Chiefs were prepared to let Bengals score a touchdown before kneel down

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Chiefs tried their best to keep the Bengals from scoring. It took two fourth-down plays, and three penalties, for the Bengals to get a first-and-goal from the 1 with 46 seconds left.

But after the Bengals got a new set of downs at the 1, the Chiefs’ play call was “Freeway.” That, linebacker Anthony Hitchens explained Tuesday, calls for the defense to allow the opposition to score.

The Chiefs were hoping the Bengals would run a play and score, leaving Patrick Mahomes enough time to drive for a game-tying touchdown (or potentially a win if the Chiefs chose to go for 2).

Instead, the Bengals took a knee with 46 seconds remaining and let the clock run down to three seconds before spiking the ball. Evan McPherson kicked a 20-yard field goal on the final play for a 34-31 win.

The Bengals kept the ball out of Mahomes’ hands.

They went for it on fourth-and-goal from the 1, and Joe Mixon was tackled short of the goal line. But both teams were called for holding, creating a replay of the down.

Joe Burrow threw incomplete on the next try, but L'Jarius Sneed was called for illegal use of hands on Tyler Boyd. The penalty left the Chiefs with only one real option, and the Bengals took that away by smartly taking a knee.

10 responses to “Chiefs were prepared to let Bengals score a touchdown before kneel down

  1. Honestly they should have let them score way earlier once they got all the way down to the goal line. Even though it took so many plays the odds of scoring from 1 yard out on 4 tries or getting a penalty resulting in a first down is pretty high

  2. Andy Reid 100% blew that. His postgame answers were something Stuttering John would have been proud of when he was asked about it.


  4. No ill will towards Cinci, but the refs really were too involved in the game. On the play to seal it they called the hands to the face on Ward, but in reality it was Sneed. So they deserved the extra downs to kill the clock but Wards play was clean causing more grief than necessary. That said, they called offsides on Jones when Burrow was clearly moving. The tackle by Sneed for 15 yards was trash, the PI that gave Cinci a 1st down was trash. So that’s 3 1st downs and one of which would’ve given KC the ball. That all said, we all know the refs are horrible. And as bad as those 3 calls were, nothing was as bad as going 1v1 on a guy who torched you for 200 yards on 3rd and 27. Glad Cincinnati is in, I like the new blood, but the refs have got to be better. And Pat can’t score 3 in a half either….

  5. Good for the Bengals. If you score 28 in the first half, you should not lose; however, the Chiefs were victims of very poor officiating. I’m biased but the Sneed call, for one, was ridiculous. Maybe when the league starts to make some real money they can afford full-time refs.

  6. How could he have horse-collared him when he choke-slammed him! Unfair!

    Calling “freeway” with 46 seconds left when the Bengals had a new set of downs, after stopping them from the 1 yard-line on first, second, and third down, outside of the 2 minute warning, makes absolutely no sense, and I don’t believe it happened.

  7. More misplaced griping. Chiefs’ DBs couldn’t cover so they grabbed. Repeatedly. And got called for it. Repeatedly.

  8. At the end of the first Charger contest, with the hail mary play, the Zebras allowed the Chargers to tackle and mugg the Chiefs receivers in the end zone while the ball was in the air and no flags for anything were tossed.

    In this game, they call offsetting penalties on one play at the end of the game and then penalize Snead on 4th down to give the Bengals a 1st down and allow this game to continue when KC had forced Cincy to fail on their fourth down attempt to score a TD.

    The zebras were determined to give the Bengals every opportunity to win the game with zero seconds remaining on the clock.

    30 million people witnessed what happened.

  9. Just because the refs called penalties on the Chiefs at the end of the game, doesn’t mean they were wrong. The refs should have called the Bengals for a false start. That’s your only legitimate gripe.

    The Chiefs DBs can’t play without using their hands. That’s not the refs fault and it’s not a grand conspiracy by the league to favor the Cincinnati Bengals of all teams, over the face of the league in Pat Mahomes and the favorite in the AFC.

    And so we’re clear, Mixon scored on 4th down. It would have been reviewed and overturned had there not been offsetting penalties.

    30 million people witnessed the Chiefs defense continue to play man after getting smoked by Ja’Marr Chase over and over.

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