Hub Arkush issues written apology for speaking about his plan to not vote for Aaron Rodgers

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On Wednesday afternoon, Hub Arkush returned to the airwaves of 670 The Score in Chicago with a qualified apology regarding his comments from Tuesday articulating his intention to not vote for Aaron Rodgers for NFL MVP for reasons other than his on-field performance. More recently, Arkush has reduced that apology to writing.

But he continues to apologize only for publicly disclosing his wrong-headed reasoning about the vote, not for having wrong-headed reasoning. Indeed, nothing he said today or wrote tonight suggests that the intense pushback he experienced has caused him to reevaluate the situation and change his position. By all appearances, he continues to be intent on not voting for Rodgers, for improper reasons.

Indeed, Arkush seems to think that the criticism he has endured misses the mark.

“I’ve apparently unleashed a small army of self-styled social media and talk radio experts who have no clue what they’re talking about to challenge the quality of the voting process and would attempt to invalidate any vote or thought process that doesn’t agree with their own,” Arkush writes.

Now that’s the kind of abject contrition you don’t see every day.

Bottom line? Arkush is sorry only because he said the quiet part out loud. He’s not sorry for the quiet part. Thus, his apology should not keep the Associated Press from immediately rescinding his vote and reassigning it before the ballots for the 2021 season are cast next week.

84 responses to “Hub Arkush issues written apology for speaking about his plan to not vote for Aaron Rodgers

  1. The AP should strip him of his vote. AND have each voter write a paragraph or two explaining how they voted. To determine competency, understanding of the game/award and to insure they’re not voting against a player. Rather for the MVP of a team. Not the best player or one you hate.

  2. SMH It appears most people have not figured out you can’t make spur of the moment comments anymore even in your own backyard. He probably thought he was talking to a sympathetic audience of Bears fans. Still not a good thing say. With the reach of social media today it was the shot heard round the football world.

  3. Big deal. Lots of people hate Tom Brady. Lots hate Rodgers. I doubt that any of the haters ever met either guy. Maybe if Joe Burrow continues his greatness he’ll be hated too. I wouldn’t waste any energy worrying about being hated.

  4. Rodgers is a major tool but he is 100% right here. The journalist’s job is supposed to be objective in voting for the league’s most valuable player. Said player’s personal opinions are irrelevant to his performance. Be a professional or give up your vote to someone who is.

  5. What’s the criteria for the award? Can someone show me where it says most valuable player pertains to stats on the field only? Doesn’t leadership fall into the category of value? I’m just asking questions here.

  6. I’m not a Rogers fan per say. But he is far from the monster the media makes him. This story lives on yet Henry Ruggs is yesterday’s news. Plenty of other NFL stars are unvaccinated media forgets about them.

  7. 44 year old Tom Brady has one fewer win and 1,000 more yards than Rogers, playing in a much tougher division. The NFC North is an embarrassment to football, as it has been for Rogers’ entire career.

    It’s easy to look great playing against pylons.

  8. radar773 says:
    January 5, 2022 at 8:20 pm
    If Rodgers is entitled to his opinion, so is Arkush.


    Absolutely. Hub is entitled to his opinion- but he is NOT entitled to a vote. And yes, opinions are without doubt reason enough to disqualify one from a privileged position.

  9. Maybe the voter should have made a valid criticism of something between the lines on GameDay?

    Even some here have made their arguments on a stat line level. Which are always up for debate. But at least its about the game.

  10. Rodgers is dead wrong about his stance on the vaxx. He’s wrong and that mindset can and does hurt others. But he plays football for a living and Hub writes about football for a living and votes about football players playing football. It’s about staying in your lane on this one.

  11. I think more people need to say the quiet part out loud. The silence and looking the other way around anti-science, anti-public-health COVID deniers and the horrible example so many pro athletes like Rodgers are setting makes this sport and most of the people covering it complicit in a public health disaster.

    While Rodgers is pretty clearly the MVP on the field, more journalists need to take a step back and question what is being normalized by just going along to get along.

  12. As a Vikings fan, I don’t agree with his reasons for not voting him MVP. He was probably, reluctantly, get my vote, or at least be in the discussion. That being said, I hate that Rodgers said it was because he wasn’t vaccinated…dude, it’s because you lied about it…tons of guys aren’t vaccinated and no one really cares. You are kind of proving the bum’s point…both clowns in my opinion.

