Giants cut Isaiah Wilson from practice squad


Former first-round choice Isaiah Wilson lasted longer with the Giants than he did with the Dolphins, but not as long as he did with the Titans. But the Giants moved on from Wilson on Tuesday, waiving the offensive lineman from the practice squad.

Offensive line coach Rob Sale’s comments from last week foreshadowed the move.

Sale answered with a terse “next question” when asked about how Wilson has responded behind the scenes in regards to professionalism. He then called on Wilson to “be dependable.”

Wilson played only three offensive snaps before Tennessee traded him to Miami. He lasted less than a week with the Dolphins, who cut him after he showed up late for a physical and missed two workouts.

He was out of football until the Giants signed him to their practice squad Sept. 30.

Wilson was active for the Giants’ game against the Eagles but did not play.

10 responses to “Giants cut Isaiah Wilson from practice squad

  1. I’ll bet he’s relentlessly calling Joe judge in the offseason begging to get his job back. #Culture

  2. Aloha,
    Just curious. How much money has he been paid since drafted? Is he still owed any guaranteed money from the draft slot?

    If I won a big enough lottery, I may quit working, too.
    Not the same, of course. His $ is for playing. Not a lottery win.

    Just curious.

  3. If we’re cutring a lineman because he’s unreliable, that’s officially rock bottom for that player.

  4. Titan signed Wilson’s rookie contract which was a four-year, $11.5m that included a $5.9m signing bonus. Then Titan sweet-talked the Dolphins into a trade. Wilson lasted 2 weeks before being waived. The Dolphins were on the hook for around $4 million remaining of Wilson’s rookie contract. Then Gettleman signed Wilson for a mere $160k. For this kind of money, Wilson would not even get off his bed to work and he didn’t.

  5. He was out of football until the Giants signed him to their practice squad Sept. 30.

    He may now be out of football until hell freezes over.

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