Joe Judge: No regrets about postgame comments, but obviously some things we have to do better

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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After Sunday’s 29-3 loss to the 6-10 Bears, Giants head coach Joe Judge launched into an 11-minute defense of the work that he’s done while going 10-22 over his first two seasons on the job.

Judge couldn’t point to wins as a sign of progress, so he focused on behind the scenes improvements to a culture that he believes was broken when he came to the team. He said the Giants quit on previous coach Pat Shurmur despite winning two of their final three games in 2019 and that he’s heard from free agents who left the Giants and want to return to the team even though they are making more money while playing for teams winning more games.

He also referenced the Patriots coaching staff being on the hot seat in 2018, which would come as a surprise to those who watched the 11-5 team win a Super Bowl but Judge was clearly in a groove. On Monday, he said he didn’t regret delivering a “dose of truth” about the job he’s done but he did get around to the fact that the team hasn’t made any progress in the stadings.

“There are obviously some things we have to do better and I’m not going to sit here and hide behind anything, I’m not going to sit here and say that we’re perfect in anything,” Judge said. “There are a lot of things that I — now am I going to go through a diagnosis or an analysis of our team and every unit and every situation? No, I’m not going to do that and I say that very openly in a lot of ways. I’m not going to go ahead and throw players under the bus or try to isolate coaches and look for a scapegoat. That’s not my style, that’s not what I’m going to do. . . . I’m very confident in the way that we’re pushing forward right now. There are things we have to improve on. Obviously, the most important thing in this league is winning, so we’ve got to do a better job putting ourselves in position to finalize and finish out some games with a win.”

Word has been that the Giants want to keep Judge for a third season, if only to avoid the optics of firing a third straight coach after two years on the job. We’ll know for sure how they plan to move forward soon enough, but there’s little doubt about Judge’s conviction that he’s the best man for the job.

17 responses to “Joe Judge: No regrets about postgame comments, but obviously some things we have to do better

  1. Have you noticed that the coaches keep getting worse and worse every year for the Giants.

    MacAdoo -> Shurmer -> Judge. The next guy is going to be some kid out of highschool. It’s amazing Gettleman has remained employed for this long as well.

  2. Among Bill Belichick’s “coaching tree”, Joe Judge is almost as unhinged as Bill O’Brien. Give him another year, he will be O’Brien 2.0.

  3. Just fire him already. His best attributes are having hissy fits on the sidelines and rants to the media. It’s obvious that coaching an entire team is way over his head.

  4. Sounds similiar to the ex Patriots coach that went to Detroit and talked about how they had no talent after going to the playoffs at least 2 out of the last 4 years.

  5. Sorry Joe, no one player is knocking on your door to stay. There are around 20 players that are set to be free agents and maybe 1 would start for another team, the others may not even make an NFL roster. No player is calling you up to play on your 4 win team. And if it was true its called tampering. This guy is a total joke.

  6. It’s ugly, real ugly. And it’s only going to get worse so long as this muppet and Gettleman are running the show. Two more first round picks down the drain.

  7. for the longest time, I didnt think we had gotten a fair assessment of Judge’s abilities as a coach – because Gettleman had create a roster devoid of talent.

    However, watching the last couple of games seem to have moved me towards cleaning house. Where no one believes Glennon is an NFL Caliber QB – you can’t have 24 yards passing in a game. And as a special teams specialist, the Giants special teams have been horrendous.

    Judge may be a good head coach someday, but it won’t be with the giants.

  8. I think he’s still talking. I actually feel bad for this guy. The tough guy act is not working for him and he’s an embarrassment.

  9. Interesting to see Judge saying players quit on prior coaches considering Pat Shurmur won 2 of his last 3 games. And Shurmur’s teams lost by 20+ just twice (Week 6, 2018; Week 6, 2019). Meanwhile, Judge’s Giants have lost by 20+ 5 times just this season, have lost 4 straight by 15+, and the last two by 24 and 25.

  10. Here’s the biggest difference I see…

    WR Pharoh Cooper is a 6 year veteran (but mostly a backup, special-teamer, and practice squad filler) and botched the kickoff return against the Bears Sunday by letting the ball fall on the 2 yard line where it promptly died and he had to scramble to cover it. The Giants never advanced the ball and gave up a safety. Joe Judge was the special teams coordinator at New England and this should never have happened. Inexperience and failure of attention to detail.

    When Bill Parcells was coaching the Cowboys, they played an overtime game against the Giants. The Cowboys won the toss, and a rookie (I forget his name) was back to receive. He not only tracked the ball, but realized the air path was headed for the sideline. He ran to the sideline but stopped before he stepped out of bounds, understanding if he needed to go further than that to actually catch the kick, the Cowboys would get the ball at the 40. The ball landed several feet out of bounds for the penalty, and the announcers praised the rookie for his awareness of the rules and the situation. Veteran coaching and emphasis on attention to detail.

    The Giants need proven veteran leadership. George Young was that in 1979 and it trickled down through the team, leading to two Super Bowl wins. The team needs the next George Young who will truly have control over all football operations. Unless/until that happens, the Giants will continue to flounder.

  11. Judge went 10-22 his first two years. Bill Walsh was 8-24, then won the super bowl the third year. Good thing they didn’t fire Walsh. They were probably 500-1 odds. Nobody picked them. But it was also Montana’s first year as starter. It was a QB league back then too. Remember when Trent Green got hurt and the Rams had to go with camp guy Kurt Warner. Kurt who? Yeah, they won the super bowl that first year. It’s a QB league. Tampa Bay hadn’t won ……. You get the message. How’s Cincy doing with that Joe Burrow kid? I bet his coach is safe. Unless you have an elite QB, you’re foolish to fire a coach.

  12. Joe judge is a guy who tells you I know karate when he knows someone is about to slug him hahahahaha. All talk buddy

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