John Harbaugh: Lamar Jackson has a chance to play this week

NFL: DEC 12 Ravens at Browns
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has been sidelined since injuring his ankle against the Browns back in Week 14.

Jackson got back on the practice field last Wednesday but was moving around with a significant limp. He didn’t practice on Thursday or Friday and Tyler Huntley started the Week 17 loss to the Rams.

But with the Ravens still technically still in playoff contention — a lot would have to go right for Baltimore to make it — the team hasn’t shut Jackson down.

“He’s been pushing to try to come back and play in practice, and there is a chance that he’ll play on Sunday,” head coach John Harbaugh said in his Monday press conference.

Jackson has completed 64 percent of his passes for 2,882 yards with 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions this season, while rushing for 767 yards and a pair of TDs. He’s also taken a career-high 38 sacks, 14 of which came in his last four starts.

If Jackson’s healthy, the Ravens likely have a better chance to win if he’s on the field. But the quarterback also has to perform better than those last four starts, in which he has a passer rating of just 65.8 after tossing three touchdowns and six interceptions.

18 responses to “John Harbaugh: Lamar Jackson has a chance to play this week

  1. John Harbaugh: Lamar Jackson has a chance to play this week.
    Lamar Jackson has a chance to play this week.
    Lamar Jackson has a chance to play this week.
    Lamar Jackson has a chance to play this week.

    This is a recording.

  2. John, what are you doing? You know you’re job is safe for next year. Shut Lamar down because he’s your only QB option (pun definitely intended) for at least next season (I’m sorry, but Huntley isn’t taking them any farther than Lamar will) and you need him healthy to have any shot at being competitive in the AFC North, where there is only one legit QB in the division (Joe Burrow).

  3. I want to see him play to see if he can answer any of the questions regarding: handling cover zero blitz, overall passing accuracy and mobility in the wake of his injury.

  4. Harbaugh is just playing games to try to confuse opposing DCs. If they’d announced that Jackson had a hight ankle sprain from the beginning everyone would know that he’d wouldn’t be available for at least 3-4 weeks. A good packet passer, like when Rodgers and Wilson played with injuries that limited their mobility, could still play. Jackson is still a running QB, after 4 years in the league, who cannot be effective if opposing OCs know he can’t run. His value in a trade or in a new contract has seriously declined.Harbaugh and Jackson may have outsmarted themselves.

  5. If he’s not completely 100% they need to sit him. Otherwise he’s just going to be a sitting duck for T.J. Watt.

  6. Which QB do you want?
    QB A: last 4 games record 1-3; 3 TDs and 2 INTs; 56 QBR; avg 22 points per game.
    QB B: last 4 games record 1-3; 3 TDs and 6 INTs; 30 QBR; avg 16 points per game.
    QB C: 2019 36 TDs/ 6 INTs/ 83 QBR, 2020 26 TDs/ 9 INTs/ 67 QBR, 2021 16 TDs/ 13 INTs/ 50 QBR.

  7. The Ravens just had too much to overcome this year. They survived for a while playing backups at multiple positions but eventually those backups got dinged up or injured and then they had to go too deep on the depth chart to be competitive. No reason to play Jackson on Sunday. Time to look toward the offseason and the 2022 season.

  8. The silence from Ravens fans speaks volumes. I’ve heard for years that Lamar was such an incredible and valuable player that he was the sole reason why they win so many games. Strange that after Lamar struggled mightily this year and regressed to one of the worst QBs in the league over his last 7 games, now all of a sudden it’s everyone else’s fault. Play calling, O line, receivers dropping balls. It’s never Lamar’s fault for Ravens fans. The weird thing is that 99% of the football universe– everyone outside of Charm City– sees Lamar for who he is, a flawed QB who’s a scrambler and can’t throw and will never win in the playoffs.

  9. Will not matter. Harbaugh has 2 good QBs. Notice with all of the injuries/COVID issues, etc., his team is always in the game?

    He is rarely caught on anything. Always prepared

    Ravens by 15

  10. I don’t think Harbaugh is as overrated as Lamar, but he’s close. Yes, he won a Super Bowl, and that is impressive. But he’s more of a one-hit wonder in reality. Since winning that Super Bowl in 2012, he’s missed the playoffs in 5 of 9 seasons (assuming they miss again this year, which is about 99% certain). He’s only won 2 total playoff games in those 9 seasons. And for all you Lamar-Is-The-Undisputed-King types, Lamar has been your QB for 4 of those seasons. So why can’t Harbaugh win more when it counts?

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