Antonio Brown responds to Cameo request addressing Bruce Arians

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As of early Wednesday afternoon, Antonio Brown is still a member of the Buccaneers.

He was not at the day’s practice and, via Greg Auman of, head coach Bruce Arians called Brown’s roster status a “management decision” — meaning Tampa Bay is figuring out the proper transaction to use to dismiss the receiver.

Brown was at a Brooklyn Nets game on Monday, seemingly never departing the New York area after leaving the Bucs-Jets game during the third quarter.

But he’s also been fulfilling requests on Cameo, including one that noted — among other things — someone “also hates Bruce Arians.”

“Hey Eric, I know you’re huge friends of mine and loved what happened the other day,” Brown’s message began. “But I want to tell you…” Brown paused for several seconds before continuing, “A moment of silence for your greatness, your wellness, your appreciation. Integrity is important. Respect is important. What we represent and stand for is important. Eric, continue to be you. Continue to be free to be you, and not let other people have you any kind of way. Have some respect and consideration for yourself.”

Brown also responded to a Cameo request about the Vikings and Mike Zimmer, saying in that message, “I’m trying to figure out my own team, my squad, what I’m doing, where I’m going.”

Brown has not yet made any public comment about Sunday’s incident and what prompted it, so there’s no way to truly gauge if that Cameo message was about how Brown feels he was treated by the Buccaneers.

Nevertheless, Arians has made it clear that Brown will no longer be playing for Tampa Bay.

35 responses to “Antonio Brown responds to Cameo request addressing Bruce Arians

  1. Brown does not possess a single redeeming feature. He is a bum and hopefully will never see an NFL field again. The league will be better off without him.

  2. I find it hard to believe any NFL coach, GM, or owner for that matter would still want this guy, but stranger things have happened. The whizinator comes to mind. T.O. lifting weights in his driveway while on live TV. Who else has some good ones to add?

  3. If he were to show up he would just be suspended for conduct detrimental to the team (which the suspension could have already happened). Him showing up wouldn’t force the Bucs hand

  4. $300 for a personal cameo from AB. There is no way that I would pay that. He might run off before completing the cameo.

  5. Say you don’t understand social media without saying you don’t understand social media

  6. Brown didn’t take a knee, and as we all know that is career ending. So talent and skill like that possessed by Brown will always trump skirmishes of this type, especially if it can help a team win a Super Bowl.

  7. It’s hard to believe, but someone will sign him. They will bring him in for the playoffs and then send him off.

  8. With all the millions of injuries in the history of the NFL this is the only one that I can recall that ended in a player taking his jersey and pads off and skipping bare chested through the end zone ,,,,,,,,,,just sayin !!!!!

  9. Brown should have waited till after the game, fulfilled his bonuses and got that extra million. It runs out fast when you’re a diva and no one wants anything to do with you

  10. I wonder which hotel he’s stiffing in NY.

    As for Arians “making it clear that Brown doesn’t play for the Bucs anymore,” well, people like Arians don’t ever make anything clear — just cheap words falling from a windbag.

  11. It’s a TRAP! says:
    January 5, 2022 at 2:09 pm
    Brown should show up for work and force the bucs hand


    That wouldn’t force them to do anything. The head coach would simply send him away.

  12. Why is it a mystery about how the Bucs are handling this? They won’t pay him, and his conduct makes that a given. By not releasing him they make sure that no competitor will be able to sing him for the playoffs. As it is, the Bucs don’t pay, AB doesn’t play…for anyone.

  13. There’s NO WAY the person who wrote those coherent messages is Antonio Brown, a man who struggles to string together consecutive words when speaking.

  14. If nothing else Arians is probably the best “tough love” Head Coach in the league. He might not be easy on you, but he loves his guys, no question about it. For a player to have a fallout with Arians there had to be more than just this single incident. As Arian’s said…Brown just can’t help himself. At the end of the day Brown is about Brown and no one else.

  15. The Bucs should just keep it simple. Since there is so little money left on his contract, just keep him on the roster and make him inactive. The less distraction the better.

  16. Brown just makes it harder and harder to feel sorry for him. People would love to be as gifted as he is athletically, and have the opportunity to make the money he has made. He appreciates NONE of it, or the people who have tried to help him. He will be flat broke and friendless (except for Brady) very soon. What a waste.

  17. I think that Burfect hit really did some damage to AB. Clearly, there is some brain damage from the concussion.

  18. Brown should start his own clown show. He has all the qualities, looks funny, acts funny.

  19. His ankle didn’t seem to be bothering him while he was prancing around in the end zone on his way out of the stadium.

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