  13. I’ve never heard of Arkush before yesterday and never met the man, but he seems far from level-headed and logical and am very surprised he is one of 50 people in the country who get to vote on something like this. I would think a journalist would be more unbiased no matter who his home team is?

  14. Damage control. He’s afraid his vote will be taken away. Arkush is a Packer hater and a tool.

  15. So Arkush is essentially blaming the ‘lamestream media’ and ‘cancel culture’ rather than owning what he himself said. Got it. Seeing this a lot lately, and it’s an unfortunate trend.

  16. Imagine this scenario if the MVP were based on stats and nothing else in the voters minds … and AB had the best season it was possible for a WR to have by a mile with twelve game winning TD’s …. and he still did wot he did on the sideline and end zone .. not to mention he does not suit up in the playoffs either … or slot in Henry Ruggs from Las Vegas doing just as well and then on the way home from the last game of the season the accident happened … so with egg on their faces are both of them still the MVP of the league no matter what ?? and for the writers n well that is that !! … there are always other circumstances, situations, emotions and yes less quiet dislikes involved for all the players when it comes to MVP voting for them just like it is for fans who really care about such things.

  17. Aaron made sure that any vote not cast for him is a tainted vote for Miss Congeniality. Why would anyone else even want to win it now.

    It’s amazing how he just toys with the media jackals.

  18. Hub might be wrong in his MVP evaluation (which is totally subjective and imaginary). But Rodgers calling him a bum and basically calling for his job is ridiculous and petty from someone in his position. He should be above random criticism like that.

    How about focus on winning more Super Bowls than Nick Foles and less on MVP votes.

  19. Hub’s lack of integrity in deciding BEFORE the season started that AR could do nothing to earn his MVP vote should force the AP and others to question where else Hub may have made decisions or written articles with a similar lack of integrity or bias.

    His decision was made before the vaccine issue. Where else is Hub making decisions based not on merit but simple bias or prejudice?

  20. Reading between the lines this guy is practically begging to have is AP vote rescinded.

  21. Hub’s vote isn’t for “improper reasons.” He explained that he judges the vaccination drama as conduct detrimental to the team, and thus it is at odds with being the most valuable player to one’s team.

  22. You can be objective and think a guy who was suspended is not getting your vote. You can be objective and think a guy who went to war with his own team is not getting your vote. Rodgers failure as a teammate and a leader can easily disqualify him against an objective set of ill defined criteria. If they want a stats award without personal judgement then just set up a fantasy scoring system. The guy should not have opened his mouth. The same has been true of Rodgers about a hundred times.

  23. jeremycrowhurst says:
    January 5, 2022 at 8:47 pm
    44 year old Tom Brady has one fewer win and 1,000 more yards than Rogers, playing in a much tougher division. The NFC North is an embarrassment to football, as it has been for Rogers’ entire career.

    It’s easy to look great playing against pylons.
    “And 1,000 more yards than Rodgers.” You forgot to include that Brady has 170 more passing attempts. Need I mention that Rodgers is averaging more yards per attempt though? Playing against pylons? I guess that is what you call playing the Rams, Chiefs, Cardinals, Saints, 49ers and Bengals. The Bucs are 0-3 against those pylons.

  24. Brady had a great season but he is not MVP. And he needs to justify why he was the main reason the clown AB ended up in Tampa.

  25. This guy is only begging to keep his voting status and his job at this point. He should’ve said; “I’ll apologize when Rodgers apologizes for allowing his own arrogance to fail him, and then lying about it.”

  26. Once the words come out of your mouth you can’t bring them back that is why you should think before saying anything that can make you look foolish

  27. It’s embarrassing that these bear fan reporters are so jealous of Aaron Rodgers, who is easily the best player at the QB position in NFL History.

  28. Does anyone even remember the MVP or who made the Pro Bowl ?
    Close behind this is the HOF voting process. I seem to recall voters keeping players out for issues not related to their playing career.

    Make everything transparent and have these voters explain themselves live on TV

  29. Are you trying to tell me that Reporters haven’t given an MVP vote for a player they personally liked, or because that player was a bigger star than the others? Are you saying that players haven’t gotten votes because they were sympathetic and maybe never won the award before? Or since QB’s always win, let’s vote for RB. Are you trying to say that never happened???

