Antonio Brown: Bruce Arians pressured me to play while injured

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets
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Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown finally has broken his silence regarding his situation with the team. And he has plenty to say.

Regardless of whether he actually wrote some, all, or part of the statement, it has been approved by him for release on his behalf. Among other things, he accuses Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians of pressuring Brown to play while injured.

“Because of my commitment to the game, I relented to pressure directly from my coach to play injured,” Brown said. “Despite the pain, I suited up. The staff injected me with what I now know was a powerful and sometimes dangerous painkiller that the NFLPA has warned against using, and I gave it my all for the team.”

Brown says he played “until it was clear that I could not use my ankle to safely perform my playing responsibilities,” and that “the pain was extreme.”

Brown contends that he took a seat on the bench, and that Arians approach him “vey upset” and shouted, “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?” Brown claims that he told Arians that Brown’s ankle was bothering him.

According to Brown, Arians continued to press Brown to play. Brown said he couldn’t. Brown claims that Arians shouted, “You’re done!” and made a throat-slash gesture.

“I didn’t quit,” Brown said. “I was cut. I didn’t walk away from my brothers. I was thrown out.”

Brown’s statement also contends that G.M. Jason Licht confirmed in text messages to Brown’s representatives that he did indeed tell Arians about ankle pain during the game on Sunday.

“I acknowledge my past,” Brown said, “but my past does not make me a second-class citizen. My past does not forfeit my right to be heard when I am in pain.”

While many things regarding Brown’s situation remain unclear, his statement provides one key aspect of clarity. He’s having surgery on the ankle, and he won’t be playing again this season. Once that settles in, everything else is just details. He was under a one-year deal with the Buccaneers. He’ll become a free agent in March. And if he eventually signs with anyone, it won’t be the Bucs.

Or the Steelers.

Or the Raiders.

Or the Patriots.

213 responses to “Antonio Brown: Bruce Arians pressured me to play while injured

  1. This isnt the first time a team has been accused of this. Which is what some would call a pattern, my friends.

    Obvious buffoonery aside, Tom was technically correct.

  2. The minute he left the field this was alllllllways going to end up in some sort of court.

  3. Considering his history with telling the truth,I find this whole story somewhere in the 20 or 30 percent truth. Usually, you’re also “cut” in an office & not during a game…. I’m pretty sure Brown knows that.
    We also know after hearing Brown speak in the past, he in no way wrote any of this.

  4. We all saw how badly his ankle was injured in his sideline dance on the way out. Fortunate for AB that he was so careful to illustrate that he was effectively hobbled by his ankle injury.

    We all wish him good health and recovery!

  5. I think if AB couldn’t play, then he shouldn’t have been pressured to play. On the other hand, how extreme could the pain in his ankle be if he’s jogging and jumping around as he exits MetLife?

  6. Thankfully removing his pads and Jersey healed him enough to run across the field, and stop to do jumping jacks in the endzone.

  7. OUCH, i mean OUCH that’s gonna sting Arians, the Bucs and the NFL.

    Looks like BA kicked a hornets nest – of lawyers.

  8. There is absolutely, positively, NO WAY that Antonio didn’t write that himself. Bravo, sir, and may the world reward you for the many wrongs you’ve suffered.

  9. You sure it wasn’t Mike Tomlin? Jon Gruden? Bill Belichick? Oh, this time it’s Bruce Arians. Antonio should show us what a real winner he is. He should demand a trade to Jacksonville and show us how one man, other than Tom Brady, can turn a team around.

  10. Always somebody else’s fault. Brown has no credibility. Anyone who signs him gets what they deserve

  11. Go back and watch the video of when the police came to his house and he cursed at them and disgustingly berated his baby mama in front of their kids. Should answer the question of whether he wrote this statement himself

  12. Brown has used caused problems, lied, used false documents and made up excuses too many times, everybody is tired of him.

  13. If you have played in the NFL for any length of time you’ve been injected with pain killer. They don’t hold you down and inject you against your will. Come on man!

