Washington Football Team will unveil new name on February 2

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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This Groundhog Day, the Washington Football Team will be singing I Got You, Babe in reference to a new name for the team.

February 2. That’s when a new label and logo for the franchise will be unveiled. The official rebrand follows two years of being known generically as “The Washington Football Team.” Some (including me) prefer that name and the uniforms that go with it. The organization presumably has selected something else.

Team president Jason Wright writes that the name won’t be “Wolves” or “RedWolves,” due to trademark rights held be other teams.

Before the current season began, the organization that has been rife with dysfunction in recent years couldn’t get its story straight on whether eight finalists had been identified. The names that emerged at the time were Armada, Brigade, Commanders, Defenders, Presidents, RedHogs, RedWolves, and Washington Football Team.

The name change occurs as a result of the decision (under sponsor pressure) to dump the former name, due to the fact that it was (and still is) a dictionary-defined slur. It happens with lingering controversy arising from years of a toxic work environment, the slipshod efforts of the league to document and disclose the findings of a 10-month investigation regarding the workplace, and the most recent embarrassment arising from the collapse of a railing at FedEx Field, sending multiple fans onto the ground — and nearly into the knees of Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

But, please, go ahead and get excited about the looming announcement of the new name. Maybe it will distract you from the fact that, in addition to a new name, the franchise needs a new owner.

112 responses to “Washington Football Team will unveil new name on February 2

  1. Snyder: “Quick, we need something to distract from our stadium falling apart and telling Eagles fans to F off instead of offering medical aid.”

    Snyder Minion: “How about we announce the announcement of our new name?”

    Snyder: “Yes, perfect. Let’s do that.”

  2. If the current NFL sponsor is heavily involved in the decision and design , it’s just going be just awesome!!! Didn’t they give us the multicolored Jags helmet from yesteryear?

  3. They are going to screw this up just like everything else they touch. Need a new owner indeed

  4. Having the name be Brigade or Armada means that they would have the only nickname in the NFL that isn’t primarily presented with an “s” on the end. It would be like the Orlando “Magic”.

    This would be out of place for an NFL nickname, but I guess “Washington Football Team” wasn’t a traditional move either.

  5. Hmmm, maybe they will be announcing a sale to Amazon and will call themselves the Amazonians… Don’t laugh, that’s what Amazon calls their employees.

  6. Anyone else disappointed they’re not just sticking with Washington Football Team? I think the blandness actually makes it a cool name.

  7. Just keep the name they have now. Actually better yet, just have them pack up and shut down. Perhaps turn FedEx Field into affordable housing or some sort of auto salvage yard.

  8. Their big announcement will be they are keeping the existing Washington Football Team name. You gotta admit it’s kinda grown on yah, right?

  9. The Washington Snyders – with the spiderman logo on the helmet (spider catching it’s prey(fans) in it’s web)

  10. Isn’t Groundhog Day a publicized event to see if we are getting more of the same? So WFT fits in with them picking that specific day to announce. The new name is the old name.

  11. Federals, Sentinels, Renegades, Defenders, Redhogs ok. If it’s the commanders it might be the last straw for this longtime fan.

  12. On February 2nd?

    The Ground Hogs perhaps, I kind of like that name actually, it fits with their history.

  13. The Washington Deficit has a nice ring to it and fits no matter what party is in power. Or perhaps the Washington Red Ink.

  14. Fans overwhelmingly favored RedWolves but Snyder was apparently too cheap to buy the trademark. As with everything else with this organization, look for the team to come up with a lame second-rate name. Whatever the name, hopefully next year water won’t pour over fans at the stadium and the stands won’t collapse.

  15. After watching the Globetrotters for years, I can’t think of a better name for this over-hyped, destined-to-lose team than the Washington Generals. Although Leaky Riverboats a play on Congress as the Washington Do-Nothings would also be appropriate.

  16. Everyone is a (lousy) comedian.

    I think The Armada would be cool. Or the Presidents.

    The Washington Armada / Washington Presidents

  17. “Some (including me) prefer that name and the uniforms that go with it.”
    If people prefer Washington Football Team then it’s a very small section of people who want that. Its generic and sounds like middle school intramural team.

  18. The Washington Wokes. How bout the Washington Interests ? Since special interests run Congress anyway …

  19. tb12bestqbevah says:
    January 4, 2022 at 10:05 am

    Pssssst……No one cares.

    Could not agree more. Currently the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) is crippled from the latest 7+ inches of snow. The Metro transit is shut down, the Federal Government is shut down, Interstate 95 North and South is shut down with vehicles that have been stranded for over 12 hours, thousands are without power, and they are calling up the National Guard.

    In the mist of all this activity, the Washington Football Team made the command decision to release the date of the franchise new name? Well done, glad to see that culture change is working so well.

  20. They should name them “Washington Snyders”. That way, the remaining fans will wave goodbye & Snyder will be left w/ a worthless franchise.

  21. Washington Weasels?

    Snyder likes attention, and what better way to draw attention than to have your team mascot be a reflection of you.

  22. The name is the admirals – type in Washingtonadmirals.com and it takes you to the WFT website. I guess the team was too stupid to realize linking that would give away the name.

  23. They currently have a uniquely interesting name. It’s a throwback and could be marketed well. Almost certainly they will come up with something bland. If they don’t I will be pleasantly surprised. But it will be really hard to stand out by choosing some middle of the road family friendly mascot name.

  24. I don’t like Dan Snyder on a personal level any more than anyone else, but any insinuation that he, for any reason, shouldn’t be the owner of that team is objectively wrong.