    Come on, let’s get real. MVP and Pro Bowl votes are TOTAL OPINION. And if we’ve all been okay with guys GETTING votes because of personal opinion, then we should be fine with guys getting voted AGAINST because of personal opinion too. Because all an MVP vote is is pure 100% opinion.

  30. That’s a REAL weak apology from someone as experienced as HA he has lost all credibility as a “journalist”

  31. 44 year old Tom Brady has one fewer win and 1,000 more yards than Rogers, playing in a much tougher division. The NFC North is an embarrassment to football, as it has been for Rogers’ entire career.

    Yeah, the AFC East sure was just a juggernaut, wasn’t it?!

  32. I’m guessing he’s feeling the pressure of having that vote stripped. It’s funny that a player who has dealt with a witch hunt against him since he tested positive for Covid is now the one applying pressure to one of the talking heads. Integrity in the MVP voting is crucial. Money is based on winning this award. He can be salty cause he’s a Bears fan or that he doesn’t like his vaccination status but that in know way should cloud his judgement. He’s a grown man, act like it.

  33. He should have his vote taken away and stop talking. No matter what Aaron Rodgers says or does off the field,he deserves the MVP award. The Packers are nowhere without him. Just look at the Chiefs game that he missed due to having COVID.

  34. Thats not the first time someone has had to apologize to Rodgers, but hopefully its the last.

  35. Hopefully all the other voters are thinking the same. Can’t have a liar as an mvp.

  36. Arkush is not wrong about Rodgers! The unsubstantiated garbage he spews is dangerous and foolish. It empowers those with low intelligence, as displayed in these comments. Cancel Culture is not necessarily a bad thing! Would one not want to cancel someone yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre? He is a tool of epic proportion and always has been. It’s simply undeniable!

  37. MVP…most valuable PLAYER, not person. Maybe all the Wisconsin voters should vow never to vote for a Bear as MVP….oh wait, never mind

  38. Hub you have more good people with you then you have bad people against you i’m a packers fan and i hate his guts .

  39. You would hope the NFL MVP is a respected player in his case the answer is nope !
    He’s easily the most hated athlete in sports .

  40. Hub do not apologize to that far right wing anti-science diva .
    The silent majority has your back keep calling him a liar your
    never wrong when you telling the truth .

  41. Is Aaron Rodgers a lair ? yes Is he a great player again yes ? Is he the reason the Packers are the #1 seed I’d say yes.

    When you take the three all time Packer QB’s Bart Starr Brett Farve and Aaron Rodgers yea he is the the most unlikeable but he is clearly the most talented.

    MVP isn’t a integrity contest

  42. On journalism generally….99.9% don’t know the meaning of objectivity and that’s a fact! Most are just activists with personal opinions! As to this particular case. Arkush is absolutely right, top end sports people are role models and Rogers is certainly not a role model, had the NFL enforced Covid rules and protocols Rogers should have been banned for a good few games and blatantly lying does not make anybody a role model or an MVP

  43. This is one example how the human element can totally ruin the integrity of the award.

    Now imagine the power that the referees have, and how much bias they must keep quiet. Scary

  44. Rogers brings this on himself with half-truths and lies. If he wouldn’t speak so cryptically to the media, he would save himself a lot of trouble. That doesn’t let MVP voters declare who they vote for before the voting itself. That seems to be the only rule this voter broke. We all take impressions of people by what they say and do. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for Rogers because from my perspective Rogers did basically the same thing that AB did with a fake vaccination card. Rogers didn’t where a mask at interviews, said he was inoculated when in public. I lost a lot of respect for a great football player but a person whose word I wouldn’t trust. That certainly cheapens any MVP in my book!

  45. Why do we want to rescind his vote for being honest? Does anyone actually think that anyone who votes on anything decides their vote with zero emotional feeling about those they vote for? I just don’t understand why he apologized? Just own it and say “I don’t like the guy, I have my reasons and I don’t want him to represent the league as MVP” which oh by the way he isn’t. He isn’t even the MVP of his own team, that is clearly DA. He didn’t deserve MVP last year, after he got beat down twice by the Bucs and TB12. Once at home in the NFC championship game. That isn’t MVP material. Being a regular stat getter doesn’t mean anything. Especially in that dumpster fire of a division that may see all other three coaches fired on Monday.

