Mike Zimmer has yet to hear anything about his future

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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For most of the NFL head coaches who are believed to be on the hot seat, no public assurances as to their futures have been given. Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has received no private assurances, either.

I have not talked to any of them,” Zimmer told reporters regarding team management, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Asked why he thinks he would be the right man for the job in 2022, Zimmer said, “That’s not for me to judge.”

“The media is the ones doing all the ‘uncertainty’ and everything else,” Zimmer added. “We don’t worry about that. We just focus on what our job is.”

Right, but at some point the speculation is warranted. Before the season even began, Zimmer addressed the possibility that his performance in 2021 would determine his future in Minnesota.

“I think if you polled all the offensive coaches in the league, they would say that I’m still ahead of the curve,” Zimmer said in early September. “They would tell you how much they respect me. So I don’t worry about all that. The fans can say all that stuff they want, but the people who know, they know. . . . I feel pressure every year, so I don’t look at it like I’m coaching for my job. I’m going to put my resume out there on the field just like the players. And if people don’t think I’m good enough to do it, so be it. Somebody else does.”

Would Zimmer be hired to work as the head coach of another NFL team if fired next week? It has happened for guys like Eric Mangini and Adam Gase. It would be fascinating if, for example, Zimmer landed with the Bears.

Still, team ownership can’t worry about that. They have to decide what’s right for the Vikings. More specifically, they have to ask themselves whether the team is good enough to satisfy the apparent “just good enough” mandate in Minnesota. For a franchise that was on the brink of a Super Bowl in 2017, the past four seasons have been a major disappointment.  The franchise currently seems as far away from a championship as it was in 2011, when the season bottomed out with a 3-13 record.

29 responses to “Mike Zimmer has yet to hear anything about his future

  1. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he signs his extension, not to worry.

  2. I really think Zimmer should get at least three or four more years with the Vikings. Spielman too, he’s done a fantastic job and is probably the top GM in the league. And it wouldn’t hurt to give Kirk Cousins another bloated, guaranteed contract.

    Truly, this team is teetering on the cusp of greatness.

  3. All the offensive coaches in the league respect him, because they are amazed that he has somehow managed to keep his job for so long despite his horrible defense and so-so record.

  4. Mike Zimmer: “I think if you polled all the offensive coaches in the league, they would say that I’m still ahead of the curve.”

    If any opponent says that it will because they want to continue lining up against your antiquated and under-performing defense.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Zimmer, it won’t be opposing offensive coaches that ultimately decide your fate.

  5. “Mike Zimmer has yet to hear anything about his future.”

    Sure. Maybe if he lived somewhere alone in a mushroom cave, but you can bet he’s hearing plenty. Deservedly so, too.

  6. I remember back when Vikings fans said Zimmer was better than Mike McCarthy.

    There are so many great memories from the Zimmer era in MN. As this unfortunate chapter draws to its inevitable close, one can’t help but ponder – who will be the next Brad Childress in MN.

  7. The aftermath of this game, once again, showed Mike Zimmer’s true colors as he unnecessarily buried his rookie QB and threw his OC under the bus.
    Anything to aschew blame and avoid taking any personal responsibility for his own mess.
    It’s ridiculously predictable and just kind of sad.
    Though I still obviously hope the Wilfs retain him, selfishly of course. 😉

  8. As long as all the tickets are being sold I am sure the Wilf’s are pretty content with cashing there $200 million or so check from the NFL every year. Some owners “just good enough” is just keeping the stadium full and winning about 8 games every year along with a playoff game or so every five years or seems to fit that bill.

  9. Zimmer has yet to hear anything about his future because he has his fingers jammed in his ears and is screaming “Not listening, not listening!!!”

  10. All these fans calling for Zimmer’s head. I mean, I get it and I don’t like this team either. But so far the Wilfs and Spielman have picked Chilly, Frazier and Zimmer. Do you have faith they’re going to get it right the next time?