    Brian Urlacher went to great lengths to talk about rampant use of this specific pain killer Brown is talking about

  14. Oops, all those rush to judgement dudes on here looking real silly right about now. Bone fragments and torn ligaments away from the bone and they tried to force him to play? He lost money in the process. Narrative sure is different now.

  15. If that is the case, he should not have played. I don’t agree with how he handled it but players should not be expected to play while injured.

  16. Nor the saints. One key element seems left out. What did trainers and medical staff advise? They clearly had to have evaluated his ankle if injections were administered just before or during the game.

  17. Yeah, right. His ankle didn’t seem to be bothering him as he was jumping up and down in the end zone while making his exit.

  18. Its going to be incredibly easy to find footage of all this to back it up… or more likely not. A throat slashing gesture would have been aired far more times than his going-away jumping jacks if it actually happened.

  19. The boy who cried wolf. You lost any currency you had for people to believe you AB. I don’t feel sorry for you. You looked fine hopping around on the field when you took off.

  20. Did AB go to the tent? Nope. Did he consult with team doctors? Did he show any issues during the game? Nope…from what i could see during the game.

    Its football man…if you claim to be there for your brothers in a much needed win…you sat out.

    Im sure hes not the only guy who will correct a lingering injury during the offseason. But he is the only one who quit.

  21. Note to AB – Don’t skip off the field with no shirt when you have a ‘bad ankle ‘.

  22. “Brown contends that he took a seat on the bench, and that Arians approach him “vey upset” and shouted, “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?” Brown claims that he told Arians that Brown’s ankle was bothering him.

    According to Brown, Arians continued to press Brown to play. Brown said he couldn’t. Brown claims that Arians shouted, “You’re done!” and made a throat-slash gesture.”

    There should be video of this. But since it didn’t happen…..

  23. Seems like maybe a coach might want a guy like Brown in just as a decoy even if he knows he’s not 100%.
    Either way, that was some pretty joyful grimacing Brown was doing while he was doing jumping jacks and running out. Looked excruciating.

  24. Oh yeah, AB looked totally incapacitated as he danced off the field when Bruce told him to pound sand…

  25. I think I believe Mr. Brown. I mean, the way he did it was wrong, but, put in that position and being treated that way I might have done the same thing. Dude was hurt enough to need surgery, tried his best to play anyway, going as far as taking a shot to play. When it was clear he couldn’t the coach told to anyway and then when brown told he couldnt the coach, in the middle of the game told him he was cut.

    It would seem to me the BA should be the one being punished here and quite severely. Telling an injured player to play or be cut is about the worst professional sports coach can do in a game. I kinda think BA is the one that has to go if all this is true. I gotta imagine some bucs players will have lost any respect they had for him. Bruce arians I think has to be fired for this. And a lot of media and commenters here I think owe mr. Brown an apology..

  26. I’m guessing Tommy’s days-long attempt to force Bucs management to reinstate AB has now officially failed.

  27. Hope he wins another super bowl elsewhere. He’s a great dude unironically. People just don’t understand

  28. What about the jumping jacks in the end zone and the running out of the stadium?

    And I want to se video of Arians make a throat slashing gesture.

    I don’t believe a word of this statement. Antonio just realized he is not ever going to get paid again…. Unless his rap career takes off.

  29. Blah blah blah… zero chance he is telling the truth! Dude is a fraud and need mental help.

  30. Considering there was a whole team around watching this spectacle, it’ll be interesting if anyone else corroborates this story. So far, the silence is deafening..

  31. “Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown finally has broken his silence regarding his situation with the team. And he has plenty to say.” You mean his agent/lawyer has plenty to say. This was easily predicted. Arians never wanted AB and got pissed with his antics. Whether this statement from AB is accurate is up for debate. It was predictable when the Bucs didn’t cut him. Arians put the Bucs management in a tough spot by speaking to soon about cutting him. He should have waited and the Bucs could have figured out there strategy. AB has in essence now “Lawyered Up”. Its clear from his exit video that his ankle seems to be fine. The Bucs are getting what they deserve.