  25. They’re going to choose something awful like Brigade.

    I say they should go for something appropriate, simple, and to the point.

    The Washington Losers.

  26. RedHogs was a finalist and they’re announcing on Groundhog Day. Not too hard to connect the dots.

    I kind of like it. Hogs are disgusting smelly animals. While not as ferocious as Tigers, Lions, Bears and other more traditional sports mascots, I still wouldn’t want to have to fight a hog. I guess they’re somewhat dangerous. Beautifully personifies a franchise that is never a true contender but frisky enough to win 5-7 games per year.

  27. Knowing their ineptness, it will be Washington Columbians and have a logo of Christopher Columbus…or Pablo Escobar.

  28. I bet they go through all this just to say the name is still Washington Football Team, but they unveil new logos and such.

  29. Should go with Washington Windtalkers.

    The Windtalkers (AKA Codetalkers) were Native Americans who aided the WWII war effort by serving as codebreakers. This way the team can hold onto its colors and Native American imagery.

  30. With much respect to the many clever ideas suggested here, I propose the Washington Mirth.

    It’s so bad, it’s good. Change the name every two or three years thus generating dozens of sales of new jerseys and ball caps!

  31. Since “the Hogs” played such an important part in the glory days of this team, it seems to me incorporating “Hogs” into the name SOMEhow is appropriate. Or just the Washington HOGS! Works for me… simple, ties to the past when their teams won, and SHOULDN’T offend anyone, although with PITA you just never know!

  32. Why do they even have to announce that they will be announcing something?
    They could of just made the announcement on 2/2, after all, no one really cares, including their fans who have put up with that worthless owner for far too long.

  33. Not sure how Armada could be in contention, I would think Nissan would own the rights to that name and they have a lot more money than Dan Snyder. Washington Sentinels probably isn’t usable either due to it being the name of the football team in The Replacements; they may have trademarked it for the movie. Senators also won’t work because that name is in use in Double-A baseball; Harrisburg Senators the farm club for the Nats.

  34. I think they should be called the Washington Bombers because every year they finish last. This organization is right there with the worst orgs in the league. What a disaster on and off the field.

  35. chillyball says:
    January 4, 2022 at 12:29 pm
    Guys, Eagles fans are used to falling down on the concrete. Don’t sweat it.

    I’m a Falcons fan unfortunately and even I know that the Eagles have won more super bowls in the last 4 years than 28 other teams.

    And if you are a WFT fan, when was the last time your team has won anything? I’ve been to many stadiums, I’ve been very fortunate, and I’ll tell you there are at least 24 other teams that wish their fans had the passion and understanding of the game as those folks up there.

  36. If it’s Feb 2, it’s gotta be Groundhogs. I imagine an actual groundhog on the stage who sees his shadow and predicts six more decades of mediocrity.

  37. With the smell of controversy still very much around the team, look to them to use some kind of boring, bland, generic military imagery in the name and logo. The league overall has shown that empty pandering to the military is great cover for any controversy – it’s pretty much the entire purpose of the empty association between the league and military – so I expect something similar here, with an air of slapped-together about it.

  38. I believe it’s down to Commanders or Admirals. Some speculate that Redtails will be the name. Wolves or Red Wolves are out.

  39. Someone tell Snyder that Commanders aren’t the highest rank. Then maybe he’ll call the team the Washington Generals.

  40. How about the Washington Can’t Get Rights, since whatever they do they can’t get it right.

  41. Washington Minor Leaguers

    Washington Icemen (sorry trying to get it close to Theissman)

    Washington Voodoos

  42. I still think it’s a mislead ….Redwolves or Wolfpack will be the new name. Can’t use infringement issues because if you look up Admiral’s there is a sports team out there already with that name.

  43. Their name should be the “Washington Opposing Fans” because thats who fills their stadium for games now.

  44. Armada, Brigade, Commanders, Defenders, Presidents, RedHogs, and Washington Football Team. The ONLY one that makes a lick of sense is WFT. Red Wolves would be great, but evidently Snyder is too cheap to license the trademark (and/or the trademark holder is too aware of Snyder’s ethics and morals to be willing to license the trademark to him). Armada, Brigade, Commanders, and Defenders are too militaristic and, frankly, would make the military look bad if associated with them. Presidents is inane, and opens the door to memes featuring Nixon, Trump, etc.. Bad look. RedHogs is dumb – it pays homage to an offensive line that hasn’t existed for 30 years, and that mascot just doesn’t appeal to anybody younger than 50. This entire name change exercise has been bungled from the start – which is status quo for the Snyder regime.

  45. Perhaps fans should just call them the Daniel Snyders until such time as the team is sold.

  46. Only reason it took so long:

    …The name they wanted was not legally available. until January 31, 2022

  47. Ron Rivera said that they have placed their order w/ the manufacturer for all the merchandise. They know what the name is going to be right now.

  48. Just call them the Redhogs and be done with it already. The other names are so uninspired, generic, and sad that it’s comical at this point(WFT/WTF/Whatever woke pandering name you call them while Snyder pouts for the mob). All the other names sound like AAF, XFL, or crappy generic Madden expansion team names.

  49. Keep it WFT… everything else is corny plus Dan can say he never changed the name just dropped the old one. No new name = a middle finger to the haters who wanted a full rebranding.

  50. The way this team gets and has been roasted over the last 25 years, you better not name them redhogs

  51. Nothing against those other suggested names, but I feel that the new team nickname should be the “D.C. Commanders”
    …. it rolls off the tongue better, and it is more inclusive.

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