USFL to have a “player selection meeting” on February 22-23

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After nearly 40 years, the USFL returns in April. More information is emerging about the plans for the reconstituted pro football league. (Technically, it’s not affiliated or associated with the 1980s-era USFL, even though the eight initial teams will be named after the eight original USFL teams.)

A Tuesday memo sent to all NFL Players Association contract advisors explains that a “player selection meeting” will happen on February 22-23. To be eligible for selection, players must sign a contract with the league before then.

The USFL will operate as a single entity, and players will be employed directly by the USFL. Each of the eight teams will have a 38-man active roster and a seven-man practice squad.

Players will receive “base compensation,” and they will be eligible for “win bonuses.”

Eligibility to join the USFL hinges on graduating from high school in 2020 or earlier. This means that the USFL will accept players after only two years of college.

Training camps open on March 21, and the 10-week season starts in April. Games will be televised by Fox (which owns the league) and NBC.

11 responses to “USFL to have a “player selection meeting” on February 22-23

  1. gbpforme says:

    January 4, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Another failure in the making!

    I’m guessing you hear that a lot growing nf up! If they understand it will take time to build their brand and attract a loyal audience they will be fine but if their expecting to make money in year 1 or 2 then they likely will fail.

  2. If each team can blossom 1 or 2 players that will migrate to the NFL, the league will be a success.

  3. The NCAA needs to be concerned. The USFL looks and sounds like a farm league for NFL players. Unlike college football, they’ll get paid. For players who aren’t really in college for the degree, this can offer them a high level of visibility without having to deal with things they don’t care about.

  4. It would have succeeded in the 1980’s if a clueless con man didnt try to move the league to the fall. Everything he touches turns into it

  5. Let’s hope that Fox sports keeps all the games televised to build a following in each city.

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