  32. So Brown was walking that fine line between too painful to run routes but not too painful to do jumping jacks in the end zone. He really does have skills…

  33. Dear Antonio,

    We watched you run off the field to the locker room without even the slightest limp. We don’t believe you.



  34. I actually believe Brown that Arians pressured him to play injured and then lied about it afterwards.

    That being said, he’s not the first player that has been pressured to play injured, but he is the first to strip down and throw a child-like tantrum over it.

    It’s entirely possible (and likely) that Brown is an unstable loose canon and Bruce Arians is simultaneously a jerk and a liar.

  35. I’m as suspicious as the next man about anything AB says, but I would think all of the sideline stuff is potentially recorded / filmed – whether for a Mic’d Up thing or otherwise. So to me the burden is now on the Bucs to turn over the tapes and prove he’s lying.

  36. AB’s claims, most importantly the alleged throat-slash gesture, should be verifiable (or not) by camera footage from the game or stadium security cameras.

  37. As more and more about this trickles out I find myself more and more on Antonio Brown’s side and that hurts a little bit to say.

    I’m not so sure Bruce Arians survives this.

  38. How injured could he be, when after stripping on the sideline, he basically did jumping jacks all the way to the dressing room?
    His major affliction is between his ears.

  39. Somehow, some way, it’s never Antonio Brown’s fault. It doesn’t explain, however, how he’s in such pain he can’t stop from jumping around the end zone on his way out…..I’m no shrink, but Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  40. There’s a reason they haven’t cut him yet and it’s because they know they messed up.

    Bruce jumped the gun and tried to pull tank but like an idiot he ignored the fact that AB has a beat up ankle and actually has a case for medical malpractice.

    It’s not easy to make AB look like he actually has some sense but Bruce did just that lmao

  41. Didnt look like he was in pain the way he celebrated and serenaded the crowd before exiting the field!

  42. Something smells fishy. If this story is fact, where was the team trainer/Dr at? There should of been some sort of communication between them and BA. If AB was to banged up to play, he should have been taken to the locker room. I have no dog in this fight. My opinion is AB lost it. If, (according to AB) that he was in extreme pain, how does he explain his exit off the field?

  43. Doesn’t NFL films document all these games? Surely this sideline interaction is on tape somewhere.

  44. He didn’t seem very injured while he danced and posed while running out of the stadium. *shrug*

  45. A common symptom of ankle injuries is removing you shirt and pads on the sideline during a game.

  46. After he took off his uniform, then went to the locker room, the ankle looked good enough to play.

  47. The MRI results are back. Ankle Torn legiments and bone spurs. This is about to get ugly for the NFL real quick. Those who jumped to conclusions calling the man crazy are back peddling faster than a DB on skates.

  48. Fire Arians.. great X’s and O’s , horrible person. Ask Arizona Cardinals fans about how he throws guys under the bus. Shameful.

  49. If Brown is trying to sway the court of public opinion he isn’t winning over many people with his version of events….not many people are going to feel sorry for an entitled ego maniac that has more melt downs than a Jerry Springer episode.

  50. I think we can throw the B* flag in that. AB seemed pretty light on his feet while getting out of Dodge. Didn’t look hurt at all. It’s a convenient excuse and, like usual, it’s somebody else’s fault.

  51. But ‘he needs help.’ All you fools clamoring for him ‘to get the help he needs’ will probably buy this explanation.

    Brown has been a malcontent since he was college and it all boiled over in spectacular fashion on Sunday and he’s now looking for someone to blame.

  52. Right. His ankle was so badly hurt, that he did jumping jacks across the end zone on his way out of the stadium.

    Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

  53. This is why you run off and do jumping Jack’s in the endzone…
    I understand! I also do jumping Jack’s when I have a badly messed up ankle!
    Goodbye Antonio!

  54. He should have thought his story through before running around the stadium and dancing in the end zone.

  55. If Arians did what Brown said he did, there were witnesses and possibly footage. The question becomes whether any of Brown’s teammates will say that’s what happened, or will they side with Arians and say nope, never happened.

