Justin Fields set to start for Bears on Sunday

NFL: DEC 20 Vikings at Bears
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The Bears are going back to Justin Fields.

Bears head coach Matt Nagy said today that Fields will practice today and barring a setback will start Sunday’s season finale against the Vikings.

Injuries have forced the Bears to go from Andy Dalton to Fields, back to Dalton, back to Fields, to Nick Foles, back to Dalton and finally back to Fields.

Fields is the future in Chicago, even though Nagy will probably not be his coach after Sunday. So it makes sense to give Fields as much experience as he can get. Fields has shown flashes of talent, but the overall results have been poor, and the Bears’ next coach is going to need to get a lot more out of Fields.

15 responses to “Justin Fields set to start for Bears on Sunday

  1. The Bears have three viable starting QBs on their roster, yet have failed to make it work or stick with any of them.

    It’s just baffling how hard some teams work to avoid success or continuity.

  2. “Fields is the future in Chicago”

    He really isn’t. I am sure he will catch on as a back up somewhere for a few seasons though.

  3. As a listener of Chicago Sports Radio (but not a Bears fan), I cannot tell you how much I hope that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy have jobs with the Bears still next year.

  4. onewarriornation says:
    “Fields is the future in Chicago”

    He really isn’t. I am sure he will catch on as a back up somewhere for a few seasons though.

    I don’t think anyone knows any of that for sure right now. But I can say that I’d rather have Fields sitting behind Rodgers than Love based on what I’ve seen from both of them.

  5. I wish the kid the best. I think he gave it his all and the offense isnt exactly laden with talent at the receiver and tight end position. Who knows he may very well pan out with the right coach and playing within his bounds.

  6. It’s certainly fair to compare Justin Fields with Jordan Love — but it is waaaay too soon to come to any conclusions. Love has played, what, one game and part of one quarter this season? Come back in five years — then we’ll know.

  7. If this dingbat Nagy had started Foles all year, he’d still be the Bears head coach next season.

  8. At least Green Bay only gave up a 4th rounder to move up and draft Love.

    Fields cost the Bears a first, fourth, and fifth rounder.

  9. Its fair to judge fields on fundamentals…..cant read a defense, very slow to recognize coverage ( why hes sacked so much), cant recognize blitzes, holds the ball longer than any qb in the league. He can be judged on those things. He should known how to do all that before he was ever drafted.

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