  46. Should have stuck to your story.
    Rodgers went on his 5 minute rant about this writer but yet doesn’t know the guy. I would have been for him if he just would have taken the high rode and let the guys guilt get to him, instead of proving the writer right

  47. Tom Brady says:
    January 5, 2022 at 9:03 pm
    Cancel culture strikes again

    122 107 Rate This


    No, this isn’t cancel culture. What the writer was attempting to pull is what’s cancel culture: “canceling” Rodgers’ performance out, disregarding it because he didn’t like him personally.

  48. “If Rodgers is entitled to his opinion, so is Arkush.” Nobody is saying that Arkush isnt entitled to his opinion(one which I and millions of fans agree with) and say it out loud but he is just as wrong as Rodgers when he considers Rodgers terrible lie more important than his play on the field when it comes to his voting for an MVP candidate.Rodgers performance on the field deserves his consideration and not the stuff off the field.the NFL should find another voter for the MVP who isnt prejudiced by Rodgers off field lies.

  49. This illustrates the flaws of the voting system. I’m not sure who came up with having writers vote on MVP, but changing it up may not be a bad idea. In the end, who really cares? It’s an atta boy with no real meaning. I’m guessing Rodgers would trade MVP for Lombardi…wouldn’t you?

  50. jeremycrowhurst says:
    January 5, 2022 at 8:47 pm
    44 year old Tom Brady has one fewer win and 1,000 more yards than Rogers, playing in a much tougher division. The NFC North is an embarrassment to football, as it has been for Rogers’ entire career.

    It’s easy to look great playing against pylons.
    There’s absolutely no doubt that Brady has had yet another great season.

    The rub with everyone comparing stats is that Rodgers has had FOUR (4 int, 0 fumbles lost) turnovers to Brady’s FIFTEEN (12 int, 3 fumbles lost).

  51. “It’s easy to look great playing against pylons.” You play who your schedule tells you to sound like the Packers pick their own opponents.its not the Packers fault that the Lions,Bears and Vikings cant build successful teams they just have to play them.why dont you just admit that the Packers are very very good instead of who are in their division.

  52. I think Arkush talking about his thought process is fine, and not everyone has to agree with it. One thing, as an example, is that Rodgers lying about being vaccinated hurt his team. That’s an “off the field” decision that impacted his team – but we must also remember that his behavior was enabled by GB and the NFL.

    People are imperfect and flawed and not always rational. But the bottom line is that what is the metric for deciding when someone has “gone too far”? I’ll bet there are many voters who have MUCH worse logic for who they do or don’t vote for that we’ll never hear about.

    There’s just no way to make this a…”pure”?…process. People think differently.

  53. Most valuable player on my team would not risk exposing himself and my teammates to a virulent disease and then tell lies to cover it up. Hub has it right. There are plenty of worthy players who actually put team first. Rogers did not.

  54. Like Rogers saying he was “immunized” when he wasn’t, it was better for the writer to not say anything at all and just cast his ballot. Voting for awards or spots in halls of fame often don’t have anything to do with an athlete’s performance. See: Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, etc.

  55. Still wondering how AR hurt the team.

    Is there some way to be better than the 1 seed or division winner? Is there like a “super 1” seed?

  56. billh1947 says:
    January 6, 2022 at 8:45 am

    “It’s easy to look great playing against pylons.” You play who your schedule tells you to sound like the Packers pick their own opponents.its not the Packers fault that the Lions,Bears and Vikings cant build successful teams they just have to play them.why dont you just admit that the Packers are very very good instead of who are in their division.


    Funny how Pats fans never admit this during their dynasty against the Jets (my team), Fins and Bills.

    And Arkush is certainly entitled to his opinions but now he has to take the consequences of his foolish idea that the football MVP has anything to do with a player’s political opinions.

    If you can’t be objective about your job you probably aren’t doing it right.

  57. I’m a Packer fan, but I don’t necessarily think a player’s off-field actions should be completely disconnected from his on-field performance. As an example, if Henry Ruggs was having a season for the ages (I know he wasn’t, but for argument’s sake) and was about to eclipse all major in-season WR records and THEN he drunk drove and recklessly killed a person, should he still be MVP? I would argue no because it negatively impacted his team more than his performance helped.

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