Jaguars fans plan clown-costume revolt on Sunday

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Jaguars fans aren’t happy with the news that the latest reboot of the team won’t include giving right-place-right-time G.M. Trent Baalke the boot. For Sunday’s regular-season finale against the Colts, some of them plan to show their discontent with their attire.

Via Mark Long of the Associated Press, some fans plan to wear clown costumes to the game. It’s an extension of the proliferation of a social-media effort consisting of clowns with owner Shad Khan’s handlebar mustache and the heavy use of clown emojis in response to posts from the team.

Fan hope to engineer the firing of Baalke, who reportedly will survive the hiring of a new coach.

Baalke is just a symptom of the deeper problem. Through a decade of ownership, Khan has made one mistake after another. He’s the common link, the wildly successful captain of industry who believes football is easier than it is, and who lacks the knowledge (including the knowledge of what he doesn’t know) needed to make good decisions about the identity of his football decision-makers.

The NFL is set up for all teams to cluster around .500. Apart from the 2017 season, which nearly resulted in a Super Bowl berth, the Jaguars have been bad. Very bad. This year, they’re 2-14 bad — one year after being 1-15 bad.

That’s too bad for Jaguars fans. Owners can’t be fired; they’re stuck with Khan. Just like every fan base of every other dysfunctional team is stuck with the ultimate source of the dysfunction.

Will Sunday’s clown-out make a difference? We’ll see. Regardless, keeping Baalke will make it harder to hire the best possible coach, because multiple candidates won’t interview for the job if they know on the way in that the last man standing from the last two failed regimes has somehow climbed to the top of the mountain.

But even without Baalke, will Khan be able to hire the best of the best? Absent a major financial investment or significant power over the football operations, candidates with options may opt to work elsewhere.

66 responses to “Jaguars fans plan clown-costume revolt on Sunday

  1. Absolutely incredible that this team was 4 points away from the Super Bowl at one point not that long ago

  2. Talk to any Bay Area reporter who covered the 49ers during Baalke’s tenure with the team…Kawakami, Maiocco, Barrows, Lowell Cohn. They will tell you exactly what Baalke will do to any organization that he’s a part of. And it won’t be good…

  3. Funny idea. But you have to stop buying tickets and merchandise – hit ’em where it hurts. That’s the best way to impact ownership but most fans won’t do it. It’s starting in Washington to some degree.

  4. If he gets the right hire it will be fine. I mean, this article acts like it’s super easy to make a coaching or GM hire. It’s not. There are far more poor candidates than solid ones. Why do you think John Fox and people like him have been cycled so many times?

  5. Baalke was the GM of the 49ers some 10 years ago. Under his leadership the team was a bottom dweller. Why Khan selected him as a GM is beyond me. It kinda shows Khan needs to step away and hire a team president to run the operations.

  6. There’s some teams right now who may have drafted a potential star at QB recently, but sadly it all starts at the top and for guys like Lawrence, they will never findout how good they could of been. How long have the Bears, Jets, and Jags stunk? The Bengals may be out of trouble, but one decent season with no ring doesn’t equate to success in the NFL. Somehow the Giants now seem destined to be mediorcre for some more years as well. #CLOWNSHOWS

  7. Came here to say we WFT fans will trade Snyder for Khan. Happy to see others have already beaten me to it.

  8. candlestickkid says:
    January 4, 2022 at 12:56 pm
    Talk to any Bay Area reporter who covered the 49ers during Baalke’s tenure with the team…Kawakami, Maiocco, Barrows, Lowell Cohn. They will tell you exactly what Baalke will do to any organization that he’s a part of. And it won’t be good…

    69 3 Rate This


    Yet, he put them into a SB that Harbaugh choked down with 4 tries from the goal line.

    Silver spooned, entitled York is SFs problem and he always will be. Not saying Baalke is good, but= try again.

  9. The problem is owner ship. They need a football Czar and let him go to work. The turn around shouldn’t take long. At best you have a contender in 3 years, at worse your QB should have at least developed for another run at it. This isn’t that difficult of a business.

  10. Move the team already. Khan is certainly a better owner than Snyder but really wants to be in Europe. Just move it to London and get over with it.

  11. In such a small media market, it’s amazing any fans still go to games regardless how they are dressed. The only thing Khan has going for him is an underlying fear among the fanbase that the team will be moved.

  12. minime says:
    January 4, 2022 at 12:54 pm
    Like it’ll matter.
    They’re still buying tickets,food merchandise etc.
    Money for Khan.

    Khan has plenty of money. If these people boycotted instead of going to the game in clown costumes Khan would never know the difference. Let them have their protest.

  13. I hope the clowns are all wearing a trademark handlebar mustache. The players have been through enough. They aren’t the ones who hired a God-awful HC and GM. That’s on their clueless owner.