  56. Maybe he was gonna use him just as a decoy , Iam sure he cashed that game check also !

  57. He didn’t seem to have any problems jumping up and down on his way out of the stadium. And if his ankle really hurt, why did he have to strip down on his way out? AB is a train wreck with some serious mental health issues.

  58. Sure, I believe every word of that.
    Pretty sure that’s why it was delivered in the middle of the night

  59. Well it looks like old A.B. is about to wiggle out of another knot he tied himself up in. See ya next year A.B., hopefully in D.C. – you all are a match made in heaven (-:

  60. If his heads on straight he can play for the Steelers and Tomlin anytime. Over the years he put a lot on the field for the Steelers. It’s not a revenge driven universe.

  61. “I acknowledge my past”

    Well one thing we know for sure – AB didn’t write this statement.

  62. Why did it take 3 days for his version to come out? If true, wouldn’t he have been screaming it on Sunday?

  63. After watching the way he trotted off the field doing jumping jacks and trotting across the end zone to the locker room, it’s kind of hard to believe him.

  64. The biggest problem with the injury excuse is he had no problem jogging off the field and jumping around in the end zone.

  65. To believe any part of Brown’s statement, there has to be some concrete evidence he can point to that proves that Arians was told he was injured. Otherwise, because both him and Arians have serious credibility issues, no one will know what to believe. Both Brown and Arians end up with no integrity.

  66. I guess those tight black boots he was wearing while waiting for a ride where good for his broken ankle? Accountability is something this guy lacks. Four teams have cut ties with him, none of the times was his fault.

  67. Of course. Once again, he has done nothing wrong. He was wronged. It just took him three days to figure it out.

  68. A lot of he said she said but for some reason Brown sounds more credible than Arians on this one. Birds of a feather.

  69. Clown trying to cover his backside. I’m waiting to hear the other side of the story. Arians I’m sure will be a professional and keep it behind closed doors. Acting like a child and ripping off your gear was grounds for termination anyway. I’m guessing he was being asked to be a decoy for his team and didn’t like the idea. I honestly can’t see a professional coaching staff putting themselves in harms way by trying to force a player to play. Something doesn’t smell right here. I though his outside “surgeon” said it was just painful? When did this surgery idea pop up? I’m sure teammates would be standing up for him left and right if this was an injury issue. Especially since Brady pretty much runs the team and they are close. Even after this statement, he still doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

  70. The Bucs brought the devil into their home to win a super bowl, now they’re paying the price which will probably equal AB bonus money along with all the drama. There is not one person who couldn’t see this ending bad.

  71. This is getting very interesting, especially if Brown’s statement about Licht’s knowledge of the situation is true. That of course, could be a big if…

  72. If Arians made a throat-slash gesture while pressuring AB to go on the field, that means he indeed consider him as a second-class citizen, and that the hypocrisy in his subsequent recap towards the media, reaches the level of foolishness AB showed on the field as a reaction.

  73. “I didn’t quit,” Brown said. “I was cut. I didn’t walk away from my brothers. I was thrown out.”

    Riiiiiight. That was the worst excuse ever. Regardless of whether or not you believe the spin job by his agent, you don’t just throw your gear off and storm off the field. He 100% quit. AB has a terrible agent.

  74. The dude was jumping around and doing jumping jacks as he was leaving the feild. He was also partying just a couple days after the game. He couldn’t be that hurt.

  75. Yep I am still amazed it took so long for him to be such an idiot.

    I can’t even put into words what a spectacular job the Steelers did keeping him in line so long.

  76. His ankle didn’t seem to bother him while doing jumping jacks shirtless as he left the field.

  77. Brown contends that he took a seat on the bench, and that Arians approach(ed) him…

  78. Everyone already knows that AB is batcrap crazy. But if you believe this knucklehead’s ankle was in any way an issue after seeing the way he pranced off that field at 100% capacity, then *YOU* are the one who should be in a rubber room.

