Robert Saleh: Zach Wilson “nowhere close” to a selfish player

NFL: JAN 02 Buccaneers at Jets
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Jets head coach Robert Saleh said after Sunday’s 28-24 loss to the Buccaneers that blame for running a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-two late in the game fell on the coaches for not doing a good enough job communicating to quarterback Zach Wilson that he should hand the ball off to Braxton Berrios regardless of any read he might make about the defensive front.

Some outside the organization, including former Jets players appearing on Sunday postgame shows, took a different stance and suggested Wilson called his own number in order to be the hero for the team. Saleh rejected that notion while again putting the blame on coaches for making a call that a rookie wasn’t going to reject at this point in his career.

“I don’t know about that one,” Saleh said. “He’s a rookie, his head’s barely above water with regards to the scheme, he’s still in a pleasing motive of his career, in terms of just doing things the way it’s drawn up. If you’re talking year three, year four and he does something like that, then I guess you can start, maybe. But as a rookie who’s still trying to figure this league out and trying to figure what he can and can’t get away with and how to take control over things and all that. He’s nowhere close to that in terms of a selfish player. He wants to get better, he’ll learn from this.”

Saleh said he thinks Wilson will get to a point where “he’s just going to look to the sideline and just flip the bird” to offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur when he doesn’t like a play call, but that he isn’t close to making “a decision from a selfish standpoint because his neck’s barely over water with regards to schemes.”

7 responses to “Robert Saleh: Zach Wilson “nowhere close” to a selfish player

  1. What’s he going to say, lol. He is definitely selfish, he made that last play all about him. No coach or real qb is going to try a qb sneak from the 2yd line. A joke. He thought the fans would embrace him. If your a knowledgeable fan, your not embracing a qb who’s had a game and a half out of 16 where he played ok.

  2. It was clear from Berrios’s body language that he was expecting to get a handoff and run the sweep, so I believe Saleh when he said on Sunday that was the play. I can also believe that Wilson wasn’t trying to be a glory hound with switching to the sneak. He’s a rookie and it had to be mentally overwhelming to know it’s 4th down and the game can be put away against the defending Super Bowl champs right here. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if all his brain let him do was to just close his eyes, power forward and hope for the best.

  3. I believe the former player. This kid will be a disaster in NY. Once I saw that photo of him staring at himself in the mirror or the way his mom is looking to use the NY limelight for herself, etc, his pretty boy antics, etc, I just knew this kid was never even on NE’s draft board. Period.

    And, that’s on top of all the other red flags he has as a QB prospect. He’s gonna bust. The constant running and panicking and inaccuracy, slow to process, etc, are all huge red flags. He’s small too, so he’ll be constantly hurt.

  4. The kid outplayed the best of all time for 58 minutes. I believe the coach, he and LaFleur should have made sure he knew what to do and they didn’t and it cost them the game. This year, no harm no foul and actually it’s better for us in the draft. 1st year coach, OC and QB. They made a dumb mistake. If something like this happens next week, or year that’s a different story.

  5. Saleh might have saved his skin by hiring a QB coach for Wilson in mid-season. Should have done so from day one. Wilson’s footworks and pocket adjustment have improved a lot.

  6. To judge a rookie QB’s entire career trajectory over one bad mental lapse seems very foolish to me. The haters should settle down a bit.

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