Vic Fangio believes Broncos are “on the cusp” of being team they want to be

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Broncos head coach Vic Fangio said last week that he isn’t worrying about his job security as the regular season comes to a close, but he spent some time Monday trying to make a case for why he should be back for a fourth season in Denver.

The Broncos are 19-29 since Fangio was hired as their head coach and a three-game losing streak has taken them out of playoff contention in the AFC. Fangio noted that all three losses were to teams in the playoffs or playing for spots in Week 18 and that the first two of them were close losses as a way or arguing that the Broncos aren’t far away from being a playoff team themselves.

“We played three teams that are probably going to be in the playoffs and fought them tooth-and-nail and had some tight games,” Fangio said, via Kyle Newman of the Denver Post. “A four-point game, a five-point game. To me, that shows that we’re close, we’re close to being there. We’ve got a find a way to get over the top. I believe in this team, and we’re on the cusp of getting to the point where we want to be.”

The Broncos have had subpar offenses in all three of Fangio’s seasons with the team and there’s not much reason to think a major leap forward is going to take place without an upgrade at quarterback this offseason. We’ll likely know in the next week if Fangio will be on hand as the Broncos search for that quarterback.

14 responses to “Vic Fangio believes Broncos are “on the cusp” of being team they want to be

  1. Fangio is the poster child for the “Peter Principle.” Promoted beyond his ability as a DC. Incapable of making effective onfield HC decisions, uses the challenge flag as a wishing and hoping device,1 of 10 successful challenges, inept clock management, and has refused to fire his inept hires. His special teams have allowed an NFL worst FIVE Kickoff returns for TD’s during his 3 year debacle. Sadly, since there is no owner in Denver and this train wreck will probably continue for another year.

  2. Broncos were relatively competitive with Bridgewater. Not sure a different coach could have gotten better results and if I’m Elway I’m worried more about a QB than coach.

  3. All they need is a QB, Wilson, Rodgers, Cousins, Watson, or maybe Mayfield.

    Mayfield would be the long shot, but now with FA and draft next up for the Broncos, we’ll see.

  4. once this current coaching staff is gone, a new owner in place, J Elway retires and a good QB on the roster he may be right…but until then

  5. All Chiefs fans feel like Denver is close so please keep Fangio on for the next several seasons.

  6. They are not until they get a very good QB, at best Teddy is an average QB that needs a stifling D to make up for his lack of talent. Aaron (it is all about the pay) or Russ (wants to be on a contender Denver is not) are going to want $50 million a year and their teams are going to need many 1st round, 2nd round and 3rd round picks to let them leave. Watson is to stupid to settle and the Texans already turned down a rumored 3 ones and 3 threes. Other than that the FA agent market Teddy is probably the best of that very average market and there looks to be no very good QB’s (worthy of a high pick) in this draft.

  7. He’s right, they just need modest improvements in offense, defense, special teams, coaching and general management/personnel to become very competitive.

  8. “Mayfield would be the long shot”

    When did you last watch Mayfield play? Because in a fair and open competition Bridgewater beats him out.

  9. Well, weed is legal and widespread in Colorado, so that could explain his outlook on the Broncos.

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