  79. Is there any teammates or even cameras that can confirm AB’s account? If not, AB’s history of being untrustworthy may not be a reason to treat him like a second class citizen, but it should demand accountability… which is something that has rarely happened in AB’s football career.

    AB should be grateful the Bucs don’t sue him for putting the team & fans at risk by producing a falsified vaccination record. Which is a felony since it’s a federal government document.

    AB’s a danger to himself & those around him. He needs help, not coddling!

  80. Proabably–Arians seems like a jerk. This is just some late season/pre-playoff storyline to give Goodell’s Golden Boy a little adversity prior to winning another Super Bowl.

  81. Ohhhhh, the clashes of labor and management. As much as he has been a problem child his story has some plausibility. As The NFL Turns, the drama will continue….

  82. So he was in extreme pain, eh? Funny, the pain didn’t seem so bad when he was running off the field and doing jumping jacks for the crowd.

  83. One thing is for certain.. we haven’t heard the last of this.

    I am a bit surprised that AB’s/his attorney’s reply isn’t at least “linked” in the article; there are quite a few more “nuggets” within it.

    “They threw me out like an animal and I refused to wear their brand on my body, so I took my jersey off.” That sounds like AB.. but later is this – “I gave the Bucs everything I had on the field. What the organization is doing now needs to get cleaned up.” That sounds like legal attorney “warning shot” talk directed at the NFL and Bucs ownership.

  84. Isn’t there mics and cameras everywhere on the sideline? If so, it wouldn’t be too hard to prove or disprove his bs

  85. Did he also pressure you into making a spectacle of yourself while throwing a tantrum like a 4 year old? Asking for a friend.

  86. He has to find a team with a bigger diva than him at QB who can get him the ball and then live in that QBs Shadow. Who’s left besides Rodgers?

  87. If the man was really in pain then that’s a problem. Not really sure what happened and both sides have their own versions but in the end you can probably figure it out by listening to both sides.

  88. We all know this is NOT TRUE. AB was was doing jumping Jack’s in the end zone and showing no signs of being hurt prior. This guy will never take ownership of his own behavior or actions and its time for him to be put on Revis Island and never catch another pass in the NFL again. BYE KAREN!

  89. We may see another drawn out legal process where AB gets 10-15 million to walk away.

  90. AB’s ankle didn’t look that bad when he was having a temper tantrum on the sidelines throwing off his jersey and pads, jumping around and waving at the Jets fans while running off the field.

  91. Not a big fan of Bruce Arians, but get real here. Antonio Brown has shown himself to be a liar and a criminal. So I’m going with Arians’ story until some third-party proves otherwise.

  92. He’s playing the injury card for public sympathy. He’s on a small contract and owes people money. He was so close to a million dollars he’d play with a broken leg. He showed no evidence of an ankle injury on the field and that is an easy one to see. From what I read elsewhere, he complained to Brady that Gronk was getting all the balls, Brady gave him a smart reply and he snapped because….. that’s the way he is.

  93. Regardless of who’s right or wrong in this situation, this is where your history comes back to bite you. What ? Are we supposed to trust anything that comes out of ABs mouth ? Get out

  94. He didnt seem to be in any pain at all, much less extreme pain, as he walked and jumped and ran off the field. Didnt even have a limp or a hitch in his stride. He was also spotted at a Nets game the next day, no limp etc reported.

    Sorry, if you are feeling extreme pain in your ankle, its noticeable when you walk/run. And typically, you are told to stay off it to allow it to heal. This is all BS.

  95. Or anyone who has been paying attention
    his drama to talent ration is way heavy in the drama range. Also coming off surger and older you can find someone that will do what he does without the drama

  96. When you got any degree of ankle pain, you don’t run around doing jumping jacks.

    Also, bizarre to see he will take painkillers but not an FDA approved vaccine.

  97. Always the victim. That is the problem with him. He is a oblivious to his own issues and faults. All he will ever be to everyone around him is a drain and dramatic show. It is sad in reality.

