Joe Burrow will not play Sunday, says his knee is fine but he’s resting for the playoffs

NFL: JAN 02 Chiefs at Bengals
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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is the first high-profile player to confirm that he’s going to skip Week 18 to get ready for the playoffs.

Burrow told reporters today that he will not play on Sunday against the Browns.

Although Burrow tweaked his knee at the end of last week’s win over the Chiefs, he said the knee has nothing to do with it. He’s simply trying to stay fresh for the playoffs.

Technically, the Bengals do have something to play for this week, as they’re not out of contention for the No. 1 seed in the AFC and the bye week that comes with it. But for the Bengals to win the No. 1 seed, they would need to beat the Browns and have the Titans lose to the Texans and have the Chiefs lose to the Broncos and have the Bills beat the Jets. It’s very unlikely that all those things will happen.

And so the Bengals will wisely have Burrow sit this one out, and make sure he’s good to go when they’re hosting a playoff game a week later.

13 responses to “Joe Burrow will not play Sunday, says his knee is fine but he’s resting for the playoffs

  1. I imagine this was determined by 2 of his o-line and Mixon going on the COVID list along with a slew of others.

  2. Joe gets my vote for the Associated Press Politically Correct MVP of the 2021 football season!

    Long live cancel culture!

  3. Smart decision, no reason to ruin your chances if he gets injured to a basically meaningless game.

  4. Burrow is a terrific player. But everyone knows defenses win championships. For that reason the Bengals made a huge mistake by selecting Burrow over Chase Young. Chase is a generational talent. WFT won the NFC East and came within a hair of beating the eventual Super Bowl Champs in the playoffs last year with Chase wreaking havoc at every turn. This year, without Chase, the team faltered. His impact is profound. If the Bengals had two Chases (Young and Ja’Marr) instead of one, they would be be unstoppable.

  5. Rusty for your first playoff game is no way to start the playoffs.

    Either his knee isn’t doing well, or this is a huge mistake by the Bengals.

  6. Smart move. The OL is banged up and might get him knocked out. With Baker and Burrow out, this has a preseason game feel to it. Tickets should be easy to get for pennies on the dollar.

  7. I love it, use common sense and have enough confidence in your talent that a week off isn’t going to suddenly make you “rusty”

  8. This is the right move, tough to sit him when he’s on fire though. Better to be safe than sorry when the line is bad even if starters are playing.

  9. That’s the right move. Good luck in the playoffs Bengals. You’re the only AFCN team that deserved that spot. The Ravens, Steelers, and my Browns all look lousy especially in the second half of the season. I won’t be rooting for you, but hope the playoff games are competitive and exciting to watch.

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