  14. Baalke needs to go back to goat herding.
    Harbaugh didnt choke away the SB. Crabtree did by not running his route and crying for a pass interference penalty.

  15. I figured that would suit the Giants more. It would make Joe Judge’s words quite regrettable, at least.

  16. I’m sure glad Trevor Lawrence didn’t have to try and avoid the Jets so he could be a Jag.

  17. Jag fans should follow Chiefs fans lead from a few years ago to get the GM fired and just not show up. Yeah Khan has their ticket money but if 30,000 or more stay home he’ll lose out on alot of $ in parking fees, souvenir sales,food and beer sales. He lose money and Balke is gone.

  18. So far the Khans have failed at pro football, pro soccer and amateur professional wrestling. Maybe they can get into NASCAR and wreck a few cars next.

  19. Yet they are fine with their owner, who is one of the worst. 9 of his 10 seasons have been double digit losses.

  20. Jacksonville is not an entrenched franchise. Poking the bear, ie the owner, could result in either the London Jaguars or the St Louis Stallions. Be careful what you wish for, my fellow Jaguar fans.

  21. And you guys fault QBs like Eli Manning from engineering their way away from these franchises. Can you blame them? Would you risk a half billion dollar payday (like Mahomes) sticking around and getting drafted by the Jags only to see everything you worked your whole life for destroyed by another’s total incompetence? Dudes like Herbert were smart to stay in school for another year!

  22. So they will pay for tickets to show up to the game in a costume. And the owner they are revolting against will get proceeds from those tickets. Great way to hurt him where it counts!

  23. razzlejag says:
    January 4, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    Jacksonville is not an entrenched franchise. Poking the bear, ie the owner, could result in either the London Jaguars or the St Louis Stallions. Be careful what you wish for, my fellow Jaguar fans.


    I felt the same way when the Raiders left Oakland. Took awhile for the new name not to make me wanna puke, but I got over it. Better a new market with a good name than staying in a dead market with a crappy franchise.

  24. Mr Khan NEVER should have hired Balkke in the first place and yes its a total clown show bro!

  25. I don’t know which decision I hated more…

    Keeping Baalke, attempting two home games in London, hiring Meyer, having Coughlin as a manager (that guy wrecks salary caps … including the Jags in 2000).

    It is going to take the grace of god to get this thing going relatively well again, and that will certainly not be soon.

  26. Lots of similarities between this Jag team now and the 49er a few years back. Eddie D sold 49ers to his sister who let her husband later to his son who know nothing about football run the team. Both thinks football is easy. Baalke was the GM, forced out the only coach that took the team to Super Bowl with a new QB called Kaepernick. The office environment was toxic.
    I do think if Khan have enough courage to give the trust of the entire team to one capable person to be GM and coach as in New England, Jags will be richly rewarded. That person in my opinion is Jim Harbaugh.

  27. I just bought property in the Jacksonville area. I used to be a Charger fan, until the Spanos family decided to bail because San Diego would not build them a 2 billion dollar stadium. So I feel the pain of what bad ownership can do. Looks like I will be another non specific team fan for the future.

  28. He has been successful in getting the city to help pay for his business ventures. Why should he care about the Jags when he can get all the money he wants from the taxpayers regardless of who shows up.

    Still, Baalke? Really? That just shows how clueless he is. I told someone last year when they fired Caldwell that he’s probably dumb enough to hire Baalke and this guy vehemently denied he would do that. It just shows how clueless Khan is.

  29. Been brutal for sure. I really would be shocked if Khan actually kept Baalke. He never came out and said he would keep Baalke. That was from a “source” apparently. Khan said he would not comment on anything again until the end of the season. He said that in the same statement in which he said he dismissed Urban Meyer.
    Until Khan says it, I don’t believe it.

  30. Jags remind me of Brandon. Neither have a clue what they’re doing. And the circus is in full effect with.the leadership of both.

  31. Do you think Stan cares if you laid out money for a ticket. The best thing you can do is stay home

  32. Definitely seems like Khans trying to tank the team so he can move them, to St. Louis or somewhere, or why would you not seek the advise of other owners who I’m sure would tell you how to effectively run your team. All it takes is 3 seasons of a ream losing revenue for the NFL to consider letting a team move. Duval Co. Is on notice pretty sure with the products he’s put out the last 2 years lost him money.

  33. Clowns are still paid entertainers.

    There’s a reason you don’t see clowns in the stands.

  34. Mr Khan is a savvy businessman, he’ll be the one selling
    those clown outfits to the fans and egging them on.

    Hopefully, this embarrassment will encourage the players
    to play with some passion and beat the Colts this week.

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