  98. Millennial attitude from a guy from the “me generation”. Never his fault.

  99. Right but your past histrionics will always affect your credibility, and that’s all on you.

  100. If he was in so much pain, how could he do jumping jacks in end zone with no shirt on?

  101. Please just go away, crawl in a hole somewhere and never come out, you are bad for football.

  102. That ankle sure looked bad AB as you hopped and skipped all the way down the field shirtless. I guess it really is the Bucs fault, huh? Just like the Raiders, Patriots and Steelers….

  103. surgery on his ankle for what? Yesterday we were told that the MRI preformed by HIS specialist showed that he was in a lot of pain….. can’t have surgery to fix a sore ankle. If there was structural damage to the ankle, why wasn’t it shown or mentioned by the specialist??

  104. It makes me laugh at the fact that these “journalists” don’t ask Brown, “if you were so hurt, why did you dance in the endzone and run thru the tunnel? The ankle appeared to not bother you then”

  105. Funny. He didn’t look hurt when he was dancing shirtless through the end zone on his way out.

  106. The fact they haven’t cut him makes me think this is true. They know cutting him under those situations will cause further issues for them.

  107. I hate to see this guy spiral down to where he has, mainly because he seems to be a walking billboard for CTE research.

    There is a level of guilt I feel just promoting and watching the game seeing as they don’t do enough to ensure guys lives are not permanently affected by their playing careers. Imagine growing up as a child and seeing your dad go total nuts from what he does to put money on the table?

    That said, in this particular situation, Bruce might have been wrong but Brown’s past clearly precedes him. He’s been given a long leash and should understand why he’s in this position and probably should take the time to clear something up with his boss before going straight to cray cray on the sidelines. I mean, you have a rep in this league, and it’s not a good one. The onus is on you to clarify any miscommunications or slights from your boss.

  108. Not only did AB not write that, I don’t believe for a second that he even READ it.

  109. Antonio’s juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Drama follows him to every team. Enjoy your post-NFL life, AB-Baby.

  110. Maybe Brown is right. Maybe he is the victim. But how can anyone defend the way hes handled the situation? AB is going to learn very quick nobody wants to work with people that handle things like this.

  111. Bruce Arians is the most overachieving overrated coach in the league and will return to irrelevance once Brady goes away.

  112. If Antonio Brown told Bruce Arians that Brown’s ankle was hurting too much for him to go into the game, don’t you think he’d start limping around, dramatically, in the bench area like a petulant child fake-coughing after telling his mother he’s too sick to go to school? That’s exactly what he would have done. In front of the cameras, for maximum dramatic effect. Instead, he did what he did and looked very nimble doing it.

  113. NFLPA needs to immediately file a grievance on AB’s behalf for endangerment. A true investigation will exonerate either AB or Arians.

  114. “Regardless of whether he actually wrote some, all, or part of the statement, it has been approved by him for release on his behalf.”
    Of course he didn’t write that, none of these guys ever write their own statements. If you need proof just compair the wording of their statements to their tweets.

  115. He’s gonna wriggle free… get paid, keep his job, escape punishment, continue to be enabled… and just keep going.

  116. The Bucs should not be surprised. Like any business, you run the risk with hiring a person that has a history of behavioral issues…..It’s actually sad. They knowingly skipped the background check and brought him on solely because of his talent. They should not be surprised with the situation they are in. It’ll only get messier with an added distraction going into the playoffs. Do not doubt that Arians gestured to AB while saying ‘you’re done’. Fits his personality.

  117. Yeah, AB definitely had more than a little help with his homework on this one. Nothing wrong with that. Just a bit too obvious is all.

  118. Even if he’s telling the truth-he is still a malcontent who blazes a trail of drama. The Bucs and any team who signs him deserve each other.

  119. Extreme pain due to an injured ankle, yet jogged back to the locker room without a limp or anything. What’s that smell? Oh yeah, it’s BS!!!!

    If they gave him a shot, he SHOULD have said he was worried about causing more damage to his already torn up ankle – because it was obvious that whether his ankle is damaged or not, he was NOT in much, if any pain – and certainly not “extreme” pain, at least as I define extreme pain. Extreme ankle pain – you are hobbling and barely able to stay upright.

