Another day passes with Antonio Brown still on the Bucs roster

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The Buccaneers’ practice report for Wednesday included wide receiver Antonio Brown as a non-participant for non-injury reasons and there’s a chance that Thursday’s report will have the same entry.

Brown was not moved off of the active roster in Tampa on Wednesday, which makes it three days that the Bucs have opted not to make a roster move involving the wideout since head coach Bruce Arians said Brown is done with the Bucs. Arians made those comments after Brown removed his jersey and shoulder pads on the sideline of Sunday’s game against the Jets and headed to the locker room on his own.

Arians reiterated that Brown is done with the team when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday and said, via Greg Auman of, that the team is working on a “management decision” for how to remove him from the roster.

Simply releasing him would make Brown available to the rest of the teams in the league and the longer the Bucs wait to do something makes it seem like they’d like to avoid that outcome if at all possible.

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  1. Brady is the coach and the owner of the Bucs. He’s basically the football version of Lebron. Brown probably stays and comes back for the playoffs

  2. C’mon, guys! Don’t you realize what an incredibly difficult job it is to come-up with a believable excuse to get AB back on the team for Tommy?

    It’s impossible to move heaven and earth in a mere day or two, you know.

  3. This AB countdown has to stop.

    They’re not going to release him until their season is done. Why would they release him now and risk a possible playoff opponent picking him up?

  4. I would release him the day after the Super Bowl. Until then, he’s suspended without pay for being an idiot.

  5. The Bucs are doing exactly what they should, keeping this clown in limbo until their season is over. You know there is a team out there that will sign this idiot if they get the chance.

  6. The Rams, Saints, Cards (if Hopkins is still out) and Niners could all use a very good speedy receiver. Once the Bucs are done they will release AB, it is worth the roster spot.

  7. And on the 7th day TB12 rested and ended his work which He had done.
    No question here who is control of the Bucs.

  8. Just another reason to hate on the Bucs. They wont be going to the Super Bowl this year. Last year was enough.

  9. The Bucs get the added bonus of busting AB’s chops, letting him twist in the wind, and using him as an example to show what happens if a player acts up like that again.

  10. The Bucs are giving him the Watson treatment. They don’t need to do anything. Don’t need to release him at all, he is on a one year contract. He’ll be a free agent soon enough. Then we will see what the league thinks of him.

  11. Arians to TB12. “Either AB goes, or I go!” TB12: “It’s been good, Bruce. Take care, hear?”

  12. It’s not a question of if but when, and who, picks up AB. I hope it’s a playoff contender and then AB can burn Arians and Brady!

  13. There’s already a clear mental health narrative established. Seems like there are likely legal ramifications for cutting him for his outburst if it’s a manifestation of documented mental health concern. Just saying.

  14. AB is being rested for the playoffs. Brady knows that his only chance to repeat – and what Tom wants, Tom gets.

  15. I don’t know if AB needs help or not; I tend to think not, that he’s just a loaded gun that can go off at any time unpredictably. But that is risk you signup for if you hire the guy.

    There is no denying he is an elite receiver – certainly in the top 20 in the league. Which is why I agree completely with the Bucs keeping him on their roster in order to prevent him from getting picked-up by some other Super Bowl contender. If they release him, he WILL get picked up by either the LA Rams or KC Chiefs to use in their super bowl runs. Brown would be every bit as helpful to either of those teams as he was to the Bucs for their 2020-2021 championship run. So keep him on the roster Bucs; let him sit the bench (or just inactivate for each game), and release him after the super bowl. Simple.

  16. They’re going to do the same thing with Brown the Eagles did with Terrell Owen’s. Cut him so he can’t play for anyone else the rest of the year and bury his paycheck.

  17. The Bucs will deactivate Brown without pay like the Eagles did with Terrell Owens. He won’t be able to play for anyone else this year

  18. There are no advantages, and crystal-clear possible disadvantages, to cutting him at this moment. The Bucs are just doing the smart thing. Nothing to see here.

  19. letsgonow says:
    January 5, 2022 at 9:03 pm
    “No Brown. No chance.” – Brady and the front office to BA.


    What makes you think they let BA make any decisions or care what he thinks?

  20. I’ll bet that ankle that supposedly needs surgery would heal up very quickly somehow if AB could be free to sign with another team.

  21. It is smart to just keep him on the roster. As unlikely as it is, why leave things opened for him to sign with another team? From the Bucs perspective, do you want to leave the chance of him showing up in Green Bay and getting some single coverage on your questionable secondary? Don’t need to know the playbook, just run a go route.

  22. “They’re not going to release him until their season is done. Why would they release him now and risk a possible playoff opponent picking him up?”

    Not only that but being able to show they paid him every penny of his contract will be a really strong defense in any lawsuit he might file. And now that he’s claiming to be hurt he won’t even be able to complain about them not playing him.

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