    And then the new regime will pick a QB. The Wilfs and Spielman have picked Tavaris Jackson, Christian Ponder, Teddy Bridgewater and Kellen Mond to date. Do you have faith they’re going to get that right next time too?

    I remember when we ran Denny out of town for always getting to the playoffs but never the SB. Look what’s followed for the next twenty years. I can’t say I’ve been happy about trading consistent playoff contention with seasons like 2002, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014. In fact, no one walks about it, but this is only the second losing season under Zimmer. He was given the opportunity in 2014 to reset the table when he got here and he built a champsionship team in 3 years… without a QB! And then for the next 4 years tried to keep it pieced together which was probably a mistake, but that’s more on Spielman I think. Maybe he should get another chance with a from scratch rebuild like he did in 2014.


  11. Zimmer built a championship team in 3 years????

    I must have Rip Van Wnkled that season. 😂

  12. Its time to burn the ship in Minnesota. I’ve watched the Vikings since I was a kid and I’m 57 now. I’ve never seen so many close games this year (one possession games). The game they had won and the biggest dent in the play-off hopes was the loss to Detroit. It’s been 8 years now and it’s the same every year and its time for a change. It’s a good time for a change too, Nagy is probably out in Chicago, the Packers roster will not be the same next year, they cannot afford to sign everybody and the Lions who knows about them. The Lions everyone tough this year – only got blown out by Green Bay.

    With the talent on offense it only makes sense to bring in a young offensive minded coach. The game has passed Zim by and that’s okay it does for some coaches. I want to see a coach who delegates responsibly and lets the DC call the plays and OC that isn’t so predictable. I feel coach Zim has lost the locker room. When that happens it’s what Bill Paxton’s character Hudson said in the movie Aliens “That’s it, man. Game over, man. Game over!

    Well its game over and a proper Viking funeral should done in the next week.

  13. Stuff doesn’t leak out of the Vikings’ front office and ownership, but Zim’s gone. If he continues coaching, he should stick to being a D-coordinator where he will still be effective. I see tokyo must not have much to do today.

  14. Defense hasn’t worked in years. Special teams has been mediocre at best. But sure, pat your back for an offense being carried by Jefferson, Thielen, and Cook

  15. Like Zim, but at some point a guy is what he is. His teams have consistently failed to post records that matched their talent levels. Time for a fresh face.

  16. The problem Zimmer is that any value he provides defensively he more than negates with his non-existent offensive ability. He’s a defensive coordinator who has been stuck in a head coaching role he’s proven he can’t handle.

  17. If he does end up coaching somewhere else, it won’t be with the Bears. They desperately need an offensive minded head coach.

  18. I think Zimmer is a good coach, unfortunately if it comes down to Spielman or Zimmer taking the fall, old slick Rick will throw Zimmer under the bus in a split second.

  19. I agree Zim is gone, however the narrative that the Vikings have this great roster is hyperbole. They do have a few very good players but that is it. The depth is more than lacking and there are holes all over the depth chart. This isn’t a case of Rick doing a great job and Zim screwing it up. I think they worked well together; they just didn’t get there. Now, it should be over, for both of them.

  20. I think now that the Vikings have been eliminated, that we should lay off.

    Let’s fill these fans with some optimism! I’ll start:

    The Vikings will win the Super Bowl at some point. You might not be alive when it happens, but they’ll win.

  21. 3 playoff appearances in 8 years, with 2 wins. Results matter. And Zim has not gotten the results. Period.

  22. I can see it next year. Zim is fired, Cousins is back, Darrisaw has a year under his belt, Theilen and JJ do their thing, Hunter is back, Barr and Kendricks don’t miss time to injury, they draft a CB and a DE. And….the Vikings make the playoffs. And t hen everybody screams; “well, Zimmer could have made the playoffs and won too with all that happening”. Except, Zimmer hasn’t. Terrible results equals you gotta go.

  23. Zimmer’s winning percentage against teams with a winning record, declined after signing Kirk Cousins.

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