  120. “He lost money in the process. Narrative sure is different now.”

    He hasn’t lost a penny yet because he’s still on the team and he’ll probably officially stay on the team because not only does that prevent the unlikely chance he’d sign with somebody else for the playoffs but it also effectively insulates the Bucs from any legal action. I suppose he could sue arguing they impacted his future earnings but given his history including being suspended this season for using a fake vaccine card that would be a tough lawsuit for him to win. Dude is his own worst enemy.

  121. Having done serious ligament and ankle injuries over the years, Brown did himself in by not hobbling out of the stadium. IMO there was nothing wrong with his foot. Not to mention he said he went to a private doctor who said he had broken bones but he avoided the official doctor of the team and probably the trainers as well so this story is just that, a fish tale. A whopper.

  122. Based on his MRI, Brown may well have a case regarding Arians demanding that he play through an injury. Had he just quietly walked into the locker room, he’d have the upper hand here.

    But of course he didn’t. He stripped down to dance topless across the end zone, expressively throwing his gear into the crowd. And all sympathy is lost.

    My biggest issue with AB is his fraudulent COVID card. While I have issues with all the COVID deniers, Brown really takes the cake.

    Guys like Kyrie Irving and Cole Beasely are honest about what they are doing. They may be wrong, but at least they are not deceitful.

    Aaron Rodgers inexplicably misled the public about his vaccination status by using the word “immunized.” But he didn’t put his teammates at risk by lying to his team.

    Brown’s choice to use a fake COVID card to be eligible to play is absolutely despicable. He put his own ego ahead of the safety of his team. As Mike has noted, given that he came to the Bucs on a very short leash, so to speak, it was surprising that this offense didn’t lead to getting cut.

    But now he’s done. No other franchise is going to touch him. Not even the Raiders, who he already burned. Shame he’s wasted his Hall of Fame talent.

  123. mogogo1 says:
    He hasn’t lost a penny yet because he’s still on the team and he’ll probably officially stay on the team because not only does that prevent the unlikely chance he’d sign with somebody else for the playoffs but it also effectively insulates the Bucs from any legal action.
    Brown only needed 8 more catches, 55 more yards and one touchdown to get a 1M bonus.

  124. The Bucs may cut Brown after the Super Bowl, if that is their plan. The problem is that they won’t officially be rid of him for years if he takes them to court. If this doesn’t teach Brady and Arians a hard lesson, nothing will. The athletic ability that Brown possesses was not worth all of this, was it? Go for it with the guys that you have.

  125. If he can’t play, or thinks he can further injure his ankle if he does, then you can go back to the locker room, not make a complete ass of yourself, and call your union rep. That’s why the union exists, to defend you in situations like this. If nothing else, he’s incredibly disruptive and unprofessional, and doesn’t deserve a job because of it.

  126. He dressed for the game ….

    It’s completely disingenuous to paint a picture of a debilitating injury while in uniform. It’s really that simple. If you are in uniform the expectation is you can play. Or it makes sense to not dress to give the next man up a shot to help the team. That isn’t hyperbole or opinion. It’s common practice for all teams according to the NFL injury designation status. There are numerous examples of players not dressing all the way up to and after pre-game warmup. So the fact he dressed gives Arians the get of jail free card. Regardless of what may or may not have happened.

  127. Hey AB, you have an issue? Take it up with the union and file a grievance…not social media!

  128. This guy was only a few catches from over a million dollars in bonuses. It makes sense that he’d want to try to play & see if he could play through the pain. I don’t think he just sits down & stops playing when he is so close to those bonuses. He was getting the ball & on his way to those incentives.

    There is a big difference between jogging & making hard cuts with a sore ankle. If AB couldn’t jog, he wouldn’t have played in this game. The issue for a WR is whether or not you can make a hard cut. If you can’t, it probably makes sense to get out of the game.

    AB is still a diva but it sure sounds like Arians messed up here.

  129. Your ankle hurt so bad it made you take your shirt off and start dancing in the end zone as you left the field?

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