Kevin Stefanski: Jadeveon Clowney throwing Chase Claypool’s shoe was not smart, hurt the team

NFL: JAN 03 Browns at Steelers
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Who throws a shoe? Jadeveon Clowney did on Monday night, and his coach was not happy with him.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said after the game that he was disappointed in Clowney, who pulled off Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool‘s shoe and threw it, drawing a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The penalty came after the Browns had stopped the Steelers on third down, but the Steelers got a first down on the penalty and ended up scoring a touchdown on the drive.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s — you can’t do that. I mean, you’re hurting the team,” Stefanski said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “It’s crazy. Not smart. You know, he felt like he was just — I’ll let him answer it.”

Clowney did not talk to reporters after the game, but Browns linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. said Clowney apologized to his teammates.

“Obviously not a great play for us. He came right up to me, was kind of like, ‘Man, I’m sorry, I let us down on that one,’” Walker said. “Can’t have it. He knows that. Clowney’s a veteran, he’s a great player, came back and had two big sacks for us. He’s more down on himself than we are. But that’s our brother, we’re going to battle with him all the way to the end. It’s a play that we can’t have. It’s undisciplined. He’d be the first to tell you that’s a bonehead play by him, that’s what a leader does. He owned up to it right away.”

10 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Jadeveon Clowney throwing Chase Claypool’s shoe was not smart, hurt the team

  1. The Browns were there but they weren’t, he wasn’t the only one, a lot of sloppy play all the way around and Baker does/never give 110% to the game

  2. The Clown will always be a clown and has NEVER been a consistent GOOD player. He should not be in the league at all. He is mediocre in his career and costly in many games – more so than in any game he pulls his head from outside of his body. I fail to see why any team would want him other than they need a filler for the roster.

  3. I love the way Walker tried to excuse Clowneys boneheaded move by mentioning his sacks. Clowney fits right in w/ those buffoons. Browns be Browns.

  4. Clowney, no one ever accused him of being smart. Don’t want to name shame, but his name fits. The mistake by the lake doesn’t disappoint. By the way, Mayfield should stick to commercials, he’s definitely not an NFL qb.

  5. The shoe throw move might keep some free agents in Cleveland though. I mean who would want to move from a shoe-throwing team to a non-shoe throwing team?

  6. Running the ball only twelve times with Chubb, and 18 runs total against the worst run defense is not smart either. Stefanski is clueless. The receivers dropped at least six passes. at least. pre-snap penalties. I could go on, but it’s easier to just put it all on Baker. The commenters are as inspired as the Browns were last night. lazy

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