Dan Campbell on Seahawks’ end-around with 51-29 lead: “If you don’t like it, you better stop it”

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks had a 51-29 lead at the two-minute warning on Sunday against the Lions, but Seattle wasn’t done trying to score.

On the first play after the two-minute warning, the Seahawks ran a trick play end-around to D'Wayne Eskridge, who ran for a 30-yard gain and came up just short of a touchdown when he was tackled inside the 1-yard line. Lions coach Dan Campbell said he had no problem with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll calling that play.

“The way I look at that is, well, if you don’t like it, you better stop it then,” Campbell said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “And, hey man, kudos. And to be honest with you, if they would have run it in at the end, I wouldn’t have had a problem with that, either. It’s up to us to stop them. There’s 60 minutes on the game clock so if you got a problem then why don’t you stop it. Otherwise, they’ll just keep piling it on. So no, I don’t have any problem with that.”

The Seahawks could have made it 58-29 with a touchdown and extra point but decided to end the game with a couple of Russell Wilson kneeldowns, so they didn’t run up the score as much as they could have. And Campbell said that even if Seattle had scored from the 1-yard line, that would have been the Lions’ problem, not the Seahawks’ problem.

24 responses to “Dan Campbell on Seahawks’ end-around with 51-29 lead: “If you don’t like it, you better stop it”

  1. I like his mindset. I hate when fans/players/coaches cry about the other team running up the score. Like he said, if you don’t like it, stop it. Simple.

  2. I guess us older citizens respect this mindset as it was how we were raised. But I know Coach Campbell is seething and vowing for a payback if ever given a chance, I know that’s how I would feel.

  3. When I watched it, I didn’t like the play call. But, these are two losing teams with guys fighting for jobs. Good for Campbell for having a thick skin and a tough mindset. Seems to have a winners mindset.

  4. Carroll is one of the most conservative coaches I’ve ever watched and this happens all the time with the Seahawks. It was 2nd & 9 at the 2 minute warning so they couldn’t quite kneel it out. Carroll had them call a play to get a 1st down.

    Though I do secretly wish Eskridge would have scored so the Seahawks would have gotten another Scoregami…

  5. Wonder if Big Mouth Bartholomew Scott will whine about that and talk about how “we” (must be an honorary member of the Ravens) will “red dot” Russell Wilson.

  6. Sportsmanship is for high school and college. It’s nice to see in the NFL, but once you’re getting paid, it’s not obligated. No matter the team’s record, there’s guys competing for jobs on every play.

  7. Dan Campbell is one helluva coach. Sure they only have two wins.
    But he got a competent season out of Jared Goff. Another draft will be good for the Lions.

  8. There was nothing with running that play. Campbell has nothing to be upset or angry about. Wilson took a knee when he could have easily run up the score. Pete Carroll showed some class.

  9. People thinking Pete Carroll is fighting for his job is silly. He’s as secure as any coach in the NFL.

  10. What a refreshing take indeed, good for him. As others have pointed out, these are paid athletes, paid A LOT of money to stop an offense from scoring.

    I hope he gets them turned around sooner than later and is afforded another 3-4 years to do so. Gonna be tough with Goff at QB though. Best to draft his replacement in 2022 and let some kid learn for 10+ games.

  11. Somebody should tell Haurbawl and the crows this is the response you should employ.

  12. I can’t wait for next year! Such a breath of fresh air compared to Patricia. Lynn goes, Ben Johnson moves to OC. Hope we are able to keep Glenn and Pleasant in their positions. Playoffs next year, book it.

  13. hammerhunker says:
    January 4, 2022 at 6:41 pm
    I guess us older citizens respect this mindset as it was how we were raised. But I know Coach Campbell is seething and vowing for a payback if ever given a chance, I know that’s how I would feel.


    Payback for what? Getting a first down and taking a knee instead of running up the score? Payback for Pete Carroll showing some class? Yeah, I’d be seething over that vowing payback.

  14. dan ain’t gonna sweat it – he knows seattle is a trash org and cheat carroll is done.

  15. As a die-hard 12 at the end of a notably disappointing season, of course, we wanted to run the score! Like watching gladiators perform in the coliseum, we wanted to give the thumbs down and get that one last score! I’m afraid it’s just human nature. But I love the Seahawks and I have been waiting all season for blow out and this was our chance. I just love the game…..

  16. If the Seahawks score, go for 2; regardless if they make the conversation. They end the game on a number never before seen. When told that, Coach Carroll said he didn’t know that, but still would have taken the knee at the end. He loves unique stat lines, but wouldn’t have gone for it?????

  17. My only issue is the potential for injury running this type of play . Not sure why Carroll didn’t just call for a basic run play . Don’t know why Wilson was even on the field for the last few Seattle drives with the game being decided by then . Campbell’s response is not surprising , he’s only worried about coaching his own and doesn’t waste time worrying about what plays the other coach decides to run .

  18. When, not if, these guys get a competitive roster, this team is going to become scary good under this guy.

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