got eaten alive in Pittsburgh. The stats keeper is still tallying up how many throws were batted down by the Steelers. If Watt ends up DPOY, he may personally thank Mayfield in his acceptance speech.

  8. So his agent and family will decide if he plays one more game to hurt his team.Too little too late tough guy.Don’t stop now.Get out there again to improve the draft position.

  9. Running the ball only twelve times with Chubb, and 18 runs total against the worst run defense is not smart either. Stefanski is clueless. The receivers dropped at least six passes. at least. pre-snap penalties. I could go on, but it’s easier to just put it all on Baker. The commenters are as inspired as the Browns were last night. lazy

  10. Three biggest questions for Browns offseason: Who will be the play caller, Who will be the QB, Who will be the WR’s…!!!

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